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Directions play a vital role in one’s life. There are four directions: North, South, East, and West. Each of these has its favours in terms of luck, happiness, health, and financial life individually and has varied consequences if otherwise. There are specific remedies and rules to eliminate negativity.

North West Facing Vastu Plan
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In the world of interior and architecture, the arrangement of five elements – earth, fire, water, air and sky in harmony per the directions is called Vastu Shastra. One such direction is North West. A North West facing Vastu house can make an immense difference in financial achievements and happiness. Because this direction is regarded as an auspicious corner of the house.

Also, read about South West corner Vastu remedies for good health and prosperity!

Significance of Direction in Vastu Shastra

The wind element energises the North-West direction, and the planet moon is said to rule it. This direction is powerful in building your career if the space is used following the appropriate Vastu principles. Moreover, this very auspicious direction renders good luck and energy in commercial space.

The direction of Vayu God signifies constant movement illustrating the continuous flow of air. This is affirmed as prosperous, lack of which might result in disharmony, disagreement and downfall.

North West facing house Vastu or a north-west corner plot Vastu are required to tread cautiously. While the order of the roads near the home must be paid attention to avoid the lack of Vastu compliance.

Let us move forward to see what problems the North West defects can bring.

Troubles Caused by the Defects in North-West Vastu – Consequences and Recurrence

As beneficial as Vastu  Shastra is, it might lead one’s life and work downhill if not followed appropriately. Hence, knowing the defects and remedies to plan or renovate the space suitably is crucial by backing up with the friendly ways of Vastu.

The houses around the roads running in west and north directions are called North West corner houses. While the houses facing the North West are known to be North West-facing homes. Therefore, these two will have similar Vastu  plans on the following front:

When the plot or property is positioned in this direction, legal matters such as police cases, court cases or any further legal issues can arise.

Financial Front

The most alarming and scary problem because of North West facing house Vastu defects flies around the financial issues. One might fall into the pit of hazardous loss in economic weakness, business and dispute among the partners. Such financial troubles could be the outcomes of the North West diffraction if not treated correctly.

Health Front

The essential reason to keep hold of the North West Vastu direction is to push health issues away because the defects in this direction in any office or house are claimed to be the reason behind illness or diseases like breathing problems, lung cancer, etc.

Nevertheless, the experts of Vastu have heard it all and extracted some easy and beautiful ways out of the defects for the houses in North West direction and boost the positivity in all aspects.

Before setting our eyes on the pros and cons along with some round-the-corner tips on Vastu  Shastra, let’s assess if North West facing house Vastu is good or bad.

Is Northwest Facing House Good or Bad?

Giving a straight answer regarding if a north west facing house is good or bad would be perplexing as it isn’t very definite. As stated above, it is a direction associated with wealth, health and prosperity. Hence, if propped up by other Vastu rules, it would not be such a bad direction for a home entrance.

The only thing about the North West facing door in a house would be that the leading male member of the family residing in that particular house would remain out of the house if the door is faced towards the west, while the same could be the case with the female of the home if the door is faced towards the north.

Subsequently, the office building facing the North West is considered prosperous and auspicious. It brings good energy and good luck to the workplace.

Pros and Cons of North West Facing House

The North West facing houses are not budding, but a minor alteration can impact the results. As a remark of Vayu Purush, the North West direction helps maintain a promising social circle with numerous acquaintances. The North Western part of the house could be used to build a guest bedroom.

Nurturing the equilibrium in a home facing towards North West springs out harmonious family life. Furthermore, this direction might benefit the womenfolk as the positive energy accelerates the chances of smooth and steady pregnancy and delivery.

On the contrary, it could be disruptive as you might attract wrong acquaintances and mess up the harmony and peace of the house. Those who aren’t fond of socialising might find North West facing house Vastuunpleasant.

Therefore, let’s jump on to the remedies for “North West Vastu  Dosh” stated below.

Remedies for North West Facing Vastu Dosh

If it isn’t compliant, the North West Vastu may affect the peace and harmony in personal life while productivity and affluence in professional life. Therefore, to maintain stability, below mentioned remedies should be accompanied:

  1. Installing Vastu Pyramids could be the decor one could begin with to increase the rate of income of the household members and bring prosperity and earnings to the house and family.
  2. As the main door is considered the way in of flow of energies, installing religious symbols like Om, Trishul or Swastik on either side of the entrance door would protect the house and household members against any misfortune.
  3. In case the planet moon is maleic for your home or any family member, North West facing house Vastu suggests the installation of the Chandra Yantra that keeps the peace intact and maintains the mental balance.
  4. The best way to radiate the vibrant vibe is to use light colours and shades for walls in the North West corners like cream or milk white.
  5. The North West corner should be equipped with lightweight items as it denotes system support and would improve the status and wealth of the family.
  6. Tulsi or Mint plants are one of the finest remedies to keep the North West side of your home filled with auspicious energy.
  7. The kitchen in the North West corner hampers the health of the household members and hence should be avoided.
  8. Aquariums or any water tanks should be avoided from being placed in the North West corner of the house.
  9. Avoid keeping any lockers or safes in the North West part of the residential or commercial space.
  10. Renovation of any water leakage or entrance door should be done as the leakage leads to unnecessary spending while the broken front door distorts the incoming health and wealth.

North-West Facing Vastu Plan For Houses

This direction impacts women as the “Vayu” is in charge of developing the foetus or embryo in women. Hence, any compromises here can result in abortions. Even the mental welfare of women is a consequence of the airflow from this direction which out-turns the family harmony.

Vayu Devta can shower prosperity or misfortune with similar zest. That is why only the daughter’s room or guest room should be constructed in the North West corner of the house to increase the sociability factor.

Besides, there shouldn’t be any extension in this direction to avoid massive debts.

Vastu for North-West Facing Main Door and Roads

One should avoid plots with road end in the North or North West direction. Also, the property mustn’t have a T junction on either side. If there are any, the North West one should be treated with Vastu remedies.

North West Facing Vastu Plan For Bedroom

This direction may have a guest bedroom or daughter’s bedroom. Any other will lead to an unnecessary outflow of money or influence of vast acquaintances.

Staircase Vastu For North West Facing House

Staircases should always be in the western or southern corner. Avoid building your staircase in any different order, especially in the northeast, as that can cause financial instability.

Entrance Vastu For North West Facing House

The North West Facing House Vastu entrance is very auspicious and does not have adverse effects. A Ganesh statue could be installed to nullify any harmful effects.

Living Room Vastu For North West Facing House

The restless nature of the air in this direction would start affecting your guests, and they would end up getting bored and might leave early. People who love socialising should not set up their living rooms in North West direction.

Balcony Vastu For North West Facing House

The Northwest direction for a balcony is not considered reasonable and might attract negative energy. Any swing on the patio must face north or east directions.

North West Facing Vastu Plan For House Pooja Room

The North West direction has the air element, which keeps mentally unstable and wandering. Therefore, constructing any temple in this direction should be avoided. The best directions are the north, northeast, and east corners.

Bathroom Vastu for North West Facing House

Sewers and drains should be placed in this direction per the North West facing house Vastu as it is considered suitable for eliminating waste. Installing a wooden door instead of a metal one to push away the negativity in the family’s health is also considered.

North West Facing Vastu Plan Tips For Office Space

As per Vastu, North West direction is the best for conference or meeting rooms. It is also a suggested space good for sales or marketing staff as it keeps them motivated to work hard and improves their performance entirely. A waiting room could also be planned in the North West direction of the office space.

Ultimately, there is a solution to every aspect and remedy to all the defects in Vastu.

Final Thoughts

Tagging any direction as good or bad is not possible entirely. Although the North West facing houses are undesirable, they cannot be considered flawed. After a few modifications a little bit here and there, or by placing the Vastu instruments, the energy equilibrium could be maintained.

Understanding the rules, pros and cons, and the compatibility of all the directions becomes essential when someone is constructing a house or arranging it. The Vastu tips are handy even while purchasing new land, renovating residential or commercial space, or placing furniture. Sometimes, the Vastu works per astrology and Rashi of the property owner or plot.

To conclude, it could be stated that North West facing house Vastu becomes crucially important to save oneself from creating a void in the family in terms of health, wealth and prosperity.


Can I place my kitchen in a North West facing house plan per Vastu?

Ensure that heating equipment like gas stoves, microwaves, and inductions are placed in the North West zone if a kitchen is constructed on the North West side of the house.

North West facing house Vastu is good or bad?

Northwest facing house Vastu is not wrong if the Vastu compliant are followed accordingly.

Where can I place the staircase in a North West facing house plan?

The West and South corners are the best for the staircase placement. Avoid building the staircase in any other direction to keep yourself safe from financial instability.

Is the North West direction good for study?

No, Northwest-facing house Vastu says that the study in North West direction ruins the focus of the student and makes them restless.

Which direction is suitable for God’s placement?

Idols of God must face north in the south direction. The North Western approach is not considered auspicious for constructing or placing temples and gods.