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Are you experiencing some negative or not-so-good vibes from your house? If yes, then you must not ignore this feeling. We do not get the ideal happy vibes when we shift to a new place or property. For a few initial days, it might be because of a place change, and your mind is still processing it. But, if this feeling continues, it can be due to Vastu Dosh.

North West Corner Vastu Dosh
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Vastu is the ancient scientific guide with some pre-defined rules for construction, architecture and home décor. These rules are a collection of conceptual building designs, dimension, positioning, layout, spatial geometry and space arrangement.

An ideal implementation of all these rules ensures good health, wealth and happiness in the occupant’s life, helping with a perfect balance between nature and man.

But, a minor wrong step, positioning or placement in Vastu elements increases the chances of negative feelings in the space, referred to as Vastu Dosh. It hinders the perfect balance between nature and man, destroying the peaceful vibes and leading to financial, physical and mental health issues.

Vastu Dosh can be in any direction and needs to be fixed immediately to retain the peaceful vibes. In this blog, we will discuss Vastu dosh in the northwest corner of the house and help readers with easy remedies to fix the same.

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List Of Common North West Corner Vastu Dosh

Some common northwest Vastu doshas usually occur in apartments or homes. These are:

  • Water tank in Northwest,
  • Cut in Northwest,
  • Kitchen in the Northwest Corner of your house,
  • Dead end in the North of Northwest Corner.

Remedies To Eliminate North West Corner Vastu Dosh

1. Installation of Objects

Vastu Pyramids:

The Vastu pyramid is usually made of crystals and is placed in the northwest corner, where family members spend most of their time.

It is one of the proven and beneficial Vastu remedies for the direction that balances the financial loss dosh and helps increase the economic prosperity and income of the family members.

Chandra Yantra:

The Northwest corner belongs to the moon and may not be ideal for people who have moon maleic.

Chandra Yantra is an effective Vastu remedy for the occupants that will help nullify and eliminate the Vastu dosh, bringing back the proper functioning of the corner. Chandra Yantra also promotes mental peace and helps individuals strike a mental balance in life.

Religious Symbols:

OM Symbol for eliminating North West Corner Vastu Dosh
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Experts suggest installing religious symbols to nullify adverse effects if your house entrance is from the northwest corner. You can place religious signs at the door, including OM, Trishul, Swastika and other characters. These need to be placed above or on both sides of the opening.

Lightweight Items:

The Northwest corner is the symbol of support, and occupants need to use lightweight elements in the corner. Occupants can also use crystal, agate stones or conch in the direction to roll in positive energy to the space. Light or moderate weight concepts will enhance the financial status and wealth of the residents.

2. General Tips

Light Color Palette for Walls:

Light Colour Pallette for Walls
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Walls in the northwest corner radiate positive vibes in the house, and occupants must opt to paint the same with either milky white or cream colour. Light grey is the perfect colour for northwest walls that exudes positive vibes in the overall space.

North West Corner Vastu Dosh Remedies Due To Aromatic Plants:

Mint Plant for North west Corner Vastu Dosh
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Mint and Tulsi need to be placed in the northwest corner as these act as a natural wind element, and placing them in the Vayu direction will increase their powers. These are also environmentally friendly options which further radiate an aroma in the overall vibe to promote a good mood.

North West Corner Vastu Dosh In Kitchen Remedies:

The ideal placement for the kitchen is in the southeast direction of the fire. Northwest is for Vayu or air and may not help occupants with blooming benefits if they position the kitchen in this corner. If placed, it may have adverse effects on the occupants’ health.

Do not Use Dark Colours in Northwest Walls:

Do not paint your north-western walls with red or orange shades. Also, avoid other dark shades like pink, black or dark brown as these colours are not ideal for all aspects of life.

North West Corner Vastu Dosh In Counter Alignment: 

Southeast is the northwest corner counter direction, and the overall plot arrangements must be aligned. You can place a fire painting related to Vastu in the corner to enhance or elevate the general vibes.

North West Corner Vastu Dosh Due To Water Leakage:

No Water Leakage from Taps For North West Corner Vastu Dosh
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Any water leakage in the Vayu corner must be repaired immediately. Leaking taps are Vastu dosh as unnecessary water flow reflects energy waste and may invite unnecessary expenses. Moreover, in the long run, it can hinder the overall positive vibe of individuals’ life or space. 

North West Corner Vastu Dosh Due To Water Tankers:

Avoid placing any element related to water, like water tanks or aquariums, in the northwest corner. If you cannot avoid the placement, make sure the size for the same is as tiny as possible and maintain around 36 inches distance from the northwest wall.

It can invite the occupants’ lousy health and deteriorating wealth if not.

Front Door Renovation:

If your front door is in the northwest corner, it must be kept up-to-date and free of any repair or damage. However, the door placement is not a wrong decision in the northwest corner regarding wealth and health. If there is any door damage, it must be immediately repaired.

Keep the Corner Tidy and Uncongested:

The Northwest corner must be free from unnecessary storage, mess and other elements. As discussed in the previous pointer, it needs to be lightweight. If there are multiple elements in the space, organise them in an ideal manner to remove the mess and invite peace in life.

North West Corner Vastu Dosh Due To Safes and Lockers:

No lockers in the Northwest Corner
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Vayu, or air, is constantly flowing and never stagnant. Placing lockers in the northwest direction will lead to a regular flow of money, leading to unnecessary expense and cash flow. Moreover, the northwest corner is not for the earthly zone and may not have heavy lockers placed.

3. Cut in the Northwest Direction:

Missing areas or cuts in the northwest corner may invite legal issues and disputes with neighbours or family members. It can also cause depression or lung cancer, leading to misunderstandings and stress in an individual’s life.

Some easy remedies to nullify the north west corner vastu dosh are:

  • Install the Vastu pyramid in the four directions to negate the effect.
  • Change the colour of the walls to white, milky cream or light grey to invite prosperity.
  • Place agate stones, crystals or conch in the northwest corner to remove the effects from a cut or missing area.
  • Place Chandra yantra to reduce the impact.

Significance Of Northwest Corner

AttributesLet Go Attitude, Movement, Relationships, Trust

According to Vastu Shastra’s guide, Vayu or air is the ruler of the northwest direction, and the moon lies in it. Anahata Chakra of Vastu Purusha also falls in this direction, and this is an ideal quarter for relationships and love. 

The Northwest direction is unstable. If the corner is Vastu compliant, it will increase the occupants’ productivity, affluence and social activities. But, if the intersection is not compliant according to Vastu rules for Northwest, it can negatively affect the occupant’s personal and professional life, leading to disharmony and other adverse issues. 

Northwest direction leads to the path for great career opportunities, and occupants can have lucrative benefits from it. But, if there is any Vastu dosh in the direction, residents will have more enemies than friends and will always be engaged in personal, professional or legal troubles.

Adverse Effects From North West Corner Vastu Dosh

Vastu Shastra defines the placement of specific directions according to Vastu Purusha and natural elements like air, eater and fire.

Any directional defect or ill-positioning of factors can cause troubles in occupant’s life, leading to an imbalance in their professional and personal paths. Possible issues you can face due to north west corner Vastu dosh are:

1. Financial Issues

Financial hindrances are one of the most common and scariest problems caused by northwest Vastu dosh. Occupants may not be able to save or earn much and may usually have to suffer financial struggles. They may face sudden financial losses and related clashes.

Occupants may always be engaged with court cases, legal issues and police cases arising from clashes with family members or neighbours. If not rectified immediately, it may also lead to occupants’ imprisonment cases.

3. Health Issues

Occupants residing in plots with northwest Vastu dosh have high chances for lung cancer, breathing issues, bronchitis and other related health problems.

But, don’t feel bewildered by these adverse effects as these are easily curable from the easily accessible Vastu remedies. All you need to do is orient some tips or objects in the northwest directional plot and invite the positive vibes for a perfect balance.

Vastu Compliance Tips For Northwest Properties

1. General Vastu Tips For North West Facing Plots

Northwest may not be an ideal direction compared to other directional plots. But some easily accessible Vastu tips could enhance your property’s vibes:

  • Construct a boundary wall that needs to be of lower height than the northwest boundary wall. It will ensure a seamless flow of cosmic rays and positive vibes from the Ishanya Corner.
  • Keep the southwest corner boundary wall slightly higher than the northwest one. But you also need to ensure that the wall’s height and size comply with the overall size of your plot and house and that it must provide ample empty space in the northeast corner.
  • Always prevail equally on your house’s Northwest and southeast sides while planning the construction activities.
  • Assign minimum space to your southwest corner for Vastu stance layering.
  • Plan an aroma garden to ensure wind flow on the entire property.

2. Vastu Tips for Northwest Plots facing Roads or Main Door

Will it be an excellent decision to purchase northwest directional plots facing main roads? Vastu has easy answers and remedies for it. It suggests you see the turn of the road. If it turns towards the west or stops in the west, it will invite financial prosperity for the occupants.

  • Avoid purchasing plots if the road ends towards the east in the southeast, north in the Northwest, south in the southwest and west in the southwest.
  • The plot must not have a T-junction from any of the corners.

·If there is a T in the northwest corner, it is considered unlucky and must be treated with Vastu remedies.

3. Tips for North West Corner Bedroom

The Northwest direction can be trickier if not enhanced with ideal placements and treated with proper remedies. However, the perfect bedroom placement is the northwest corner; if properly positioned, it can invite fortune, happiness, long life, financial prosperity and career growth in an individual’s life.

For a life embraced with prosperity, happiness, good health and abundant wealth, Vastu-compliant tips must be followed as it helps relate and coordinate with nature. Address Vastu dosh immediately and implement effective remedies to nullify the adverse effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove Vastu dosh from the Northwest corner?

Install pyramids in the northwest walls to reduce or remove Vastu dosh from your space.

Can we keep the locker in the Northwest corner?

Lockers are not advised to place in the northwest corner as it may lead to financial losses in the occupant’s life.

Which colour is to be used on the northwest walls?

White, milky cream and grey are ideal shades for the northwest walls.