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At a time when mere functionality won’t satisfy you anymore, you are likely to start looking for more ways to elevate the aesthetics of your living room. In an era when the open living plan is all too common due to small apartments being the norm, fused living and dining rooms are more commonplace than before.

Room dividers are here to help you give the living space a quick makeover – especially for those wishing to delineate the living and dining room spaces without having to turn to walls or something of a more permanent nature.

The room divider is the best option on hand, as it permits separating the living area from the kitchen, dining space, or even your home office without completely isolating one room from the next.

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There are plenty of partition designs for living and dining rooms to choose from, be it jali designs, partitions made of shelves, mesh designs or partition designs for the living and dining portion made wholly of glass. Irrespective of the kind of design you choose to go with, there is something for every taste.

Read on to know more and for an in-depth look at the many designs available. Using any of them will stamp your personal touch on your home.

21 Partition Designs for Living and Dining Rooms

1. Jali Partition Designs

Jali Partition Designs For Living And Dining Rooms
Source: KUPRYNENKO ANDRII / Shutterstock

First off is the traditional jali partition designs for the living and dining rooms. It is a favoured option among many Indian homes thanks to its versatile and intricate designs that are available. These designs leave the household spoilt for choice.

Jali partition designs blend well with rustic decor to lend the modern home an ambience from days gone by. Generations ago, it was a very popular part of Indian architecture. Now, with a resurgence in popularity, it will make the ideal addition to your home. These designs are available in materials like wood, metal and PVC.

2. Dual-purpose Partition Designs For Living And Dining:

Dual-purpose Partition Designs For Living And Dining
Source: Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock

Using wooden shelves as partition designs for the living and dining rooms is a practical choice. When you do so, you not only split up the space effectively, but the shelves also double up as a display area for your curios or even to flaunt your book collection.

The idea of functional partitions works well for both compact and larger homes. If you have some additional space to spare, it can even double up as a storage unit if you have some extra room to spare.

Similar options are glass-enclosed shelves for storing your favourite knick-knacks or travel souvenirs while also serving their function by highlighting the difference between the living and dining rooms.

3. Mesh Partition Designs For Living And Dining Using Metal:

Mesh partition designs for living -dining areas that use metal showcase a sense of simplicity and are ideal for those who love to embrace a minimalistic design in their homes. An added bonus is that the mesh design partitions are very space efficient, making it an ideal choice for space-starved apartments.

4. Duco Paint Partition Designs For Living And Dining:

Duco Paint Partition Designs For Living And Dining
Source: Darvik Design / Shutterstock

Duco paint partitions are regular partitions of your choice and are painted over with Duco paint. It is a premium quality paint that works well with all metal and wood surfaces, such as partition designs used for living – dining rooms.

It comes in a wide range of colours, has excellent colour retention qualities, and dries quickly.  Application of Duco paint on your choice of partition design will aid your home in exuding a bold and stylish aura for any visitor to behold.

5. Partition Design with a Contemporary Touch:

Partition Design with a Contemporary Toucha
Source: gamespirit / Shutterstock

Living in an urban environment with many people clustered together requires some deft manoeuvring to get by your day. Likewise, innovative solutions are needed for modern homes found in urban dwellings.

In this case, lowkey laser-cut partition designs for the living and dining areas come to the rescue. Many people who shy away from exceedingly opulent designs may choose to embrace this simple design instead – they are both unique and contemporary. Further, they impart a bold look to your abode.

6. Glass Partition Designs For Living And Dining:

Glass Partition Design
Source: ImageFlow / Shutterstock

Glass partition designs for the living/dining room are also in vogue –  and the designs are far from mundane. Sliding and folding glass dividers are available at your disposal, and you may even use stain glass or frosted glass to ensure some privacy for the rest of your home.

If you use stain glass with its diverse colour range, it will be there to welcome you home at the end of a long and weary day. Many wonderful stained glass designs exist in the market for your needs, and they are perfectly capable of blending with any colour palette used in homes.

Sliding or folding doors are also great as they can accommodate more guests and make your home look bright and spacious. To increase the glamour quotient of the house up several notches, try fitting rectangular panels with wooden frames and opaque glass tiles.

7. Stone Finish Partition Design:

Stone Finish Partition Designs For Living And Dining
Source: Artazum / Shutterstock

Partitions based on a stone finish design for your living – dining areas lend a pleasing aesthetic look to it. They are available in various finishes, and choosing one for your home is straightforward. Stone finish partitions are suitable for environments with high moisture content like ours – they are low maintenance to boot.

The stone finish design even radiates the evergreen and rustic look that is so very familiar to all of us and one that we have grown to love!

8. A Half Wall Partition Designs For Living And Dining Rooms:

A Half Wall Partition Designs For Living And Dining
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

A simple half-wall partition design to divide your living – dining zones is a beautiful idea! The half-wall design is a favourite among many homeowners across the globe, and it can be used to fuse and partition a room.

You could make a half-wall with a countertop for your vases or get one made with in-built glass-enclosed shelves for your cutlery that you can access in a jiffy. Or, better yet, why not make one with both – thus giving you the best of both worlds?

9. Partition Design with Vertical Slats:

Partition Design with Vertical Slats
Source: gamespirit / Shutterstock

To help split the living and dining areas, partition designs that use the striped wood pattern are a great option. They ensure privacy for the occupants of the dining room while you entertain your guests.

Wooden partitions that can be moved aside during a family get-together can add a touch of elegance to your home and, at the same time, tick off those functionality boxes. The vertical slats used in the wooden partition design allow light to flow unhindered while keeping the rooms separate. The wooden partition can also be extended to the ceiling to create an illusion of height and length.

10. Abstract Wooden Partition Designs For Living And Dining:

Abstract Wooden Partition Designs For Living And Dining
Source: Darvik Design / Shutterstock

Wish you could showcase the quirky side of your personality? Be bold and take the plunge with abstract wooden partition designs to demarcate your living and dining room areas.

At first, it may look rather outlandish, but rest assured, the abstract design will grow on you, thanks to its artistic vibes. Along with that, it increases the aesthetic appeal of your home.

11. Glass-Wooden Combo as a Partition Design:

Glass-Wooden Combo as a Partition Design
Source: Pinkystock / Shutterstock

The combination of glass and wood is an eternal classic! Wood, combined with illuminated, stained glass or a frosted glass door, can stand tall as a thing of beauty in the middle of your living and dining room.

To take the glamour quotient of your space up a notch, try rectangular panels fitted with frames and glazed with opaque glass tiles.

The soft texture of wood in fusion with stained glass’s beauty will give some drama to your home. It adds sheen and oozes sophistication into your home as a decor piece.

12. Custom Solutions – When Other Designs Fail to Impress:

When stock designs fall short of their expectations, things like the size may not appeal to you, or you may not take a liking to the designs available. In this case, you may opt for the many available custom partition designs for the living – dining rooms.

Room dividers made of metal and glass can be easily made and are more cost-effective than wood designs. A combination of a TV and entertainment unit and some space for keeping your favourite books could do the trick. Including a bit of foliage in the design will enhance the customised appearance.

As most contemporary homes use glass and metal to a large degree, a metal mesh design in floral patterns or a mix of glass and metal could further complement the existing structure of your home. These designs also have a small footprint.

13. Curtains as Partition Designs For Living And Dining:

Curtains as a Partition Design
Source: ImageFlow / Shutterstock

A curtain is among the most straightforward available partition designs for the living-dining room. All you need to do is affix rods on the ceiling, connect the curtain panels with rings or hooks, and voila, you are all set.

Consider using velvet to generate a more dramatic effect or gauze material for a light, breezy look. But do be aware that gauze curtains do not offer much by way of privacy. The curtains can be kept closed if you are in the mood for a secluded feel or keep it open to generate the illusion of space. Curtains are great for studio apartments where space is at a premium.

14. Utilising a Mini-bar as a Partition Design:

Utilising a Mini-bar as a Partition Design
Source: Rehan Qureshi / Shutterstock

When every inch of space matters in compact urban homes, using space wisely is advisable and one of the most brilliant things you can do. A bar will do nicely as a partition design for bifurcating the living and dining rooms.

A mini-bar and high chairs are a perfect partition and are ideal for popping open the bubbly when guests come calling.

15. Partition Designs Made of Framed Fabric:

Partition Designs Made of Framed Fabric
Source: Astibuk / Shutterstock

Don’t get rid of your old curtain fabric yet! Curtain fabric can look great on partitions between living and dining spaces. Use a single fabric or more than one as long as they complement each other. Curtain fabric on the dividers is a novel idea and is sure to fetch you compliments when you call for the next party. 

16. Neo-Classical Partition Designs for the Living Room:

Neo-Classical Partition Designs for the Living Room
Source: murattellioglu / Shutterstock

The hallmark of the neo-classical is its simple geometrical designs while maintaining the home’s grandeur. You can deck up your partitions in the neo-classical colours of cream, grey, blue, yellow, green, and more.

Even though the neo-classical design trend emerged during the 18th and 19th centuries, it is far from old-fashioned. It will give a timeless and endearing appearance to your home. So go ahead and embrace this design for your abode.

17. Illuminated Frame Partition Design:

Illuminated Frame Partition Design
Source: Bro Crock / Shutterstock

An exquisite living-dining partition design idea would be a screen illuminated by LED bulbs and enclosed within a frame. This kind of room divider would decorate the frosted glass with exciting patterns when the bulbs are lit up, creating a soft, diffused look and a calm ambience.

18. Foliage for a Living – Dining Room Partition Design:

Foliage for a Living - Dining Room Partition Design
Source: de_zla / Shutterstock

Thus far, you have read about using either glass, wood, or foliage. How about using all three in your chosen partition design? Sure, it may be out of the ordinary, but making this choice will assuredly give your home a one-in-a-million look –  and who wouldn’t want that?

If you wish, the natural plants can be replaced with artificial ones. The result will be a well-rounded design that conceals the dining area well while preserving the roomy feeling of the living room. If you are looking for more exclusivity, pick up some fallen branches and use them on your divider for a taste of the outdoors in your home.

19. Old Window Frames Partition Design:

Old Window Frames Partition Design
Source: belkos / Shutterstock

Bring about a bit of charm to your home by bringing in a salvaged window and using it for your living dining partition design. They can be used as a screen with hinges or even hung from the ceiling. As window frames let in a lot of light, they are great for use as partitions.

20. Internal Windows for Your Partition Design:

Internal Windows for Your Partition Design
Source: Stavrida / Shutterstock

Aside from adding a whimsical touch to the inside of your home and separating your living and dining areas, it creates a subtle sense of the outdoors. Having an ornamental grill design bestows a particularly captivating flourish to the room.

Using glazed windows in the partition with no access to external windows to bring in light gives the illusion that the room has natural light streaming in. It appears so because glazed windows borrow light from other rooms and transmit it.

21. Chalkboard Partition Divider Design:

Chalkboard Partition Divider Design
Source: DeawSS / Shutterstock

The Chalkboard partition design for the living – dining rooms is a novel idea, and it is an excellent idea for sprucing up the atmosphere of your home. Making to-do lists and scribbling down a brainwave is more fun when down the old-fashioned way – with chalkboards and coloured chalks of various hues! So, are you bold enough to embrace this design for your home?

Buying Guide for Living Dining Partition Designs and Advantages:

Buying Guide for Living Dining Partition Designs and Advantages
Source: / Shutterstock

Partition designs are ideal for organising small spaces or helping to break up a larger area into small parts. Regardless of your need, a partition design is a viable option. Room dividers are popular for all the right reasons, and they can be used for dividing space, hiding a mess, creating privacy or for enhancing the room’s aesthetics.

The Many Benefits of Room Partitions:

Room partitions offer a range of benefits to the discerning homeowner. Some of them are mentioned here:

1. Makes it Easy to Reconfigure Rooms:

Are you worried that the armchair you indulged in during your outing to the furniture store won’t fit in with the rest of the decor and is unlikely to belong at home? That is a homeowner’s worst nightmare!

Make a partition wall to divide the living room from the rest of the house. Now that the living room is separated, your worry about mismatched decor is put to rest.

2. Brings About a Cosy Feeling: 

If you inhabit a studio apartment or a large open-plan abode, the area could appear cold and impersonal. Placing a room divider at home is an easy and effective way to create a fuzzy, comfortable and welcoming environment. Dividers are many things – affordable, functional, versatile and have great aesthetic value.

3. Increases the Aesthetic Value of a Space:

The humble room partition design is adept at boosting the aesthetics of your precious home by leaps and bounds, and affixing partitions in your living-dining guarantee to make your home more visually attractive. The myriad colour options, patterns and materials one finds on room dividers are mindboggling and pleasing to look at.

Having a divider means the house owner can choose endless customisation options to spruce it up. They can be made to have nooks and crannies to keep your books, curiosity-inducing travel souvenirs or your favourite picture. Plants and other decorative items can be added as you go along. Thus, partitions also aid in space management.

4. Partition Designs are Very Affordable:

The main appealing advantage that room dividers offer is their affordability. Building permanent walls require a lot of expense. Not only that, contractors have to be hired to come in and help make the wall. If you feel that the design is not attractive enough at a later date,  there is nothing that can be done about it.

But with partitions, you can go over the many designs available and rest easy knowing that what you see is what you get. They can be made according to size to fit virtually any part of your home, and dividers are pocket-friendly, too. They can be made of textile, plastic, wood, metal, glass etc., according to what takes your fancy, while also staying within your budget.

5. Keeps Your Walls Intact:

Going for a permanent partition structure will require plenty of work. Walls will have to be drilled, and contractors and carpenters will have to be hiree home will be a mess with all the work.

On the other hand, mobile partition designs will require little or no work, and plenty of designs suit your needs. Further, it will save your walls from significant changes or damages, such as those caused by drilling holes.

Plenty of mobile partition designs are available that will suit your need, and this will save the walls from any significant changes, such as drilling holes, among others.

6. Partitions Help Adjust Flow of Light:

At times, on a bright day, you may wish to curb the amount of sunlight flooding the apartment. The reverse is true when experiencing cloudy days. In both cases, dividers can come to your aid. They can be manufactured with a portable design in mind while utilising material that helps block the sunlight when looking for some respite from it when you need to let some light in.

Tips on How to Proceed With Partitioning Your Living-Dining:

  1. Carry out an in-depth measurement of your room – you can’t afford to get it wrong!
  2. Outline a well-planned budget. And stick to it.
  3. Accessorise the room carefully – it shouldn’t be too tacky.
  4. Have a mix of lighting sources  – diffused lighting, spotlights, floor lamps, etc.
  5. Incorporate natural elements – even a few small potted plants can make a world of difference.


So, of all the partition designs for your living and dining rooms, which one would be your favourite? Are you considering them for your new home, or perhaps you are looking to overhaul the appearance of your existing residence? Either way, the many beautiful designs available in the market can come to your aid.

Do note that being overzealous with placing the partitions at home, no matter how attractive and desirable they seem, will cramp up your home. Not only that, it will have the opposite effect to what you are aiming for – that is, to beautify your home.

Many options will undoubtedly present themselves when you plan to choose and set up a partition design for your living dining. As stated, there are tons of ideas for dividers available. There are intricate patterns, laser-cut patterns, dividers with the added functionality of storage space even designs that extend beyond run-of-the-mill designs you may have grown to expect.  

If you find yourself overwhelmed with the plethora of choices available at your disposal, do seek the aid of an expert in interior design. They would only be too happy to aid you with planning your eye-popping partition designs while helping you customise them to your heart’s content.

We hope this comprehensive guide to room partitions has provided you with plenty of relevant ideas for your beautiful home. So go ahead and give in to your desire to make for yourself the best living space possible. With so many benefits on offer, room dividers are increasing in popularity, showing no signs of abating. Therefore, if you want to upgrade your home’s quality, room dividers are the way to go.