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The most auspicious dates for Bhumi puja are those that fall on the month of Ashwin, during the month of Kartik.

Depending on your beliefs and personal practices, the most auspicious muhurat dates can be different for each year. Here’s what to keep in mind:

Muhurat for Bhumi Puja: Griha Nirman

The Griha Nirman auspicious date is 2022 for performing a Bhumi puja. The auspicious date for this particular Bhumi puja is very auspicious for those born in the Mesh or Mithun Rashi. The date for this Puja is also considered to be auspicious for those born in the Uttara Phalguni nakshatra.

While a Bhumi puja is performed during the auspicious months of the Hindu calendar, the exact dates and times are not known. However, you can consult an astrologer to confirm the auspicious dates and times.

In addition, you should avoid marriages during these days, as Lord Vishnu sleeps during these months. However, the auspicious Bhumi puja date for the Hindu calendar is July 2022.

The Griha Nirman Muhurat dates for Bhumi puja should not be shifted or changed, as this will create a huge imbalance in the house. The muhurat dates for Bhumi puja are important for the construction of your home.

If the Griha Nirman is off during this time, you may face some hurdles in the construction process.

People in India are highly religious and believe that everything is a manifestation of the divine. The Bhumi puja ritual is no exception. It is a must for anyone who is building a new home and wishes to invoke the blessings of the almighty.

Muhurat for the construction project

It is also important to check the Shubh Muhurat for Bhumi pujan before beginning any construction project.

Whether you’re planning a Bhumi puja, a Griha Nirman, or both, you will need to consider the specific timing of each. Some years have more favorable dates for this particular ritual than others, so it’s best to consult a priest or expert in your area to find the best date.

In some places, Griha Nirman can be performed when one has a fourth tooth, which makes it inauspicious.

muhurat for bhumi puja

Muhurat for Bhumi Puja: Neev Pujan

Though the Hindu calendar does not have a specific date for performing the Bhumi pujan, experts can suggest the most auspicious muhurat dates based on your birth chart and kundalini.

Currently, there are two auspicious muhurat dates for this puja: the end of Bhadrapad and the beginning of Magh. However, these dates may not be suitable for your Bhumi puja in 2022.

Before you begin construction work, you should first perform Bhoomi Poojan. This is done to please God and obtain His blessings. You should also perform a Vrish-vasta calculation to avoid any unfortunate events.

You should also avoid construction work on Tuesdays. However, it is better to start construction work on a Monday or Wednesday. Moreover, you should also do your Vrish-vasta calculation before you start construction work.

Performing a bhumi puja is not complete without a shubh muhurat. It is important to check your Hindu Panchang to determine the most auspicious muhurat date for bhumi puja in 2022. If you are unsure, you can also consult an astrologer for help.

In the process, the astrologer considers your family horoscopes and the placement of the grahas. Then, they perform a bhoomi pooja vidhi, which is followed by the bhumi pooja vidhi.

A bhoomi pujan, also called a neev pujan, is a Hindu ritual that is performed before building a house or land. A Bhumi pujan vidhi should be performed in the northeast corner of the plot. Before constructing the building, the vidhi should be performed in the northeast direction of the plot.

This is important because the earth’s position in the universe will be at its most auspicious position on this day.

muhurat for bhumi puja
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If you’re planning to perform Bhumi puja in 2022, you need to find out the shubh muhurat. The Hindu calendar doesn’t include this date, but experts in the field can help you determine the most auspicious muhurat date.

Depending on your Kundli or horoscope, you may be able to select 2 auspicious dates between January 15 and April 15, as well as November 15 and December 15.

If you’re looking to build a new house, the shubh muhurat dates are September and October. These dates are considered auspicious because they bring wealth, happiness, and prosperity to the house.

If you’re planning to build a new house, you can use this auspicious period to dispel any negative energies. Consult an astrologer if you’re unsure.

There are various things you need to prepare for Bhumi pujan, including turmeric, vermillion, sandalwood, and incense sticks. You can also use five limes, crushed and offered to the goddess. Depending on where you live, you may want to have a priest do the Bhumi puja ritual.

The priest should face the east, while the landowner should face the north.

While the months of Shravan, Margshirsh, Paush, and Kartik are the best times for performing Bhoomi pooja, you should also be aware of the zodiac constellations.

For example, the lunar days between January 1 and February 28 are the least auspicious, while the dates between February 19 and April 8 are the most auspicious. Performing the ritual on a Tuesday or a Thursday is also inauspicious, as is the case for Divaskarma.

The fourth, ninth, and fourteenth teeth are not suitable for performing Bhumi pooja.

Muhurat for Bhumi Puja: Hadpaksha

Bhoomi puja is a Hindu tradition of laying a foundation on the day of Bhumi Pujan. It is also known as the foundation laying ceremony and is one of the most auspicious muhurat dates for building a home, shop, school, or apartment.

The purpose of Bhumi Pujan is to please God and seek his blessings. According to astrology, there is a specific time for each of these events.

The shubh muhurat dates for Bhoomi puja are as follows: 21 February 2022 (Krishna Panchami), 27 May 2022 (Gemini), and 2022 (10 Aries). All of these muhurats are considered to be auspicious by astrologers, so you should seek out these dates to perform the ceremony.

The first step in Bhumi puja is to obtain the blessings of Lord Ganesha, also known as Vighnaharta. You will also need other deities and idols to perform Bhumi puja. The deities included in this rite are the snake god, Kalash, and the God of destruction, Lord Vishnu.

You will also need Gangajal to cleanse yourself before performing the Bhumi Pujan.

In addition, the auspicious muhurat dates for Bhumi puja differ from one another. As a rule, the auspicious muhurats for Bhumi puja should not fall on a lady’s menstrual cycle or a woman’s mourning period.

Aashadh and Ashadh Shukla are not considered to be auspicious, and believers avoid starting a new business during these times.

The Bhumi puja most auspicious griha pravesh muhurat dates are subject to change, depending on location and beliefs. Griha Pravesh muhurat dates are similar to the housewarming ceremonies of western countries.

These dates signify enthusiasm and rejuvenation for a new life. The best time to perform Griha Pravesh is right before a big event, such as a house-warming ceremony.

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Shraadh paksha

If you are performing the Bhumi puja, you may want to perform the sacrament on the most auspicious muhurat dates for the goddess. This year, these dates fall on the tenth day of Bhumi’s birthday.

The Shraadh paksha for this puja is known as the most auspicious muhurat for the goddess. It is said to expel pitru dosha. It is also said that it helps in financial growth. Keeping Prasad in a bamboo basket is a good practice, as it helps reduce disharmony in the household.

The pure food is made with onion, garlic, and salt.

During the Shraadh pakshas, Hindus offer food and water to their departed family members. These offerings are considered auspicious, as they remove any attachments to earth and help the ancestors’ journey to heaven.

However, it is important to note that the dates of these ceremonies are subject to change.

The best Shraadh pakshas for the Bhumi puja are the most auspicious dates for the tithi, which occurs on the tithi of Krishna.

In addition to the most auspicious muhurat dates for the sacrificial rites, the most auspicious dates for performing the Shradh paksha are the three most important Hindu festivals.

The Shraadh pakshala, which falls on the fourteenth day of the Pitru Paksha fortnight, is the most auspicious time for the sacrificial rites of this goddess. However, it is important to note that the Shradh paksha is not performed by other forefathers.