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MS Dhoni’s farmhouse in Ranchi is spread over 7 acres. In case you are not aware, this is the dream home of the famous Indian cricketer. He is also known as Captain Cool. Read on to get a Sneak Peak Into MS Dhoni’s Sprawling Farmhouse in Ranchi!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni-sprawling-farmhouse-in-Kailashpati

The sprawling farmhouse in Kailashpati, Jharkhand, is the weekend retreat of MS Dhoni, a two-time Indian Test captain. The farmhouse is set on seven acres of land, near the arbor where MS Dhoni grew up.

The farmhouse is surrounded by grass and trees and is a 20-minute drive from the Dhoni family’s main residence.

MS Dhoni’s farmhouse is surrounded by trees and landscaping, and the interiors are filled with plenty of greenery. The farmhouse features marble and hardwood flooring, earth tones, and indoor plants.

The interiors of the farmhouse reflect MS Dhoni’s passion for plants and trees. The house is well-suited for relaxing, as well as for training his daughter Ziva, who loves playing cricket and training her at home.

MS Dhoni’s farmhouse offers a unique blend of modern and authentic vibes. The farmhouse was built by MS Dhoni, a railway ticket collector in the past who would later change the face of Indian cricket.

A perfect place to relax

It is surrounded by lush green lawns, big trees, and flowering plants. The farmhouse is a wonderful place to spend time with family and friends. You can spend quality time outdoors, or relax on the terrace.

MS Dhoni’s farmhouse is set on seven acres of land. Additionally, the house features well-designed gardens, huge parking lots, a swimming pool, and indoor stadiums for various sports. It took 3 years to construct the farmhouse but offers ample room for landscaping.

The home’s name is Kailashpati, after the god of cricket, and the cricketer owns it.

The Ranchi farmhouse is the starting point for MS Dhoni’s love affair with his family. It is located on seven acres and is just 20 minutes from his home in Ranchi. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Ranchi farmhouse is a true example of modern luxury.

The house oozes luxury and serenity. Despite the fame it has in cricket, it remains a family’s home.


MS Dhoni’s sprawling farmhouse in Ranchi is a dream home for the Indian cricket star. Its sprawling landscapes are dotted with trees and lawns, and the farmhouse is surrounded by a lush green ambiance.

A circle of lined trees adorns the farmhouse’s perimeter. There are marble and wooden floors throughout the farmhouse, and the interior is accentuated by a warm and earthy color scheme.

The home’s opulence is also evident in the dogs. The cricket legend’s dogs are surrounded by plenty of space. Besides two German Shepherds and two white huskies, the farmhouse has space for all its pets. Wide driveways make it easy to walk the dogs around the home.

The sprawling farmhouse even features a gym and indoor workout rooms. It also has a yoga room, so Dhoni and her husband can exercise in the privacy of their home.

MS Dhoni owns a seven-acre farmhouse in Ranchi. The cricket legend, who won the World Cup two years ago, is also the owner of an ultra-expensive cattle farm. A peek inside MS Dhoni’s sprawling farmhouse in Ranchi is sure to inspire you to start a cattle farm of your own.

Secrets about the Farmhouse

A glimpse into MS Dhoni’s sprawling farmhouse in Ranchi has revealed its secrets. The two have been very active on social media and share many pictures of their everyday life. The farmhouse has a beautiful design with several rooms designed by architects and designers.

The interiors are neutral, with black accents and beige-colored blinds. A blue painting, however, makes its way into the Dhoni house. It makes it all the more appealing.

MS Dhoni’s farmhouse in Ranchi has several colors and textures. The lighter shades have a calming effect on the human eye. The lighter shades of the interiors are especially inviting as they wash away negative emotions.

The house is surrounded by lush green gardens, freshly sprinkled lawns, lining trees and shrubs, and a veranda.

Location of MS Dhoni Farmhouse

MS Dhoni’s farmhouse is situated on the outskirts of Ranchi on a lush seven-acre farm. Moreover, the farmhouse is surrounded by beautiful trees and lawns. Inside, the house features marble flooring, hardwood flooring, and glass walls.

The farmhouse also boasts a large garage that is used to store bicycles and motor vehicles. Despite the spacious backyard, it is also known for its aesthetically designed interiors and its stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

The farmhouse has numerous facilities, including a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a park, and an indoor stadium for different sports. Ziva Dhoni is often seen playing in the yard. The farmhouse is one of MS Dhoni’s favorite places, and she often shares it with her daughter.

The spacious farmhouse allows her to spend quality time with her daughter, as well as enjoy some of the many outdoor activities.

MS Dhoni’s farmhouse is a sprawling farmhouse with pristine white exteriors and black tiling on the roof. Besides all this, it boasts an indoor stadium for various sports, including basketball and football. The farmhouse is not only big enough for the cricketer but also has a park for his dogs and horses.

MS Dhoni plans to retire from international cricket in 2020 but is still planning to play for the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League 2021. Unfortunately, the IPL has been postponed due to the bubble breaking but is expected to resume in the UAE.

The Interiors

The interior of MS Dhoni’s farmhouse in Ranchi is adorned with a lot of natural elements. The home features marble flooring and wooden furniture. Furthermore, the furniture and furnishings are distinguishable and smartly designed but aren’t cluttered.

The home also has many fresh flowers throughout. It is possible to watch MS Dhoni’s house decked out for Diwali.

MS Dhoni’s farmhouse is built on 7 acres of land. It is a family home, and MS Dhoni shares it with his wife Sakshi Singh Dhoni and daughter Ziva Dhoni. Several photos and videos of the couple’s lavish farmhouse surface on social media.

Additionally, Sakshi Dhoni posts pictures of her husband and daughter.

Cost of MS Dhoni Farmhouse

MS Dhoni’s farmhouse in Ranchi, India, is a seven-acre sprawling property. The pristine white exterior belies the lavish yet homely feel of the home. The name is Kailashpati and the cost is a whopping 6 crores.

To take a peek inside the house, you have to pay around Rs. 6 lakhs, which is a little too steep, but well worth it if you have never been there.

The property has seven acres, including a swimming pool, gymnasium, and a beautifully landscaped garden. Ziva Dhoni plays in the gardens and seems to love this part of the property.

The spacious lawns and gardens are a perfect place to play and relax, and MS Dhoni’s daughters seem to enjoy being close to nature.

MS Dhoni is also a fitness freak, and his hummer H2 is worth Rs 72 lakh. A peek into his Ranchi farmhouse has sparked rumors that he and his family are moving to Mumbai. And they have a lot of pets too.

Car Collection and love for pets

Besides the dogs, the cricketer has a huge collection of cars. The house has an area where his dogs can train.

The cost of a peek into Ms. Dhoni’s sprawling farmhouse in rural Ranchi is about $1,200. It is worth the price, but you will not be able to see all the parts of the house. consecutively, some of the rooms are so lavish, that you’ll probably want to book ahead of time.

MS Dhoni’s new farmhouse has endless lawns and a circular boundary. It’s just twenty minutes away from his first farmhouse, in the more centralized Ranchi area. The farmhouse is also home to three dogs, Ziva and Niko.

Sakshi often posts photos of the two of them with their pets. Besides this, you can also see pictures of MS Dhoni with his dogs on social media.

The interiors of the MS Dhoni farmhouse are a mix of modern and traditional styles. The bedroom is large and has a leather and suede headboard. Additionally, the living room has a chesterfield couch, which dominates the space.

Sakshi and MS Dhoni spent time together in this room. Additionally, the house has a large television, so you can enjoy a show without being claustrophobic.