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When it comes to a house’s aesthetic value, every component is essential, and pillar design is one of them. A pillar is a large, solid object, usually cylindric or cubic, that supports the roof or walls of a house or other structure, either functionally or aesthetically.

To help ensure the structural integrity of a building or home, pillars can be built to support the weight of ceilings, secondary floors, or roofs. These are typically made of marble, stone, brick, wood, and metal and blend in with the surrounding infrastructure and decor. Pillars can also be used as a standalone element in design and aesthetics.

Here are some innovative ways to make your concrete pillars look aesthetically pleasing.

10 Awesome Pillar Design Ideas

1. Ceramic Pieces And Tiles

Ceramic pieces and tiles pillar design
Source: Taryn Elliott / Pexels

If you use colourful tiles, your pillars will have instant charisma! Mosaics are a popular art form in which small pieces of an object are used to create patterns or designs.

The use of geometric arrangements and proper colour balancing has given these pillars a very artistic appearance. The most unusual way to display your exquisite taste in it is by incorporating posts with ceramic objects and tiles!

2. Wooden Pillar Design

Wood Pillar design
Source: Charlotte May / Pexels

Wood instantly adds warmth to any room. The unique pillar design will remind you of snow and hot chocolate! There are ample options when it comes to wooden pillars. Pair them with plants or fairy lights, and there you go- an instant mood changer.

3. Minimal Pillar Design

Minimal pillar design
Source: Hendrickson Photography / Shutterstock

The minimalist design concept is rapidly gaining popularity. Most people want to choose simple structures and complement them with other furniture.

You can choose a simple shape when extending minimalism to the pillars. Choose pastel colours that add a polished look to the overall environment when it comes to appearance.

4. Detailed Carvings On Pillars

Detailed cravings on the pillars
Source: cottonbro / Pexels

One of the simplest ways to style an essential pillar is to add exquisite carvings to it! There are several design options because cement is an accessible and mouldable material.

This pillar’s top is embellished with bell patterns combined with lines and curves. You can even get customised carved pillars and bless them with your designs. This pillar type would surely make any house feel dreamy.

5. Add Bricks To Your Wide Pillar

Brick Pattern on pillars
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Build cement pillars and deck them in stone bricks tiles. When designing a post, brick tile texture can improve the aesthetic attractiveness of the home. Any interior theme will benefit from the design’s remarkable originality and beauty. The stone-tile surface makes a statement while bringing out its rustic beauty.

6. Build Pillar Columns

Pillars as Columns
Source: Andreea Ch / Pexels

Classic concrete archway and pillars with an off-white tint support the flooring while also adding to the aesthetic appeal. This dome-shaped pillar design makes us think of the tremendous Moroccan-style posts that support the rest of the building.

Prestigious residences frequently have this kind of pillar design. We suggest you give this style thought and turn your house into a living dream!

7. Classic Round Pillar Design

Round Pillar Design
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Roundhouse pillars are traditional architectural features. The pillars can be created in various designs and materials to enhance the elegance of home interiors.

They also go in nicely with the minimalistic style without any ornate adornment. However, you can also enhance them with lovely carvings. Since they are an essential part of the design, placing the proper furniture in the vicinity or pairing them with plants may quickly brighten the space.

8. Traditional Wooden Pillar Design

Traditional pillar design
Source: Anwar Attar / Shutterstock

Traditional never goes out of style. Connecting to your roots always feels nice, and this pillar will serve that purpose admirably. It brings an ethnic vitality into the home and is genuine and vintage.

As seen in the image above, Wooden pillars are a frequent architectural element of a typical south house. The house has a unique appeal thanks to the earthy appearance of these wooden pillars, the exquisite carvings, and the red pavement.

9. Pillars Balcony

Pillars in the Balcony
Source: Maria Orlova / Pexels

A balcony is where you can take in some fresh air, and these exquisitely textured pillars only enhance the aesthetic quality of that air. In addition to being stunning, these pillars offer the second floor a lot of stability.

This arrangement especially looks lively because of how beautifully the plants are placed and how perfectly they go with the colour scheme of these pillars. We strongly advise you to consider this design as it will undoubtedly add value to the architecture.

10. Multifunctional Pillar Design

Multifunctional Pillar Design
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

A great thing about pillars is that they are helpful for more than merely supporting buildings.

Look at these great pillars over there. It has several components for displaying objects and frames. These pillars’ wooden texture and monochromatic brown colour scheme give the area a modern and creative aspect. Using new colours and accessories, you can completely alter the theme and give such a notion a one-of-a-kind personal touch.