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Vastu Shastra is currently ruling over the world as all its practices and remedies are inclined towards promoting positivity, harmony, and well-being. But, apart from the benefits, if these practices are not effectively implemented, it can lead to Vastu dosh. This further affects the overall life of the occupants.

Most of us consider only four directions, i.e., North, East, South, and West, while implementing Vastu-related tips. But there are eight directions acknowledged by expert Vastu consultants.

The other four are Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast. Each of these eight directions holds equal importance in Vastu, and one must consider all while analyzing remedies or doshas.

According to Vastu Shastra, the northeast direction is the most auspicious corner that depicts your house’s religious and auspicious aspects. Ruled by Lord Shiva and Kuber, the intersection is ideally meant for religious idols. But, even this most auspicious corner may have Vastu dosh which may obstruct positive energies.

Therefore, it needs to be rectified with effective Vastu remedies, ensuring an ideal flow of progressive energies attracting good health, wealth, and overall abundance.

Effective Vastu Remedies
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Best And Least Suited Placements In North East Corner:

Placement SuitabilityRoom Type
Ideal Placements in North East CornerPooja Room, Living Room, Office, Porch, Balcony, Hall, Study Room
Not Perfectly suited for North East CornerServant Room, Guest Room, Kitchen, Dining Area, Kid’s Room, Staircase, Master Bedrooms, Garage, Bathroom, Overhead Tank, Bathroom, Kitchen.

Significance Of North East Direction:

Each direction in Vastu shastra has its significance. North East is the most promising corner of the house that attracts good energy.

Also known as Ishanya corner, Lord Shiva and Kuber reside in this direction. It holds major significance in ancient Hindy mythology, where occupants get the most powerful, positive, and progressive energies.

According to Vastu Shastra, if the direction is planned and channelled effectively, it will attract abundant prosperity, good health, and wealth. Furthermore, Jupiter is the ruling planet for the northeast corner representing growth, expansion, and good fortune.

What Are North East Vastu Doshas?

Like the significance, each corner in Vastu Shastra has its doshas. This can also restrict or obstruct the flow of positive energies, inviting negative powers and disturbances.

Occupants need to fix these Vastu doshas immediately. Because they can cause misfortune, troubles, and worries in individuals’ lives.

Vastu Dosh in North East direction is primarily due to inadequate or least-suited planning of spaces. Most common doshas for the corner include:

  • Staircase in Northeast
  • Bedroom in Northeast,
  • Toilet in Northeast,
  • Kitchen in Northeast,
  • Cut in the Northeast corner,
  • Septic tank in Northeast corner,
  • Overhead water tank in the Northeast corner.

If your house plan has one or more bad internal placements in the northeast corner, then it can invite severe complications in one’s life.

Consequences Of Northeast Vastu Doshas:

Health Issues

Health Issue Due To North East Corner Vastu Dosh
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Health troubles like depression, migraine, poor judgment, poor vision, and confusion may trigger. Family members may also experience a head injury, stroke, mental illness, and kidney-related issues.

Family Issues

Family Issues Due To North East Corner Vastu Dosh
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Misunderstanding, domestic fights, arguments, disturbance in mental well-being, or even divorce are some common problems occupants may experience.

Financial Issues

Difficulty in earning enough money, excessive expenditures, disturbance in cash in-flow, or financial losses are potential consequences that an individual may experience.

North East Corner Vastu Remedies

North East Corner Vastu Remedies For Bedroom

North East Corner Vastu Remedies For Bedroom
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According to Vastu principles, bedrooms must be avoided in northeast corners as it can invite marital conflicts and health issues. Instead, they must be planned in the southwest corner of the house. Sleeping with the head in the south and legs in the opposite direction is advised to attract positive vibes.

If your bedroom is designed in the northeast corner of the house, then some easy north east corner Vastu remedies will help nullify their doshas:

  • Place a Vastu yantra in the northeast corner of your bedroom.
  • Make sure the colours of the walls are green, yellow, or blue.
  • Place crystal balls in your room, and make sure to clean them regularly.
  • Avoid placing a mirror in front of your bed,
  • Use aromatic candles and fresheners (lavender, citrus, sandalwood oil, or incense sticks) to replace negative energies with positive ones,
  • Keep camphor or sea salt (uncrushed) in your room to attract negative energies,
  • Put wind chimes on windows to attract positive and happy vibes.

North East Corner Vastu Remedies For Kitchen

North East Corner Vastu Remedies For Kitchen
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The kitchen must be in the fire direction of the house- the northwest or southeast corner.

The northeast corner is for water, and planning a kitchen in this corner may invite problems in the occupant’s life. It is because fire and water are opposing elements and incompatible. It can destroy the positive element or energy from your northeast zone.

North east corner Vastu remedies for kitchen are:

  • Shift the kitchen to the northwest or southeast corner for abundance.
  • If shifting is impossible, keep the fire source in the southeast corner, and the northeast corner must be clutter-free and clean.
  • If the stove is not in the southeast corner, place three zinc pyramids on opposite walls for Vastu dosha.
  • Place a Jupiter pyramid made of crystal above the stove in the southeast corner to reduce the effect of negative energies,
  • Paint your kitchen walls in yellow colour to reduce the harmful effects,
  • Keep a religious idol in the northeast corner or hang a photo of goddess Annapurna.
  • Try to burn camphor frequently in the kitchen to invite positive vibes.
  • Install Disha dosha nivarak yantra on the kitchen door above the frame.
  • Keep mangal yantra or Vastu Kalash in the southeast corner.

North East Corner Vastu Remedies For Toilet

Vastu Remedies For Toilet
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Toilets are a big no in the northeast corner as they can negatively harm an individual’s life with financial losses and bad health. North east corner Vastu remedies for toilets planned in the northeast corner are:

  • If the bathroom is in the northeast direction, place the yantra in that corner of the house.
  • Place virtual shifting arrow tools in the bathroom and point three of its arrows in the Northeast.
  • Burn candles or camphor to eliminate negative powers,
  • Keep the door closed always,
  • Hang a mirror in the north direction of the bathroom. Do not place it on the north wall, and it must not reflect the water closet.
  • Spider or palm plants absorb negative powers. Please place them in your bathroom to purify air and energy.
  • Place the sea salt in the bathroom and change them every week.
  • If the toilet is in the northeast corner, keep it clean and clutter-free.

For Water Tank and Septic Tanks

Vastu shastra says to avoid septic or water tank in northeast directions. If it is planned, consider these remedies to nullify the doshas:

  • It must not be placed above the plinth level and must also not touch the boundary wall.
  • Paint your water or septic tank in yellow colour to reduce the ill effects.
  • Avoid placing overhead water tanks in the northeast corner and instead plan them in the northwest corner of your house. If shifting is impossible, paint the tank red to reduce the adverse effects.

For Cut in Northeast Corner

If the northeast corner of the plot is found missing or cut, then it is advised not to go with the same. It can undoubtedly invite problems and health issues in the family members, leading to detrimental complications. It can affect children with physical deformities and genetic issues. Moreover, it can also lead to depression, illness, financial losses, and chronic problems.

Familiar and easy remedies to reduce the doshas from a cut in the northeast corner are:

  • Place a mirror in the missing corner creating an illusion.
  • Place Vastu mangal Kalash or zinc articles in the northeast zone to invite energies and maintain the balance of cosmic energies.
  • Hang an eight-crystal set on north walls to eliminate negative powers.
  • Plan a small waterbody to promote harmony and flow in the missing corner.
  • Place a silver pyramid chip or endless road paintings to nullify the effects.

North East Corner Vastu Remedies For Staircase

North East Corner Vastu Remedies For Staircase
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A staircase planned in the northeast corner will invite financial losses and chronic health diseases. Remedies to reduce the effects of this wrong placement are:

  • Put copper tortoises on the last step facing each other.
  • Plan a room where the staircase ends (preferably in the southwest) or a water tank in the southwest corner to balance the powers.
  • Place zinc helix in the northeast corner of your house to remove the defects.

North East Corner Vastu Remedies For Narrow Corners

If your northeast corner of the house is narrower than other corners, place a mirror on both opposite walls for a broader reflection to balance the Vastu powers.

These are some effective remedies from Vastu experts that can help fix northeast Vastu dosh from your house. But all these will reduce the effects of hostile powers and will not eliminate them. The only way for permanent elimination is to shift these placements to their ideally best or second-best directions.

General Tips On North East Vastu Remedies:

Apart from best planning, some general tips for a northeast corner will invite positive vibes and powerful energies to the space.

  • Do not place any hindrances like shoe drawers, pillars, or bulky furniture in the open area, as this can hinder the free flow of positive energy.
  • Always prefer to keep the area clean, clutter-free, and light.
  • Placing a Shree yantra in the northeast corner will attract harmony and success.
  • Do not involve frequent construction or repair work in this corner.
  • Plan a pooja room in the northeast corner to worship the deity.
  • Use positive Vastu elements like plants, religious idols, or pyramids in the direction.
  • Light a candle, Diya, or lamp in the northeast corner,
  • Mop the floor with sea salt water once a week to remove negative footprints,
  • Place a Kuber yantra or mirror on the wall to welcome new financial opportunities,
  • Plan an aquarium or water body for tranquillity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the tips to strengthen Vastu in the northeast corner?

To strengthen the northeast corner, light a lamp, candle, or diya in the northeast corner to promote good wealth and health and to invite powerful positive energies.

Can I place heavy-weighted objects in the northeast corner?

Vastu experts suggest keeping the northeast corner as light as possible. Being a promising corner, it must be clutter-free and clean to remove obstacles.

Can we plan a study room in the northeast corner?

The study room can be planned in the northeast corner as it improves memory, creativity, and concentration power.

When should slope be planned in a house?

House with its slope in the northeast corner is considered good as it invites good health and prosperity.

What is the simplest way to rectify Vastu dosh?

The easiest way to nullify Vastu dosh is to place sea salt in the corners. This immediate solution will attract all the negative energies from your home and purify them with positive ones.

How to invite prosperity, according to Vastu?

One of the most practised and accessible ways is to keep northeast corners light and clean to invite good wealth and prosperity into your house.