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The civic body of Mysore, called Mysore City Corporation, primarily responsible for collecting the property tax in Mysore, launched an online payment platform in April 2020. This portal was launched to allow people to pay property tax from the comfort of their homes.

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Mysore Online Tax Paying Platform

During the pandemic, the Mysore City Corporation (MCC) launched an online portal to ease the tax-paying process for Mysore citizens. The primary cause behind this initiative was to protect the people from Covid-19 because the people no longer need to visit the zonal or ward offices to pay the tax.

What Is Mysore Property Tax?

property tax for house
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Also called a House tax, the tax that is imposed mostly by the municipal authorities or the panchayat municipalities on real-estate owners is called a property tax. This tax is necessary for the maintenance of the public amenities of that region. These include the roads, lights, parks, drainage, cleanliness, and much more.

Any improvements made on that land, along with the buildings attached, are also done using the property tax paid by the people of that region. As mentioned, the municipal bodies impose, levy, and calculate this property tax. This tax depends on the property value. However, the tax rate on the property can vary and is not the same for all municipal authorities.

A Few Must-Know Things

Paying taxes is the responsibility of every citizen. But then you also need to be an aware citizen. There are certain things that you must know about property tax. Some of these include:

1. Liability for Penalties for not paying taxes

You are aware that you need to pay taxes on your property. Do you know that you need to pay the tax in the set duration by the authorities?

Every municipal authority gives a minimum duration to the people to pay their taxes. You are liable for penalties if you fail to pay the tax on time. The penalty amount can vary from state to state, but the authorities can seize your property in case of regular failures to pay the tax.

2. Credit Card Can be Used to Pay Property Tax

In some cities, municipal cooperations allow you to pay taxes via your credit card. But you must try to avoid this as much as possible. That is because when you pay taxes via your credit card, there is a 2 to 3 per cent of extra charges like card payment and processing. Also, paying taxes or any other large bills via your credit card can matter if the fee is more than any credit rewards you earn.

3. You are eligible for a tax break

Though buying a home is an expensive affair, you are eligible for tax deductions if you owe a home. When you file your federal income tax, you can deduct the amount that you paid in your property tax. These kinds of tax breaks help reduce the amount of tax you owe and make you eligible for refunds. But to avail of this benefit, make sure you pay the tax before the deadline.

4. Escrow can be used to pay property taxes

Some mortgage companies allow you to make your property taxes more manageable by paying you at least half of the tax bill via your monthly mortgage payment. But you need to check from your end that your taxes are being paid on time.

5. A property tax exemption might be there

In some cases, you can benefit from tax exemption when it comes to property tax. However, this varies according to the jurisdiction and municipality of your state and city. You can contact your local tax assessor to get information about your property tax and to check whether you are eligible for any exemptions or not.

6. Estimate the property tax before buying it

It is very necessary to calculate the property tax before you buy any property. The property tax varies from state to state. If you are moving to a new city or state, check the property tax prices from a local assessor before buying.

The above mentioned were some facts that you must know and keep in mind regarding property tax. These facts will not only save you from penalties but will also make you aware of different options to pay the property tax and ideas to save some amount on property tax.

Process Of Paying Mysore Property Tax Online

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Mysore city corporation launched the online portal to ease up the tax-paying process. In case you are unaware of how to pay the tax using the portal. Here are some steps that you can follow to pay the Mysore property tax online:

  • First, visit the official website of Mysuru City Corporation. To avoid any fraud, make sure you visit the official website only.
  • Go to the ‘view property details and select pay under the ‘online services’ option.
  • A new window will open. Choose the search by criteria option. Follow this step only if you don’t have the PID number.
  • Enter your other details like your ward number, property owner’s name, new assessment number, mobile number, and other details.
  • Before you proceed, cross-check the property details on the screen and then go to ‘view tax and pay’
  • Once done, you can proceed to pay the tax by making an online transaction. Once the amount has been transferred successfully, you can view, download and print the receipt for your future use.

These were some easy steps you can follow to pay the property tax online in Mysore using the portal.

After Covid, not only the private sector but the government organizations have also taken various steps to use digital platforms to complete various tasks and formalities. The government is focussing more on digitalization these days.

This has eased and fastened the process and benefited the citizens as now they can perform everything with just a click. The online portal to pay property tax by the Mysore City Corporation Property Tax is an initiative for the same. Make the best use of it to pay the property tax on time from the comfort of your home.