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Who does not want their House to feel like a Soul refreshing Home?

Everyone desires to build their dream home, making them feel like their own thoughtful reflections. “Home is where you can hear love within the stillness. “ Living a gratifying life in a well-planned space gives you the immense joy of achievement, plus you will feel enthusiastic and motivated in the free space.

To realise this visualisation, one needs to design the frontier of their house attractively. Thus the Front elevation design is essential in making your home more elegant.

Normal house front elevation designs can be planned to keep in mind numerous factors like the religious background of that person, location, and area, climate, and temperature, a wide variety of choices, etc. Hence, you can get as many options for designing your front of a house.

While approaching various front elevation designs, firstly, you must choose the style you want to create. Are you a traditional human who wants to have a modern lifestyle or vice versa? No matter what you prefer, the below-listed front design will surely impress you and inspire you to create too.

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10 Best Normal House Front Elevation Designs

1. Simple Style Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Simple Style Normal House Front Elevation Design
Source: Gus Ruballo / Unsplash

When wants desire to own even a simple home without any complexities but simple and stylish, This Simple Style Normal House Front Elevation design is for them. It is inclusive of all the required architectural elements and attractive details.

2. Singular Floor Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Singular Floor Normal House Front Elevation Design
Source: Jacques Bopp / Unsplash

The Singular floor Normal house front elevation designs are much more suitable for families with fewer members. These kinds of designs are generally perfect for those who want to use their front space for parking, plantation, gardening, etc.

The Singular floor Normal house front elevation designs are the beauty where the main gate with well-decored window area plus the frontier fantastic view from the main entrance gives the elegancy at its best.

3. Two-Floor Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Two-Floor Normal House Front Elevation Design
Source: Ralph (Ravi) Kayden / Unsplash

Double-floored house designs are quite popular. People enjoy having two floors because they have the liberty to have different rooms for their children and extra room at their convenience. Another reason is that it also looks more gorgeous and styles as it gives the larger space and looks grand.

The double-storey structure is also a perfect example if someone wants to have a fashionable balcony where he can give the aesthetic touch with various wall designs. He can also try some DIY (Do it Yourself) kinds of stuff on the wall to make it a more human touch.

4. Three-Floor Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Three-Floor Normal House Front Elevation Designs
Source: Jannis Lucas / Unsplash

Architecture is the container of something. I hope they will enjoy not so much of teacup  but the tea- Yoshio Taniguchi

Three floored buildings are common and are built in many places. This kind of building is mostly built by joint families who don’t want to live in an apartment culture but still want to incorporate some of the essence into it by living together with each other and having their privacy.

When someone eyes this design from the front position, it is a clear photo of the three-floored construction. In this structure, you can freely add to your plans as per your designs and needs. Moreover, you can also add the 3d elevation, which would be a radiant choice.

5. Bungalow Style Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Bungalow Style House
Source: Ksenia Balandina / Shutterstock

Bungalow Style Normal House Front Elevation Designs has only one story: a beautifully elevated flat roof with a protruded Chimney-like structure. A single story may also include another partial second one. This kind of Design also looks in the form of blocks, which creates innovative designs.

One can also include the balconies, garden space, and tile work, which is running in trend with an effect. One can easily add on a small terrace on the single story to create a warmer look and rest to have the rusty look.

6. Ultra-Modern Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Ultra-Modern House Front Elevation design can help you achieve architectural beauty as per your needs and desires. The best features like uniqueness and innovation to the way beyond can easily be created in such kinds of designs.

The Ultra Modern House Elevation Designs are the outcome of hardcore expertise where creativity is used to explore human intelligence using the best technology available in the market. The beauty can also be enhanced by appealing front elevation lighting.

7. Villa Style Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Villa Style House
Source: rawkkim / Unsplash

Villa, for everyone, is like the dream come true. However, it requires a significant amount of plan, a good idea of elevation structure, and meticulous decisions for building the spacious  Villa. Villa Style Normal House Front Elevation Design also includes seating balcony, swimming spot, parking, and recreational spaces.

8. Contemporary Style Normal House Front Elevation Designs

The contemporary house always embraces minimalistic elements, which are highlighted with varied shades of white, grey, beiges, etc. It has a way beyond the aesthetic looks which impress the people. Moreover, it also emphasizes the details with simplicity.

The Contemporary style also reflects the modern architectural designs of the 21st century. It is a way of blending modern and traditional styles in the best and latest elevation designs. The large terrace gives the sweetest combo with the spices.

9. Normal House Front Elevation Design: Village Home

Usually, in the village side areas, the house is a single-story normal house front elevation design having sloping roofs. Sloping roof structures protest the excess rain during the rainy season. This kind of elevation design gives the warmest look in the villages.

The villagers generally use the elevation designs with roof structures in earthy, brown colours, making it more beautiful in companion with nature around. A small verandah or an outdoor deck at the entrance of the village entrance gives an inviting and warm feeling.

10. Normal House Front Elevation Design: Small Home

In today’s world, having the desire to own a home, even if it’s small, invites people to have the liberty to have their choices of elevation designs. The front elevation designs make the house stand out in front of the street due to its own small independence.

Due to their smaller size, this kind of home experiences more treasure of greenery as compared to a larger home. Many features, such as the large openings, windows, and sloping roofs with earthy colours, make it more magnificent in the eye of the owner.

Different styles of house Elevation


Modern house structure involves the latest designs with the latest trends and technology. They have a simple and beautiful outlook with open spaces having large windows. Modern Styles also have the minimalistic look to avoid clumsiness in designs.

Traditional-Kerala Style:

 Traditional Kerala Style Structure of Designs is Inclusive of the Cultures and Traditions. It also includes wooden elements as well as roof tiles. They also involve a lot of carpentry work, further reflecting the national art’s old creative designs.

European style:

This kind of design is performed where the combination of two materials like stone or stucco, bricks or sliding. European-style designed houses have large doors and arched entryways.


The contemporary style of design includes asymmetrical features and loud geometry. Large windows with open spaces also make it more magnificent.

Factors that influence the Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Numerous things can affect the height of your house. The following things need to be considered while making the specific changes.

  • The layout of the floor area:  The plan is the most important thing before designing the body of the house. It also affects the heights of the house as it influences the appearance from the front or back. The front-facing floor plan includes the family room, parlours, and common areas, which you can choose with any sizable window. However, also consider the privacy part and the structural considerations. Avoid placing the toilet in front as it can also disturb the calmness and can affect the geometry of your min entry gate.
  • Geographic Location: The Geographic Location can hurt the building if not chosen properly as per the location. As the climate of India is humid, one needs to be careful while designing the roof of the building. Without extra care, the building may the severe conditions. If you would plan your home in any drought-prone zone, make sure you must build shade on it to protect it from the sunlight. You cannot live with a flat roof if you build a home in areas with maximum rainfall.  You must consider every single factor while making any elevation plan, selecting the kind of material which will be used, etc.
  • Plot Size: Make sure that one cannot have the experiments with the smaller plot area where the larger area can be utilized for the experiments, which can be handled easily. Make effort to make it more specific while selecting the plot size.

Include the Additive Elements in Normal House Front Elevation Design

The main and essential ingredients are sunlight, the direction of the wind, etc., which puts more pressure on your house’s attractiveness. Harmony between all the elements gives your house a more empathetic essence, making it look more sophisticated. Have balance in your building elevation designs. The texture and scheme used in the colouring part will also sprinkle more on the elegancy.

How do you make normal house front elevation designs stand out?

In the Construction Phase, the front elevation is the side of the building or your home, which faces the road. The front elevation typically includes the entrance door windows and the front area. The choice of you decided the significance of your design. The unique selections of the idea will give you the exquisite look of your home. We have already listed some of the designs above, which will help you to find your perfect designs according to your persona. You are free to take inspiration from these ideas and personalize designs as per your taste and colour.

Concluding the Normal House Front Elevation Designs

 With increasing Everyone’s interest in building fantastic house designs with unique features, the front normal house elevation designs provide you with tons of options to design your own home elegantly and make beautiful memories. The combination of the décor and the colour textures also gives a fantastic appealing view from the front side of the home.

 If you are in the process of designing your own home, the minute details can make a significant change in making the finest home with an affordable budget. To add to the elevation design part, the most essential thing is to know your style of yours, which is suitable to your persona.