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Every homeowner knows how big of a deal wall paints are for internal decor. In choosing the right colours for your new home or renovation, it is essential to understand the soul of various hues, the mood and the theme they create. Understanding this helps for creative and appropriate application in interior and exterior home decor design.

Pastel wall colours for homes are a growing trend in decor, art and fashion designs and have gained global prominence for their soothing and temperate texture on the surfaces they are applied. Bright-themed or pale colour variations are generally used as pastel wall colours for home as they elicit moods and aura associated with the calmness and comfiness of home.

Thus, let’s explore some bright ideas for pastel wall colours that are ideal for your home.

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Pastel Wall Colours for Home

1. Powdered Blue Bedroom Walls

Powder Blue Colour Option for Walls
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Having your bedroom in the most sleep motivating design and visual appearance is essential for the ambience created. A light blue pastel wall colouris excellent for a hug-feel and relaxing atmosphere needed for cool bedroom comfort. This atmosphere can be accentuated when applied with other coloured elements in the room; furniture, headboard, frame, bedspread, pillow cases. In India, this pastel wall colour is standard in master bedrooms and children’s rooms.

2. Peach Or Soft Pink

Peach Colour Wall Ideas
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To give your bedroom a touch of innocence and femininity, a peach-coloured wall creates a romantic feel that is perfect for a couple. Even if you’re not into the romantic vibe, having a relaxing view of your room is vital for having a restful night in bed. Either way, you can accentuate this colour mood with a few props like wallpapers, curtains, duvets, etc.

3. Yellow Wall Pastel Colours

Pastel Yellow Wall Colour
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Yellow inspires a subtle pleasant, elated and easy-on-the eye texture for your bedroom ambience. If you try out this pastel wall colour in your bedroom with a touch of blue colour wall art or bedding or some other cool but deeper colours, you will maintain your room’s serene and aesthetic appeal.

4. Pastel Wall Colours For Living Rooms

Pastel Colours for Living Room
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For your living room aesthetics, having a balance of soft and heavy tones is a helpful hack in this feat. From variations in powder blues, pink, purple, mint green and so on, you should combine the correct elements; metallic accents, glass decor, polished wooden furniture, with any pastel wall colour of your choice to give an innocent, welcoming but mature dynamic.

5. Dark Blue Living Room Wall Paint Colours

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Dark pastel wall colours like royal purple or navy blue are great for communicating luxury at the same time not giving a harsh or very formal outlook to your room. Using this bold look for your living room can be exotic as well as tricky; therefore, having the right combo of colours and designs is very important for the outlook.

6. Pastel Wall Colours For Dining Rooms

A dining room usually inspires hygiene, togetherness and nutrition. Pastel yellow on your dining walls sometimes does the trick with its bright and inviting radiance. Asides from a pale yellow colour, you should also consider a warm mustard shade of yellow, which is a shame more profoundrofound than its more pale and light variation if abundant sunlight permeates your dining room. Going with either of these will always be good enough for the aesthetics.

Another excellent choice for dining is a dull or dusty orange colour on the walls. They give a warm feel and less of a bright tone which goes excellent with neutral undertones.

An unpopular but new street choice of pastel wall colours for your home in the dining room is Pastel blue. Knowing how to work an excellent colour such as this with other colour combinations that are relatively warm or hard to provide depth gives the unique aura of dining that many can appreciate.

7. Pastel Wall Colours For Entrances And External Lobbies

Pastel Colour Options for Entrance and Lobbies
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You can use complementary colours that accentuate the design and elements that define such home areas. An example is a cool grey that could match other highlighted contrasting colours like dark brown furniture/frames and accentuate more natural elements.

Suppose you’d like to tone things up a notch. In that case, brilliant blue pastels are also an excellent consideration for lobbies and passages, as you’ll inspire a pleasurable entrance into your home of beauty.

In picking the right choice of colours, it’s essential to put into focus attributes like personality, i.e. what you want your home to communicate, as well as the various moods and atmospheres nuanced in each room or occupiable space. Hopefully, this brief is a good guide that explains and puts these choices into perspective regardless of how challenging the decisions are.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Paint Colour For The Living Room?

There’s no single choice of pastel Wall colour for your living room. To give a more luxurious and inviting appearance, try deeper-toned colours like brown or deep blue with a mix of other bright colours and elements.

What Colours Make A Living Room Look Bigger?

In making a room appear bigger, consider bright, light-reflecting colours like white, pastel blue, peach, etc., and try out a white ceiling while minimising darker light-absorbing colours that may restrict lighting and make the room appear smaller.

What Type Of Paint Should Be Used In The Living Room?

For a part of the house most trafficked, your paint choice should be tolerable to touch and dust. Eggshell is a type of paint that goes well in such areas and protects the skill of the pastel wall colours of your home.

Another option to consider is Satin paint which is sleeker in appearance than eggshell, with a silk-like feel. For light cleaning and scrubbing of walls prone to frequent dirt, a Satin paint is appropriate as it prevents compromise on aesthetics and quality.