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Your office is a professional space that requires a very different colour palette than what you would usually use for your homes. An office space needs to look calm and should promote the idea of focus and productivity—no matter if your workspace is at home or in a different location.

One should never underestimate the power of having the right wall paint, as it is an effective way to change the mood and outlook of a professional area. It is also important to note that every colour denotes a sentiment, and colour psychology has proven helpful in most cases. Supposedly, the right shade can help construct a sense of positivity and productivity, and a suitable colour palette combination can relieve stress.

So in this article, we have curated a list of top wall colour ideas you can use in an office space.

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List Of Office Wall Colour Ideas

1. Safe Neutral Office Wall Colour

Safe Neutral Office Wall Colours
Source: Dmitry Zvolskiy / Pexels

Without a doubt, neutrals have been in high demand and humongously popular for a few years. And why shouldn’t they be? Many people feel more at ease amidst an understated colour scheme of the room.

And you can scientifically back this statement. Such a colour scheme is less demanding on the eyes. Also, it keeps many people much more relaxed due to the effect colours have on our minds.

Moreover, a balanced, understated colour scheme offers unlimited creative avenues to make the office interior airy, sophisticated, and evergreen.

Some choices of neutral colours that you can put to use are pastels or nudes of off-white and beige. These colours are extremely professional while relaxing at the same time.

The neutral colour scheme is all about minimalism and simplicity. If you love classy, then neutral can be your go-to option.

2. POP Yellow Office Wall Colour

Pop Yellow Office Wall Colours
Source: Anna Shvets / Pexels

Yellow is highly motivating and places a happy, optimistic tone in any space. Sunny yellow, along with a gold undertone, would not feel so much overwhelming or bright.

This colour can add brightness with an upbeat vibe to any office space. In particular, if your office structure has a limited flow of natural light, yellow wall paint can effectively brighten the room. It is ideal for an office full of life and energy.

3. The Grey Office Wall Colour Scheme

The orientation of your space will affect how a shade looks on the walls, which is why an identical shade of grey paint can look utterly distinct in different surroundings. Besides, the grey colour promotes concentration and calmness, which is excellent for an office environment.

If your office is bursting with natural light, then why not go for a popular grey colour scheme with touches of mood-boosting blue? Grey and blue are harmonious colour combinations. Dark schemes, such as the deep, nearly blue-black charcoal walls, create an intimate atmosphere for a quiet working area.

4. Classic Combination of Black and White

Classic Combination of Black and White
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

If you are a monochrome fan, you might also like a black-and-white theme. Black combined with white is a very neat and sophisticated-looking colour scheme. It gives a very timeless look which is evergreen.

You can endlessly experiment with this colour scheme. You can play with textures, add depth, and whatnot. You can actually design an exciting interior by letting your creativity loose.

5. Soft Lilac Greys

Soft Lilac Greys
Source: Maria Orlova / Pexels

A soft lilac grey is an excellent colour and is quite soothing. Also, the colour has warmth therefore it is a great option for interior paint colour. You can easily consider using it for office reception or lounge area.

Lilac grey being a light colour, is also a great option for covert meeting area. It can also add a welcome feel to a work cubicle.

The best aspect about lilac is that it can blend with almost all shades of wood from dark to pale wood to even white. However, an important apsect about this colour is that it has more gender-neutral tones as this shade tends to look feminine.

6. Rusty Clay Wall Colour

Rusty Clay Wall Colour
Source: Merry Zar / Pexels

If you crave warmth from your commercial paint colour, then hurray; here is the best option for you- rusty clay! This colour with its natural depth will be a pleasant shift from the cliche colours we usually see in offices.

This colour is great for less formal places in the office. It is more informal than the cliche white or grey. But still doesn’t look odd.

But precautionary advice for using this colour is to use it in singular tones. Using it in combination with other colours may confuse the perception.

7. Dusty Peach Tone

This peach tone is perfect when you want to pair some mid-century or vintage office furnishings with it. The best aspect of dusty peach is that it is soft to the eyes while exuding abundant energy.

Something exceptional about this colour has a subtlety to it. But still, it looks great with other mellow tones. You can also experiment with various complimentary colours and other statement furniture.

8. Misty Blue Office Wall Colour

Misty Blue Wall Colour
Source: João Jesus / Pexels

If you want to make the office feel light and airy, misty blue is a good choice for your office.

Misty blue reflects light. Thus, you can use it to light up the darker rooms. At the same time, it can make light-coloured rooms less hospital-like. It especially looks good on larger walls.

Moreover, it is an excellent background for sculptures, wall art, and mirrors. And most importantly, the dark tone furniture, which has been in vogue since the last decade, also looks good over misty blue colour walls.

9. Forest Green or Pastel Green for Calmness

Forest Green or Pastel Green for Calmness
Source: Thomas Nguka / Pexels

Deep forest green invigorates drama. And it is certainly not a colour that can be used in an entire large office space. But it is still great for a statement wall in the reception or lounge area. You can also splatter in the meeting space.

Green is known for igniting creativity. Thus, it is excellent for creative offices. On the other hand, deep greens are earthy and natural.

You can combine these forest greens with coppery metallics, dark wooden colours, pale neutrals and other warm natural tones. These combinations bind the entire room effortlessly. These greens compliment all office furnishings, from minimalistic to mid-century types.

10. Brown Wall Colour

Brown Wall Colour
Source: Elena Rubtsova / Pexels

Do you want to ain’t your office in some out-of-the-box colours? But are you worried that it should not get out of style soon? Neither should it come out as too dark.

So what is the solution?

Well, matte brown is a nice colour that fulfils all the above conditions. Moreover, you can also pair brown with classic light-coloured furniture and other decorations. This will balance and complement the room’s colour scheme and won’t let it come off as too dark.

11. Neutral Shade of Cream

Neutral Shade of Cream
Source: Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

If you want to opt for something different than white, then you can go for an off-white shade. And to create an out of the box interior you can pair this of white wall colour with some other stamenet colours like forest green, etc.

Such combinations provide an air of elegance and strong personality.

But just be a little cautious while using this approach. You must try to limit the number of colours you incorporate to a maximum of three. This will give you an ultra-chic, evergreen look that will earn praises from everyone and also keep everybody yearning to come at work.

12. Deep Blue Wall Colour

Deep blue is an exceptional office colour as it is powerful and soothing at the same time. It provides depth to the room. And is perfect for a feature wall or someplace like the lounge area.

The best aspect about deep blue is that it can combine with a myriad of colours. So how to pair it with other furnishings is hardly a concern. The shade goes well with the dramatic yellows, greens, and subtle white and greys.

However, remember to place this shade of blue in airy and bright places. This ensures that the blue does not create a tiring look. You can also consider pairing it with lighter flooring to add that extra dimension.


So, these were our best selects for a modern office interior. We suggest you, please select the wall colour that will positively impact your customers and employees.

We hope you liked the above selections. We have chosen only the best wall colours. We hope you find your exact personality matching wall colour.