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Saif Ali Khan, Soha Ali Khan and other Pataudis own lavish residences in Mumbai. However, people often spot them at their former’s ancestral home- the Pataudi Palace in Haryana for holidays.

Situated in Town, 26 km from Gurugram District, Pataudi Palace- owned by Saif Ali Khan, is a perfect example of a royal legacy. The inherited Nawab family house owns its passing history –

  • From Iftikhar Ali Khan to Mansoor Ali Khan (Titular Nawab and his son).
  • From Mansoor Ali Khan to Saif Ali Khan, the ruling patriarch or 10th Nawab of the Pataudi Family (his son).

From massive chandeliers to grand arches and opulent designs, the mansion has 150 rooms. Each room has a royal insight. Detailed furniture, rich colour palettes, high-end upholstery and memorabilia adorn the rooms that hold the history of the “Pataudi’s”.

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Pataudi Palace History

pataudi palace
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Before we dig into the lavish interior details and royalty of the Pataudi Palace, let’s first find some hints related to its history.

Last ruling Pataudi Nawab- Iftikhar Ali Khan built Pataudi Palace. He dedicated it to his wife, who belonged to the Royals of Bhopal. Iftikhar Ali Khan married the Begum of Bengal and moved from his ancestral property to Pataudi palace. His older residence was not big enough to welcome the begum to an Imperial Delhi colonial-era mansion.

Robert Tor Russell, along with the assistance of Karl Molt Von Heinz, designed the palace back in 1888-1972.

The mansion was passed on to his son, his wife, Mansoor Ali Khan, and Sharmila Tagore after Iftikhar Ali Khan’s death on 5th January 1952.

But soon after crowning the palace’s ruler, Mansoor Ali Khan died within a short span.

Therefore, the mansion was leased to the Neemrana Hotel Group (2005–2014) to maintain its enormity. It eliminated any legal right of Saif Ali Khan on the property.

The only option left for Saif Ali Khan to own the crown of Pataudi Palace was to purchase it back from the Neemrana Group. Chote Nawab accepted this offer. Thus, ending the palace’s lease as a resort and transforming it again into a royal mansion for family vacations and other internal family celebrations.

Pataudi Palace’s Worth

The Pataudi Palace is one of the most renowned royal mansions spread over 10 acres of land, and its worth is around Rs. 800 Crores.

A few years ago, there was massive hype about Saif Ali Khan buying back the family legacy. Yes, the mansion that was leased to the Neemrana Hotel Group. He passed the statement that he is the property owner. He also stated that he needed not to involve any financial transactions to get it back from the hotel chain.

But still, Neemrana Group made arguments on this. Saif had to pay a whooping amount to get ownership of his ancestral home- the Pataudi Palace.

Insider Facts For The Pataudi Palace

Designed with substantial expensive gardens, farm areas, a swimming pool, 150 rooms with seven dressing rooms, bedrooms, billiards room, drawing room and dining room, Pataudi Palace, also known as Ibrahim Kothi, owns exclusive dignitaries from across the globe.

After claiming or paying for his legal rights at the Pataudi Palace, Saif Ali Khan hired Darshini Shah- Mumbai based Architect and Interior Designer, for the renovation projects to bring back the home’s vibe in his ancestral property.

Pataudi Palace has been the celebration spot for various media moments. This includes Taimur’s first birthday celebration, Saifeena’s Royal Reception, Diwali parties, Kareena’s 39th Birthday Party, Christmas get-togethers and other occasions.

Moreover, the actor’s ancestral home was also the shooting location for various hit movie scenes, including Mangal Pandey, Veer Zara, Eat Pray Love, Tandav and Mere Brother ki Dulhan.

Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemmu have often shared glimpses of their vacation at Pataudi Palace on social media handles, posing on expansive grounds or with beautifully adorned interiors.

According to the statements by Saif Ali Khan, this royal mansion is extraordinarily special for Chote Nawab of Bollywood. His grandfather designed and made it for his royal begum. Moreover, the dead bodies of Saif’s father and grandfather are buried on the mansion’s grounds. This is one of the primary reasons for his extra attachment to the palace.

Details Of The Lavishing Palace

1. Dining Hall Of The Pataudi Palace

Ancient artefacts and vintage details lit the royal mansion dining hall. The celebrities’ social media handles let us know the following facts. The place is designed with Large windows that invite natural light, and the walls are adorned minimalistic with framed artefact details and old-age artworks.

Furniture carvings, decor elements & huge curtains covering the openings are the highlights of the massive dining hall.

2. Walkways of the Pataudi Palace

The flooring details, designed with a black and white marble design, highlight the royal look of the overall palace. Adjacent walls in the corridors hold a glimpse of all the ancient memories crowned with delicately carved wooden frames that will take visitors to the Pataudi family’s eminent memory lane.

Massive crystal chandeliers and ancient lamps warmly lit the entire space enhancing the theme.

3. Lounge Area of Pataudi Palace

The lounge area serves a warm-fresh welcome to the visitors with walls dolled up in warm colours, vintage lights and detailed frames, maintaining the princely aesthetics after renovation.

A couch adorned with an English floral print and a hand-knotted stately rug is the not-to-miss details that add a chic flavour to the royal palace.

4. Study Room in Pataudi Palace

The study room reflects the detailed architectural details and perfectly suits the owner’s reading and library’s interest. The coloured bookshelf thereby adds a chic vibe to the overall vintage theme, patterned with wooden furniture and vintage light options.

5. Bedrooms in Pataudi Palace

Bedrooms in the Pataudi Palace reflect the vibe of king rooms that we’ve often read about in history or seen in other royal palaces.

Wooden beds with four-sided pillars, small carving details, herringbone wooden flooring with a lavishly designed thick rug, golden-white furniture with detailed carvings, vintage lamps and huge aristocratic paintings; Bedroom truly offers a princely vibe in the Pataudi Mansion.

 The same vibe is followed in the other 149 bedrooms as well. High ceilings for the bedrooms depict the inspiration from vintage construction styles, adorned with pendant lights for a warmer feel.

6. Billiards Room in the Pataudi Palace

The billiards room inside the Pataudi palace is another massive highlight of the mansion. From checkered flooring to Persian rugs near the billiards table, ancient photo frames on the wall and a chest of drawers, each element perfectly fit the royalty vibe and contributes to the princely feel of the mansion.

7. Pataudi Palace Outdoors

-palace outdoors
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The massive garden aesthetics of Pataudi Palace contribute generously to the royal statement of class and heritage.

From umbrella canopies to colourful show plants, giant creepers, a swimming pool, swings and other landscaping details, Pataudi palace outdoors is no less than King or Queen Mansions’. The garden also has some enhancing elements like tombstones of deceased Pataudi and fountains for the positive energy flow and freshness.

Finishing Line

Ibrahim Kothi, or the Pataudi Palace, a true embodiment of royalty and princely feels, is more than just a mansion. It holds deep Nawab’s family secrets and celebration glimpses that readers or visitors often dig in to explore.

Pataudi palace owns every charm a royal mansion must have, whether about tall arches, high-heightened ceilings, ancient photo frames, minor carving details, or grand hallways; history is preserved most aesthetically at the walls of the palace.

To learn more about the Pataudi Palace events and visiting opportunities for the visitors, stay tuned.