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Based on Vastu Shastra, living in a house or working in an office facing the northeast is auspicious.

Does your house have a northeast-facing orientation? If yes, Vastu might cause disruptions if you do not follow the tips appropriately. But don’t worry. Following specific steps discussed below can still bring positivity & abundance to your house or office, even if it faces north.

It is essential to realize that Vastu tips for home are mighty and can significantly impact your eudaemonia.

Understanding how Vastu can support your positive energy is therefore crucial.

Vastu Compass
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In light of this, let’s dive into this guide.

Best And Least Suited Placements In North East Corner

Ideal Placements in North East CornerNot Perfectly suited for North East Corner
Pooja Room, Living Room, Office Porch, Balcony, and Study Room.Servant Room, Guest Room, Garage and Toilets.

Importance Of North East Facing Plan In Vastu Shastra

  • Traditionally, Vastu Shastra explains that houses, offices or plots facing a Northeast orientation are considered the places where God dwells.
  • Houses and offices facing Northeast orientation enchant happiness, luck, opportunities and fortune.
  • Since the North in the house is where Lord Kuber resides, Kuber, the lord of wealth, offers the inhabitants to anticipate abundant wealth.
  • Aside from being known as the direction of divine powers, Esan, Eshan, Ishan and Ishyan are names given to the Northeast direction in Vastu Shastra.
  • Maintaining a clean and litter-free northeast side is essential.

One must follow Vastu’s tips when designing a home facing the northeast orientation to infuse its interior with positive energy.

Tips For North East Facing House

Below are a few viable and implementable Vastu recommendations (tips) for your northeast-facing house:

1. For North East Facing Vastu Plan For Homes, Choose Large Entrances

North-East facing Vastu Plan for Home Entrance
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  • You must have a giant main gate that towers over every other house door and open in a clockwise direction.
  • As a result of the giant door, positivity and glory will surround the occupants of the premises.
  • The door should always have an elevated threshold to prevent negative & evil energies.
  • Affix an auspicious toran and nameplate to the main door.
  • Animal statues should not surround the main entrance.

2. Compound Wall For North East Facing Vastu Plan For Homes

North-East facing Vastu Plan for Home Compound Wall
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  • Make sure to construct your boundary or compound walls according to Vastu principles.
  • The North and East sides of your compound wall should be higher than the South and Western sides.
  • The northeast side of your house should always have some open space.
  • There is no good reason to plant colossal trees in the northeast corner of your house.

3. Incorporating Water Elements Into Northeast-Facing Homes

North-East facing Vastu Plan for Home Water Tank
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  • North or east are the best locations for placing underground water tanks in a home.
  • Placing a tank on the northeast side of your home can pull off happiness, fortune, wealth, luck, and prosperity.
  • Water is a good element for your home’s northeast corner. For example, placing an aquarium filled with 11 goldfish will bring you positive energy and luck.

4. Wall Color For North East Facing Vastu Plan For Homes

North-East facing Vastu Plan for Home For Wall Colour
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  • It is essential to use the right colours when building a northeast-facing house to make it Vastu-compliant.
  • Paint the northeast wall light blue since blue symbolizes water.
  • The northeast is also the abode of God, so yellow will work well there. You can also consider colours such as off-white, brown, green, silver, and grey.
  • Light colours are best for painting the walls as they associate with many factors, such as happiness, purity, warmth, calm, and serenity.

5. Direction For Stairs In North East Facing Vastu Plan For Homes

North-East facing Vastu Plan for Home Staircase
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  • Never build a staircase on the Northeast side of your house, whether outside or inside.
  • According to Vastu, residences should not have their staircases opposite their main entrances, as it can affect energy flow.
  • A staircase constructed according to Vastu laws must have an odd number of steps.
  • Avoid dark colours around the staircase.

6. Placement Of Shoe Rack In North East Facing Vastu Plan For Homes

North-East facing Vastu Plan for Home Shoe Case
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  • Placing the shoe rack near the main door is never a good idea.

7. Never Built A Kitchen In Northeast Corner

North-East facing Vastu Plan for Home Kitchen
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  • According to Vastu, a kitchen built in the northeast corner of a house is detrimental to health and wealth.
  • Instead, position the kitchen should in the Southeast or northwest direction as it enhances health and brings prosperity.
  • Perform cooking facing east.
  • It is not a good idea to have the sink and cooking range on the same level or parallel to each other.
  • To overcome obstacles, do not position a fridge in the northeast direction. Instead, please place it towards the southwest orientation.

8. No Pillars In The Northeast Direction

Pillars In The Northeast Corner
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  • The northeast corner should be free of pillars.
  • Problems and hurdles will arise if the pillar is located on the Northwest side.
  • Vastu Shastra says pillars should not obstruct the main gate of your house because this prevents positive energies from flowing into your house.

9. Say No To Beds On Northeast Side

No To Beds On Northeast Side
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  • There should always be positive and healthy energy around your bedroom, as it is a place where you rest and relax.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, bedrooms located in the northeast direction are the source of financial losses, conflict, and instability.
  • Ideally, plan the bedroom in the southwest direction of the house to maintain optimal health, prosperity, fortune, luck, longevity, and blissful life.
  • Avoid placing the bed opposite the door to maintain a healthy relationship and peaceful sleep.

10. Placement Of Tulsi In North East Facing Vastu Plan For Homes

Placement of Tulsi in North-East facing Vastu Plan for Home
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  • As per Vastu Shastra, plant Tulsi plants in the north or northeast direction of the house.
  • The northeast direction is associated with water, which helps to create a positive and energetic atmosphere by eliminating evil & negative energies.

11. Study Room In North East Facing Vastu Plan For Homes

North-East facing Vastu Plan for Home Study room
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  • According to Vastu Shastra, position study rooms in the Northeast corner of the house.
  • Students should face the East or North direction while studying.
  • Ideally, the study table should be square or rectangular in shape.
  • Try to avoid shapes such as ovals, circulars, and other odd shapes.
  • If your table has sharp edges, your study area can welcome negative energies.

Perks Of Staying In The Northeast House

  • Most people tend to buy or live in northeast-facing houses because these houses are located along roads that lead to the north or east, which opens up several overseas and regional opportunities.
  • The northeast direction is the direction of God, ensuring affluence and prosperity in the region.
  • Your family business will likely succeed if you live in a northeast-facing house.
  • The benefits extend across every aspect of your life.
  • Living in a northeast-facing house will create a sense of peace and clean thoughts.

North East Facing Homes: Vastu Remedies

  • Plant tulsi or mint leaves in the Northeast orientation of your house to attain serenity.
  • Built a small library in the Northeast corner of your house to attain enlightenment and wisdom.
  • Enhance positivity by setting up a marble water pot and birdbath area in the Northwest corner of your house.
  • Placere water fountains in the Northeast corner to enchant luck, abundance, fortune, prosperity, and happiness.
  • If the entrance door of your house isn’t Vastu compliant, place a copper door pyramid beneath it to resolve any Vastu dosha or negative energies.
  • Boost positivity in your home by placing the Vastu Kalash in the Northeast direction of your house.
  • Place a study crystal in the Northeast corner of your house to enhance your child’s education.
  • Vastu pyramid sticks can be beneficial for reorienting a septic tank placed in the wrong direction.
  • If you place Surya yantras with copper suns in the Northeast corner of your house, you will be able to correct defects caused by slopes in the west or missing east extensions.
  • When extensions are made in the wrong zone of your house, doshas caused by them can be repaired using Vastu zinc helixes.

Read full guidelines on NorthEast corner vastu dosh!

Tips To Follow For North-East Facing Offices

Following these Vastu office tips can boost your workplace with growth and prosperity.

1. Choosing the unerring office space

  • Shermukhi plots are the best when you construct or choose an office or commercial space since they resemble the head of a lion.
  • Most of these plots are broader from the front, narrower at the back, and face towards the north orientation.

2. Orientation of Office Land In North East Facing Vastu Plan

  • The orientation of an office or commercial building is often a topic of debate.
  • Still, North and NorthEast are ideal locations for offices or businesses because they bring good luck, prosperity, fortune, and positivity.
  • Those who work in service industries should have their offices facing east.
  • North is an ideal direction for profit-making organizations as it is where Kuber, the lord of wealth, resides.

3. Select the right location for your office.

  • A running road around your office will bring you prosperity, luck, and an abundance of wealth rather than a lonely or isolated road.

4. Office Entrance In North East Facing Vastu Plan

  • The office’s entrance must be located in the Northeast or Northwest orientation.
  • According to Vastu shastra, these directions bring auspiciousness, luck, abundance, wealth, and positivity to the office.

5. Office Reception In North East Facing Vastu Plan

North-East facing Vastu Plan for Office reception
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  • North-east or east is the ideal direction to build the reception of any office.
  • Receptionists should face the north or east direction when seated.
  • Ideally, the company’s logo should be located in the southern direction of the reception area.
  • Vastu dictates that office tables should be positioned in the right direction.
  • Position the reception desk diagonally to the office front door.
  • You should place a four-leaf clover plant at your office’s entrance.

6. Staircase For Your Office

Staircase for office
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  • An ideal direction for constructing a staircase in the office is South or Southwest.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, never construct spiral staircases because they can disturb the positive energy of the workplace.
  • Always prefer light colours for your staircase in the office.
  • Position the staircase in the middle of the office as it can negatively impact finances.
  • Try to adorn each step with plants.

7. Internal Position Of The Office North East Facing Vastu Plan

Sitting Position As Per Vastu Shastra

  • Employees working in the office should always face Northeast or North Orientation.
  • Plan the accounts departments in the North or East orientation since these directions are auspicious for conducting cash transactions.
  • The Southeast direction is the best location for a Technical Department.
  • Departments like Marketing and sales should be placed in the Northwest direction of an office.
  • An ideal location for an HR and Administrative department is the Northeast and Southeast corner of an office.
  • Vastu recommends that executives, entrepreneurs, or managers should face the South or Southwest orientation in their office to enhance their decision-making capabilities at work.

Rooms Position According To Vastu

  • The owner’s office must be positioned towards the Southwest orientation, and he should be facing North.
  • An ideal place for a Conference room in an office is Northwest direction.
  • The northeast direction is the best direction for the waiting room.
  • Financial stability is associated with the southwest direction.
  • Offices should place the blue-coloured pantry in the southeast orientation. The North is never the best direction for your pantry.
  •  Pooja room in an office should be positioned in the Northeast orientation for abundance, growth, positivity, and luck. Adorn your Pooja room by placing Ganesh’s idol, flowers, incense sticks, lights, and garlands. However, the pooja room can also be constructed in the east orientation if the Northeast orientation is not available.

8. Outer Part Of The Office

  • Vastu states that an ideal place for a Parking lot in an office building is in the Northwest direction.
  • Keeping an eye on visitors and vehicles entering the office property is best done from the Northwest direction.
  • Staff quarters should be located in the Northwest direction.

9. Colours For An Office Wall

Colours For wall
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  • Colours such as blue help keep the ambience cheerful, especially on walls located in the south.
  • Colour your southwest wall green to achieve harmony and peace in the office.
  • White, cream and yellow must be used to paint the office’s east, North, South, and Northwest corners and walls.
  • It is rare for office interiors to have red or pink walls, but if you wish to use them, then do so only on the southern wall.

Remedies For Vastu In Office

Offices often have stressful environments, which can result from poor Vastu plans that hinder the performance of employees. So to overcome this stumbling block, we’ve compiled a few Vastu-based remedies to improve the office environment.

  • According to Vastu Shastra, the northeast or southeast orientation of a master cabin is considered a severe Vastu flaw. It would be best if you placed natural crystal rocks in the southwest corner of the cabin to overcome this Vastu flaw.
  • A basil plant is an excellent addition to the front entrance when positioned between the main door and the pillar. As a result, the main entrance appears greener, which adds a welcoming atmosphere and eliminates negative energy.
  • You can eliminate negativity and evil energies from your office premises by adding a bright painting in the east orientation.
  • Extending corners in an office gives off a negative impression. You could place an aromatic plant in the northwest corner of the office to rectify this impression. Further, hanging a six-pipe wind chime near the northwest window can be beneficial.

Wrapping Up

The Northeast-facing is considered the most optimistic orientation and is believed to bring good luck, health and prosperity to all family members.

You can enhance and accelerate the positive vibes of a northeast-facing house by following some simple Vastu tips.

The benefits of these tips can lead to a healthier lifestyle and family harmony.

Frequently Asked Questions

My house has a vacant area in the northeast corner. Can I have a garden there?

The northeast corner of your home is perfect for fostering happiness and positivity with open spaces such as gardens and porches.

On a northeast-oriented property, where should I locate my washroom?

Based on Vastu, the bathroom should be situated on the southeast or northwest side of a North-East facing house.

Can the Northeast direction be decorated with art and decor?

Vastu rules state that the Kamdhenu cow,  Buddha, portraits of Gods, and calf statue should be placed at the Ishan corner, i.e., in the northeast direction of the house.

Ensure that no image depicting negative energy, such as war or poverty, is displayed on your wall.

In which direction should the money plant be placed in the office?

The money plant should be placed north to attract good fortune.

Which direction is best for sitting and working in the office?

For best performance, work in the East or North direction.

What is the best place to keep pyramids in the office?

To improve your working relationship, keep pyramids in your cabins to deal with Vastu defects.

Where should I keep my office desk? Should it face the door?

Make sure your desk is not facing the door directly.