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Mukesh Ambani has become a name to be reckoned with. The chairman of Reliance Industries Limited, Mukesh Ambani was once the wealthiest man in India and knows how to make quite a statement. He has grown to be so much more than a business tycoon and is famous for putting India on the global map. While Gautam Adani pushed him from the first position to become the richest man in India, he still manages to hog the limelight for his lifestyle, his business exploits, and whatnot.

People have a great deal of interest in knowing what’s happening in the Ambani household. Their big fat Indian weddings and the incredibly huge and luxurious house have all become something that people love to see and explore. They are often on the tabloids though more for their grace and less for gossip.

Mukesh Ambani House Details

Mukesh Ambani house Antilia has managed to be one of the most talked about properties in town. Absolutely no other property comes even remotely close to matching its outstanding style, price, and design. The Ambanis are privileged to be living quite a dream in their dream house.

Along with this, Ambani also owns a house at Stokes Park in London. Even his property in Dubai is known to be the most expensive one in the whole of Palm Jumeirah. He has a thing for choosing posh buildings and making them his own.

If you too seem to have an interest in knowing the ins and outs of Antilia, we are here to catch up with all the details. Make sure to understand the intricate details of the worth of Antilia, the design, the address, what each of the floors has, and the lifestyle of the Ambanis as well.

The Overview Of Mukesh Ambani House Antilia

Antilia is bold and magnificent. This is by far the most appropriate definition of the building. With their house, Ambanis wants to announce their presence and they managed to do it fair and square.

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  • Antilia is massive and spans a net area of approx. 4,00,000 square feet
  • There are as many as 27 floors in the buildings
  • The net value of the house is close to Rs. 15,000 crores
  • Located at Altamont Road, Mumbai, the price of the overall area increased significantly after Antilia was made. The presence of their building made the area super posh, You can also check out the posh areas in Mumbai.
  • The construction kickstarted back in 2006 and it was finished by 2010
  • Perkins & Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates are the architect and designers behind this futuristic building
  • The name was chosen after a phantom island

The house has more than 600 staff who handled the different maintenance work at Antilia. The house comes with a private movie theatre, three helipads, 6-floor car parking, a dedicated ice cream parlour, a hanging garden, and a lot of other amenities that make it a standout house.

There is no denying the fact that Antilia looks more like a dream than a reality. Such is the prolific nature of the house that it is always buzzing in the news for its grand structure. It has become a landmark in Mumbai and all tourists in Mumbai make it a point to at least head to Antilia to take a glimpse of its towering structure. You will find a lot of guards outside the home at all times simply because of the presence of the public.

There is a mystical island far west of Portugal and Spain in the Atlantic Ocean and this house seems to be inspired by that as it is charming and full of a lot of magical features.

The Worth Of Mukesh Ambani House

Even the mere thought of what the house is likely to be worth is likely to give us goosebumps. Apart from having a huge towering structure, the building boasts some of the finest interiors as well. The place evokes brilliance as one can find the most stunning fresh flower decorations at all points of time. Along with this, you will be blinded by the opulence and the eloquence of the design. It seems that every element of the house has been carefully handpicked to bring in the best of style and design.

The location of the building is spot and the architecture is beyond brilliance. This is why the house is priced at Rs.15,000 crore rupees approx. One can only imagine this whopping amount of money and the years of effort and patience and skills it must have taken to shape this ultimate dream into reality.

It is believed that Antilia is any architect’s dream project. Every single aspect of this house spells perfection and finesse. It goes on to show how things are perfect and evokes a sense of inspiration for everyone. There is no denying the fact that houses like these end up becoming a dream for many. It can also inspire someone else to achieve something in life so that someday they too could afford a luxury like this.

Mukesh Ambani House Antilia- The Details

Here are some of the inside details about Antilia that prove the magnificence that it truly is. The presence of this house has put Mumbai on the global map even more.

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The house is spread over a whopping area of more than 400,000 square feet. It comes with as many as 27 floors and there are three rooftop helipads included in it. This is not all as inspired by Babylon; the house has three hanging gardens that are a true treat for the eyes. Along with this, the Ambanis are known to be pious and so they have a grand temple inside the premise of their home.

To host some special screenings and to enjoy their leisure time, they have accommodated a private movie theatre with a seating capacity of 50. To rejuvenate the body and the mind, one can also find a spa in the home. One of the striking and innovative parts is the snow room. This has been done to allow the children and the guests to enjoy the feeling of snow even in the middle of hot and humid summers. The room is so designed that the walls spit snow and therefore this is surely a room to watch out for.

Nita Ambani, the wife of Mukesh Ambani had full say in the design of the house. She took a keen and active interest while the house was being built as she had a vision that she wanted to map into reality. The best architects and designers were hired for the job and they surely managed to exceed her expectations in a wonderful way.

The Flooring And Details

The house boasts as many as 27 floors and more than 600 staff have been hired the sake of carrying out the maintenance work here. The rooms come with a great height as the ceilings have been made extra high. Almost every room is as tall as a double-storied building which makes it even grander. Guards are always at the entrance to ensure the best safety for the Ambanis.

guards outside mukesh ambani house
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To make access to the different floors easy and quick, there are nine elevators present inside the house. Further, to make things smooth, there are separate elevators for staff, guests, and families alike.

The Ambanis are very fond of cars and especially the big luxurious ones. So, the house has a parking space that could fit as many as 16 cars at a time. The big names like the Aston Martini Rapide, the Mercedes SL500 and even the Maybach 65 which costs nearly 1 million dollars can all be seen in their parking lot.

The Vastu Dosha

While the construction of the house was completed in 2010, the Ambanis hesitated to move into the house immediately. Apparently, it was rumoured that there was some Vastu dosha in their home. So, they continued their stay at the ancestral home which was at Cuffe Parade.

It was then later in 2011 that they finally made the move to the grand house. It is worth adding that a 10-day-long griha puja was conducted in the house. The best of priests were roped in to make sure that all the doshas could be rectified and their entry into the home could be made as pious and religious as possible.

Nita Ambani can often be seen worshipping the gods and she believes strongly in her ideals. She wanted everyone to have the blessings of the almighty and so conducted a 10-day-long puja for the sake of ensuring no stone was left unturned.

The Designing Aspect

While no two rooms look alike in Antilia, the overall design theme is mainly sun and lotus. These are the two elements that can be found all over the home. You can find the common colour tones implemented in the home to be beige, wood, and cream.

The interiors are definitely top notch and one can see the artistic touch in them.

The huge crystal chandelier that is present in the main area is a true standpoint and is sure to catch the fancy. One can also find the painting of Dhirubhai Ambani on the wall as his heavenly presence graces the house. Extra care has been taken to ensure that every element in the house matches well to the expectations.

The Living Room

The living room has a very designer wooden table. The sofas and the seats have a touch of subdued gold to them and you will find a dash of pop colour to them as well.

The carpet surely steals the eye as this handmade piece of elegance truly resonates with the vibe of the place. This place also has some of the finest memories as you can find family photographs hanging on the wall.

Nita Ambani is a huge art fan and has the finest art pieces on the wall that give this place a perfect artistic touch. You will find hues of flamingo orange that are perfectly paired with blue to jazz up the fun factor in this premise.

The Temple

As we said, the Ambanis are religious people who believe strongly in God. The temple in the home is just as marvellous. This place has some of the most beautiful chandeliers that light up the place like nothing else. You will find mirrored walls that reflect light and make it shine like a gem.

The statue of Lord Ganesh speaks out and seems to evoke his blessings all the time. The right eye to detailing has been dome to ensure that the temple reeks of elegance.

So, Antilia surely is one of the most desired houses of all time and is a brilliance not just in India but the rest of the world as well. Now let us see some details of the other homes of Mukesh Ambani.

The Mukesh Ambani House In London

Back in April 2021, the Ambanis acquired the heritage property at Stokes Park in London. Here are some of the key highlights of this property.

  • As per reports, Mukesh again acquired this property by paying a whopping Rs. 592 crores.  They want to expand the Indian industry globally and that was the driving factor behind buying the global residence
  • Earlier this estate belonged to the kind brothers and so this is a prime heritage property
  • The premises has five-star hotels that have as many as 49 rooms and suites
  • Two famous James Bond films were shot here and includes Tomorrow Never Dies and Goldfinger


Is Mukesh Ambani house Antilia the biggest house in India?

Yes, Antilia is the biggest private residence in India and enjoys a lot of limelight

How many staff does Antilia have?

Antilia employs more than 600 staff for the sake of maintaining this huge house

What is the price of the Mukesh Ambani house Antilia?

The Mukesh Ambani house is estimated to be valued at Rs. 15,000 crores approx.