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Pink is one of the most commonly used color schemes in modern homes, and this is because pink makes people feel calm and happy and stands out. Modern homes can have a lot of different color schemes, and pink, a color that is both soothing and comforting, is the color of choice for people who want to make their homes look nice.

If you mix pink with one or two other colors, you can make your walls look nice and go with the rest of your home’s decor. There are many different ways to do this. When working with pink, always choose the right shade to go with other colors, such as baby pink, dark pink, rose pink, or peachy pink, depending on the area you’re working in.

Pink is a versatile color that works well with many different types of home decor, such as vintage, minimalist, modern, Grecian, Victorian, and Scandinavian, to name just a few. The room looks bigger when brighter colors such as pink are used on the top half of the wall and darker colors are used on the bottom half.

So, if you want something to make you feel good and get you going, pink is the color for you. When the bedroom walls are painted in two shades of pink, the atmosphere is calm, happy, and relaxing for the people who live there.

The top 15 pink color combinations for walls-

Pink is a versatile color that goes well with almost any color scheme or design scheme, and it can also give the walls of your home an air of elegance. You don’t have to look any further if you want some tremendous pink color combinations for your walls. Instead, you can dive right into the world of pink.

#1 Pink and blue combination

pink and blue combination
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Because blue is such a rich color, a nursery decorated in blue and pink, the most balanced color combination on our list, would be an excellent choice for the room where your children sleep.

Pink and blue aren’t just for nurseries and girls’ rooms; they can be used in any room, and they can be used in places like living rooms and bedrooms for adults. A room with blue walls might make you feel calm and relaxed, while a room with pink walls might make you feel romantic.

This color combination is the best of all possible color combinations because of how luxurious blue is and how sweet pink is. It works well in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Navy blue looks great in living rooms with pink and metal accents. Try putting together navy blue with bright colors like shocking pink for a style that’s a little bit more fun. This color scheme is bold, but the navy blue gives it a sense of class while also making it feel more dramatic.

In addition to the color of the walls, you should also ensure that blue, pink, and other colors are used in the patterns on the curtains and furniture. This will give the room a consistent feel. 

#2 Pink and green combination

Pink and green combination
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Pink and green is a color combination that has stood the test of time and is still prevalent in home design today.

Think about getting ideas for pairing other colors with the garden’s pink. The combination of emerald green and carnation pink in this stylish dining room makes it look like spring flowers.

These two colors go well together because they make you feel like everything is in balance. Adding pink to a green tone makes it warmer and less harsh, while the olive green undertones keep the pink grounded and earthy.

Choose a pale pink color for your wall and add a few pieces of greenery to it to make the room seem more open and airy. You could choose some new houseplants in pots to put inside, some picture frames, or green-patterned wallpaper. Putting some green pillows on your pink couch and chairs are an excellent way to bring a fresh feeling into your home.

Peach pink and the greens olive, lime, and emerald work together to make a relaxing and friendly space. This color scheme could work well in both the home office and the bedroom.

#3 Putting pink and white on the walls

Putting pink and white on the walls
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White walls with pink accents might be the most beautiful color combination. If you follow the rules of minimalism, they add a sense of refined sophistication to an already beautiful place. So, a color scheme with light pink and white undertones will work very well for your high-functioning space.

White walls make a room look bigger and an excellent background for adding bright pops of color to the interior design. If you want to, you can paint alternating walls with two different colors. The shade of pink, called “pale pink,” is considered one of the most well-balanced and gender-neutral choices.

A bedroom with bright pink walls and white furniture is a stylish choice. You could paint splatters off the two colors on the walls in different patterns, or one wall textured pink and the rest white.

A pink lamp, a backrest painted pink on the wall, or a pink bookshelf is excellent ways to add color to a primarily white space. As a two-color combination for the bedroom walls, this looks great in a tiny pink bedroom.

White and pink look great together when it comes to decorating the walls of your kitchen. Modern kitchens are made with the idea that they should have as little interior decoration as possible while still looking nice. Using a pink pattern with white undertones could be very helpful in this case.

#4 Pink and gray

Pink and gray
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You shouldn’t be afraid to do it since the combination of pink, blue, and gray will make your space look daring and attractive.

It is a beautiful shade of pink that is considered a nude or pastel color, even though it is a little darker than the lightest pink. The color is very soft and gives off a sense of weakness, giving the room the look of being open and finished. When paired with the color blush, any shade of grey looks beautiful.

This is undeniable proof that pink and gray don’t have to look girly when used together. Even though it only has two very light neutral colors, this modern living room makes a big impression.

When you add blue to a room, it makes it feel more affluent, and when you mix gray and pink, it makes it feel elegant and sophisticated. Even if you want to have fun or read in your bedroom, a luxurious pink wall, almost black or gray wooden furniture, and some lovely indoor plants will make your room your favorite place.

#5 Yellow and pink together on a wall

Pink and yellow are two colors that aren’t often used together, but the space feels playful and athletic when they are. Choose deeper and brighter pink paint colors for the walls, and for a striking contrast, drape a bright yellow throw blanket over the sofa or use other yellow decorations. When you use pink and yellow to decorate your living room, it will look light and happy.

Putting pink and yellow on the walls of a bedroom, whether it belongs to an adult or a child, is an easy way to change how it looks. The bedroom needs a color scheme with a soft hint of a well-balanced color that is easy on the eyes. Light pink is a lovely, cozy, and romantic color that could be used to decorate a bedroom for a couple.

If you have a pink wall in a room and aren’t sure how to decorate it, the answer is simple: add some yellow furniture, decor, or other items to bring light and calm to the space.

Yellow is the color of happiness, and pink always makes a room feel lively. You can get a lot of attention by choosing a chalky, dirty pink and then cutting it with a zinging, almost bright yellow.

#6 Pink and red walls

Pink and red walls
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This edgy color combination first became popular in the fashion world and is now starting to spread to interior design. It also comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Light pink and red may look interesting when used together in a bedroom. Red and pink are one of the hottest color combinations right now, and these two colors make the bedroom feel modern and full of energy. 

You can give the space a sense of unity by using materials with hints of pink and red to match the pink paint on the walls. You can create a relaxing and energizing atmosphere by painting the primary bedroom in a soft, earthy mix of red and pink.

By mixing a small amount of crimson with light pink, you can make a dramatic and beautiful two-color pink combination for your bedroom walls. You can update the classic pink and red color scheme by making one of the colors darker, or you can create a trendy tone-on-tone effect by pairing a neutral pink with earthy terracotta and clay tones.

#7 Pink And Black

When you put any shade of pink with black, you eliminate any hint of sweetness and create a sophisticated and somber atmosphere. Even a tiny amount of black in a primarily pink room can give it a sense of depth and drama.

If you want to give your bedroom a new look, choose a color scheme that includes black and pink. The result will be elegant when you use matte black paint and pastel pink tones together.

For a stylish look, you could use different shades of pastel pink and then finish with matte black. If your walls are a shade of pink, you should add black to the room through curtains, furniture, and laminates.

The walls should be painted pink, and either a black accent wall or black laminates on the cabinets and furniture can be used to finish the design. When working with a soft shade of pink, using materials with the color more than once can help it stand out. 

If you don’t want a typical black accent wall, you could paint black graphic patterns on the wall or use a dramatic, eye-catching textured paint.

Pink is known to bring a sense of fun and liveliness into a room, while black helps to balance this effect by adding a sense of elegance. On the other hand, adding a touch of pink to an otherwise all-black room might keep it from feeling too sad.

#8 Pink And Burgundy Walls

Pink And Burgundy Walls
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You won’t miss the chance to use pink and burgundy together because it makes some of the best color combinations. Which would you prefer, burgundy walls or pink walls? An unequivocal affirmative! Because the undertones of these colors are similar, they contrast with each other, making them great for large living rooms and bedrooms. Mixing burgundy and pink can create exciting textures and colors for your walls.

When burgundy is added to the pink decorations, it makes a pink color combination for the wall. This color combination works well in both the living room and the bedroom. It is suggested that you use pink and burgundy together in some way, like on the walls of your room or soft burgundy furniture. 

This color scheme works well in large living rooms and bedrooms. Since both colors have undertones that are close to each other, they may pleasingly contrast with each other.

You can mix pink and burgundy on your walls or with burgundy furniture. You could paint the walls pink and add burgundy accents, or you could put plush burgundy furniture in the room.

#9 Pink And Brown

Pink is an excellent color for the walls of a bedroom because it is soft and classy. Light pink walls look good in both living rooms and bedrooms, especially when paired with polished wood furniture and wood floors. 

To make a statement in the bedroom, a color between dusty pink and natural brown could be good. When put together on the bedroom walls, these two colors make a great choice for married couples who want their rooms to look nice.

Rosewood is a beautiful floor material that goes well with the pink tones in the room. The two colors can make the room feel ethereal and calm when they are put together. It’s not a good idea to paint the whole room brown, and instead, paint the accent wall a color called “latte brown.” 

It looks lovely when you add dark oak furniture and soft pink bedding to a pink and brown bedroom. By mixing dusty pinks with neutral colors, you can make your bedroom look more glamorous. When pink is mixed with brown, it may look and feel like velvet.

#10 Pink and orange Color Combination For Walls

Pink and orange
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Since pink and orange are so close to each other on the color wheel, they go well together when used together to make a bright color clash. This means they aren’t often used together or related, but it doesn’t mean they can’t work together.

You might get a beautiful urban edge if you choose matte pink and pair it with fiery orange. These two colors could add some pzazz to a traditional Indian bedroom. This lively combination adds warmth and life, and the colors that work well with each other range from bright pinks and oranges to terracotta and blush pink.

Because orange is associated with energy, you need to ensure that the other colors in the room are well-balanced so that it doesn’t look too much. Still, the bedroom should be a place to relax and feel calm.

Pink can be used to create a feminine look when paired with soft, neutral accessories or a modern look when paired with bright orange accents. Both colors make people feel happy and beautiful, which makes them great for places where people gather, like the kitchen, the living room, or the restaurant.

#11 Pink and Purple

This shade of pink is so light that it’s almost impossible to see because it looks like white with a transparent pink tint. This is the one for you if you want your palette to have soft, pastel colors.

A beautiful two-color combination of light pink and bright colors like red can be used to paint the walls of a bedroom and make them stand out. If your space looks neat and goes well with this color, you might want to use peacock blue or light purple instead. This shade of pink would work well as the main color for the whole bedroom.

Light pink and purple can be mixed to make a beautiful pink two-color combination for bedroom walls. The soft pink tones used throughout the room give it a relaxing feel.

If you don’t want to use royal purple, choose a softer shade of purple to go with the pink walls. If you want your bedroom to feel romantic, paint the walls a shade of pink and add purple as an accent color by sprinkling it on soft furnishings.

Light pink and purple make a good choice for a two-color combination for bedroom walls because they go well together and create a dramatic effect when used together.

You should avoid darker shades of purple and instead choose royal purple. Light purple should also be used to go with pink walls.

#12 Wooden flooring and light pink walls

Wooden and light pink walls
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The best color scheme for the bedroom should bring out the pink without taking attention away from the color itself. A light pink color combination for walls is an excellent choice in living rooms and bedrooms, and it looks great with polished hardwood floors, which are also very fashionable. Pale pink is also great for living room and bedroom ceiling colors.

The best color scheme for a pink-themed bedroom lets the soft color stand out. You might want to install beautiful rosewood flooring to match the pink color of the room you’re working on.

You could choose beautiful rosewood flooring to go with the pink color scheme of the room and the theme you’ve chosen for the room’s decor.

#13 Combination of different pink shades

Have fun painting your wall in different shades of pink and making it your own. You might have fun experimenting with different shades of pink, and if you arrange your space well, it will look like a dream.

Roses come in close to a hundred different colors, but the fuchsia rose is the one we recommend the most because it is the most common. It works well as a color on its own, but when combined with a soft color like light pink or white, it makes the most emotional wall color combination.

Pink dual color or pink and another color on bedroom walls aren’t just for kids. The right shade of pink could also be an excellent choice for a married couple’s bedroom. Choose a blush pink color if you want to make a relaxing space. Each shade of pink makes you feel a certain way, which can be changed by what other colors you pair it with.

Having both things in your bedroom will make you and your partner feel closer and make you want each other more. This color works well in large rooms where natural and artificial light interacts dynamically.

There are many shades of pink, such as blush pink, baby pink, rose pink, magenta pink, coral pink, thulian pink, and more. Even though fuchsia pink is an excellent choice for modern bedrooms, berry pink might give the room more depth and drama.

#14 Pink and Gold combination-

Pink and Gold
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Compared to other color combinations, the timeless combination of hot pink and shining gold has withstood the test of time better. Choosing the right tones for both is tricky; remember that the deeper they are, the better. The best course of action is to avoid contrasting anything too light with something too brilliant.

If you discover that you are drawn to paler pinks, introduce a deeper, more antique brass tone, whether in the shape of furniture or metallic wallpaper. You should combine gold with a blush pink color that is more muted if you want to opt for a dazzling and glittering appearance.

#15 Pink and soft pastel colors for walls

Some people might think pink is boring, but for those people, the range of soft pastel colors is there to save the day. Pink can be used in the traditional color schemes for bedrooms, but it can also be used when remodeling a kitchen or cooking area.

The magic will happen if you decorate with different shades of pastel pink, pillows in contrasting colors, pink lampshades, blush pink curtains and drapes, and a large floor mat or carpet. You could make an even stronger impression with some sleek wood furniture.

You can use the pink color combination as an accent color to decorate your kitchen with soft pastel colors like white, turquoise, and yellow. Pink is a soothing color that can be made to look even better with striped wall paint.


If you know the rules and have a basic understanding of colors and shades, it’s not nearly as complicated as you might think to choose the best pink two-color combination for the walls of the bedroom and the other rooms in the house.

When combined with colors like pale green, lavender, light blue, and white, pink in its softer tones can help create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. After the pink has been used as either a neutral or an accent color in the room, the walls can be designed.

People who want their rooms to be a place to relax and be happy often choose pink as the primary color for their walls. Watch how your houses become fashion statements when you add the romance, softness, and understated elegance of the color pink.

Pink is a hue that lends itself easily to various complementary color pairings. All you need is a little creativity and a lot of organization in that order.