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You can make the best out of waste home decor products by repurposing plastic bottles. Plastic is an environmental threat because it cannot be recycled. It is therefore important to reuse these bottles as much as possible.

You can decorate plastic bottles by adding paint, beads, glitter, and colorful paper and ribbons. Here are some best out of waste ideas for your home decor:

1. Out of Waste Ideas: Recycling Saris

There are many ways to use recycled saris to decorate your home, from bed covers to wall hangings. Old saris are an excellent source of color and can be embroidered to create a unique design.

You can even make your own bed covers from an old sari. The possibilities are endless! Read on to discover some creative ways to use your old saris to decorate your home.

To recycle your saris into fashionable hair clips, make circles of various sizes with the separating slits pointing towards the center. Crimping the circles creates a flower-petal look. Once crimped, thread the fabric through hair pins to create a clip.

Alternatively, you can fold the fabric into multiple layers and make hair clips out of them.

If you’re interested in finding unique home decor, consider buying rugs made from sari remnants. The Viva Terra table linen collection is made by artisans in India using scraps of saris. Fab Habitat recycled plastic tablecloths are also made from sari remnants.

They come in an array of colors and patterns. They are eco-friendly and made of premium recycled plastic.

2. Out of Waste Ideas: Repurposing Ice-Cream sticks

If you have an old ice cream tub or a popsicle stick that you don’t want anymore, you can repurpose them into beautiful home decorations. You can use them to make picture frames, or even create a four-square design to place on your kitchen countertop.

You can also make paper flowers using old magazines. Hang them up with ribbons or put them on a shelf. They’re a fun way to recycle, while also developing motor skills.

ice cream sticks
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3. Out of Waste Ideas: Repurposing glass bottles

There are several ways to repurpose glass bottles. Bottles can be recycled into decorative items for your home, as well as used for making unique gifts. You can even upcycle bottles into vases and bird feeders.

Bottles can also be fashioned into spray bottles and candles. Depending on the style and material you use, you can create a whole host of different home decor accents.

Before upcycling glass bottles, you should first clean them thoroughly and dry them. Next, look for labels on bottles. Scrub any sticky residue from the bottles with a scouring pad. Once the bottles have dried, you can start decorating them.

You can use paint, fabric, wire, and other materials. If you’d like, you can also attach hardware items to your project.

Repurposing glass bottles as home decorations is a great way to reuse old wine bottles. You can even make a lamp out of the bottles using decoupage. All you need is some paper cut-outs, glue, and a flat brush to decorate your glass bottles.

Alternatively, you can fill plain glass bottles with sand, tiny shells, or colored fairy lights.

Another way to reuse glass bottles is to use them as lamp holders. Glass is translucent, so it lets in light, which makes it an excellent material for candle holders. In addition, you can use recycled glass bottles as candle holders as well.

Cut them well and clean both inside and out before removing the label, if you want to give your lamp a vintage feel. If you want to add a scent to the bottle, you can leave the label intact and decorate it with scented candles.

out of waste ideas with glass bottles
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4. Repurposing old mirrors

We all know how much we rely on mirrors to reflect us. However, if the mirror breaks or no longer serves its purpose, we may throw it away in the trash. Or we may discard it when we buy a new one.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to consider the repurposing potential of this old item. Here are some ideas to use old mirrors:

You can use an old door as a frame for a full-length mirror. To create this beautiful, unique mirror, you can first remove the wood panels on the old door and insert a glass mirror inside. A handsaw can be used to carefully cut through the wood panels.

Sandpaper can be used to smooth the edges. Once the wood panels are removed, you can order mirror glass to fit the frame. Add trim to hold the glass in place.

You can also recycle broken mirrors into jewelry stands. If the mirror has a frame, you can use the frame as a jewelry stand. If the mirror chamber is damaged, you can use a perforated net to replace the broken section.

Use tiny nails to secure the net in place. Afterward, you can recycle the mirror and use it to decorate your home.

out of waste decoration with old mirror

5. Using old bangles

Using old bangles to decorate a room or your home can add a colorful accent to your living space. They can be customized in any way you desire, including choosing a shape that best matches your home.

You can hang these bangles on the side of a window or a balcony to add color and character to a room. And, they don’t take much time to make.

In addition to being useful as decorations, broken baubles can also be used as decor pieces. You can use broken bangles to adorn old glasses. The key is to find glass bangles because any other material won’t give you the same results.

You can also use broken bangles to hang decor pieces on trees in your garden. You can even use old lamp shades as decorative pieces.

If you have a lot of old bangles then this is one of the best out-of-waste ideas lying around the house, you can make a beautiful bangle wall hanging with them. Make sure to use two or more of the same size to create a more intricate design.

You can even use a vase made of glass to place them in. After you have completed your craft, you can decorate your living room with bangles!

out of waste ideas with old bangles

6. Making a rakhi out of waste

A rakhi made out of waste material is a beautiful way to honor your brother. These eco-friendly decorations can help you decorate your home in a way that is green and reduces your carbon footprint.

Instead of buying new rakhi strings, you can create your own from old sponges, red thread, and sandalwood. You can even string them together using golden threads to create a decorative effect.

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If you don’t have a crafting table in your house, you can also make a rakhi out of waste from around your house. If you have children, get them to help you by cutting colorful sheets into rakhi shapes.

Old wool, satin ribbons, and colored threads can also be recycled to make beautiful rakhis. Alternatively, you can also use cardboard boxes with pencils and toothpaste. Paint them and use ribbons, colored paper, and fabric to decorate them.

You can also make a rakhi from silk threads in three different colors. You can use woolen or multi-colored threads. Make sure to buy them in different colors so that you can use them in multiple ways.

Then, you can tie the ends of the threads with cotton thread, making a rakhi. Use the remaining three-fourths of the thread as a string for your brother to wear.