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The walls are a crucial part of your home interior because of covering a vast area. They should be painted perfectly with the right colour, adding life and setting your mood.

Sometimes, you may have felt like painting your home walls yourself when they look dull and outdated. You can add different colours to your walls, but pink can be one of the best options considering its growing. The pink wall colour makes the living space look vibrant and refreshing.

Want to paint your walls pink? You can try the below pink colour combination for walls in your home.

16 Pink Colour Combination For Walls

1. Pink Colour Combination

Pink Color Combination
Source: Romka / Pexels

Mix pink with different colours for walls at your home to refresh the living space. You can combine the pink colour combination with one or two colours to create consistent home decor.

When it comes to mixing pink wall paint with other colours, choose the perfect pink shades, such as peach pink, rose pink, dark pink, and baby pink, depending on your room’s functionalities. Dusty pink and white colour combinations can look perfect in your master bedroom.

Baby pink combined with white/pale green creates a positive and calm environment in your children’s room. Go for pink with butter yellow, pale lilacs, greys, and mints to paint the walls in your adult bedroom

2. Dark and Light Pink Colour Combination

Dark and Light Pink Color Combination
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Light pink wall colour mixed with white, beige, or cream tint creates an illusion of a larger space in the room. This colour combination creates a calm environment in your bedroom.

The combination of pink, black, and white or pink and red works well in your living room. Deep pink mixed with moss green/turquoise or rose pink/dark pink mixed with charcoal grey can add a luxurious touch to your living room.

A dark pink wall energizes your room, pale pink promotes relaxation in the environment, and bright rosy pink walls add warmth to a space. Balance the proportions between the colours, so the synchronization is perfect.

Try to mix dark pink and light pink wall colours to create an eclectic ambience in the bedroom. Add a splash of white colour to your dark pink wall to give that sophisticated look. You can mix baby pink with most of the colours to create a subtle decor. Choose baby pink with earthy tones, such as beige and warm brown, to create a refreshing interior environment.

3. Pink and Gold Colour Combination

Pink and Gold Combination
Source: Lera Mk / Pexels

If you want to add a royal touch to a room, paint the wall pink and gold. This colour combination adds glamour and luxurious appeal to the walls. You can use pink as the dominant wall colour. Pink and gold textured walls streak the show as accent walls. You can add gold colour to your pink-coloured walls as photo frames, wallpapers and lights.

4. Pink and Blue Colour Combination

Pink and Blue Combination
Source: Moose Photos / Pexels

The combination of pink and blue looks endearing in outfits and on walls. Pink and blue wall paint looks perfect in a kids’ room. However, you can also use this paint colour combination for your living room and bedroom. Pink walls add a romantic touch and blue walls add soothing effects to a room.

Besides the wall paint colour, make sure the upholstery and curtain patterns have pink, blue, and other shades that can make your room look and feel consistent.

Navy blue looks fabulous in a living room with a pink and metallic accent. Mix navy blue with vibrant shades of shocking pink to create an attractive-looking setup. Even though this colour combination is bold, the application of navy blue wall paint gives a dramatic and subtle look to a room.

5. Pink and Yellow Colour Combination

Pink and Yellow Combination
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

You can design your bedroom in light pink colour which adds warmth, sophistication, and romantic vibes to the space. Paint the wall behind your bed in a light yellow shade. You can use mustard yellow paint for your windows and doors.

When painting walls for your kids’ bedroom, pick the right yellow as an accent colour with pale pink. As yellow is related to positivity, the colour boosts your mood. Pink adds a soothing and nurturing vibe to your children’s bedroom. Complete the entire look of a room with little touches of pink and yellow colour on the bed and curtains.

Light pink walls go well with doors of various colours, such as navy blue, white, black, grey, emerald green, yellow, and orange. The light pink walls blend perfectly with dark-coloured furniture. If you like bright colour combinations, go for brick red and navy blue furniture to glam up a space. The light pink and yellow wall looks perfect with light brown and grey muted shades.

6. Pink and White Combination

Pink and White Combination
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Do you like light pink colour combinations for your walls? You should go for a white and baby pink color combination as white walls create an illusion of a larger space. With white walls, you get a vast palette to add diverse splashes of color to the wall. You can also paint alternate walls with two different colors if you want.

Pale pink is one of the most gender-neutral and balanced shades of pink. So, hang a dark pink wallpaper rather than paint the entire wall pink. Decorate your room with furnishings in bright shades of pink.

You can further enhance your pink and white calls hanging curtains, such as white, beige, grey, brown, and yellow, depending on a room’s theme and decor. You can also pick sheer pink or a different pink shade for your curtains.

7. Light Pink Colour Combination for the Wall

Light Pink Color Combination
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Light pink is a subdued color that adds an elegant look and calm feel to a room. Blush pink blends beautifully with all shades of grey-brown and even orange color, which gives a makeover to your living room and bedroom. You can paint alternate walls with splashes of two different colors.

You can also paint alternate walls with two different colors. Apply light pink as the base color on the walls of your bedroom. Then, use grey/wooden accents to create a dramatic effect. Add burgundy with pink and lavish burgundy upholstery on the walls of your bedroom and living room.

8. Rose Pink and Grey Colour Combination for Living Room

Rose Pink and Grey Combination
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

When rolling Instagram posts, you can see interior decor in rose pink and grey as this colour combination is trending. One of the best ways to make the pink walls in your living room look sophisticated is to mix them with great colour.

Rosy pink looks are awesome with subtle shades of grey, which are neutral and calming. When you mix these two wall colours, you add a stylish yet sophisticated touch to your living room. The combination of pink and grey walls adds aesthetics and comfort to your living room.

9. Light Pink Walls and Wood Combination

Light Pink Walls and Wood Combination
Source: Lisa Fotios / Pexels

You can combine light pink and natural wooden colors to create a relaxing ambiance in your bedroom and other areas of your home. Light brown wooden furniture or flooring looks traditional and elegant. Create an accent wall in light pink and combine it with dark shades, such as brown, purple, black, and charcoal grey, to create a lavish and vibrant room.

Use rustic wooden furniture to accessorize the light pink walls. You can also use wood on your walls as panels or the ceiling. A decorative wooden accent wall mostly decorated in a light pink shade can be a great focal point in your bedroom or living room.

10. Pink Colour Combination for Bedroom

Pink Color Combination for Bedroom
Source: Skylar Kang / Pexels

The pink colour combination can look wonderful on the walls of your bedroom. Pink is not only the ideal colour for a bedroom for kids and young girls but also couples. Salmon pink and rose pink are trending in the bedroom for adults.

As pink is a versatile color with multiple shades, you can easily choose the share suited to the type of room. If you choose a Fuschia pink and blush tone, you can make your bedroom as subtle, glamorous, and peppy as you want.

Pink peach and coral tones on a room’s walls add a fresh and warm vibe when mixed with earthy brown, orange, and red. The combination of pink and grey on the wall is perfect to make an elegant bedroom. Aqua blue or sage greens with pink are stylish colour combinations for your bedroom’s walls. Try to mix dark pink, Fuschia, and pastel pink to make your favourite rooms vibrant.

11. Pink Colour Combination for Your Living Room Wall

Pink Living Room Wall
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Pink mixed with white or grey is an extremely popular wall colour combination for your living room.

You can decorate a wall painted in a subtle pink shade with white and grey components, wall art, ornate photo frames, and stylish printed chairs.  Cotton candy pink mixed with ivory walls and floral wallpaper adds a vintage touch to your living room decor. Pink blends well with both build and soft colors, such as navy blue and black.

The soft pink shades mix perfectly with the interior decor and overall appeal of a modern home. Peach and dusty shades of pink on walls look good with stylish furniture. The shades’ neutrality makes it the perfect base color for a home’s interior design. Soft pink walls with grey, emerald green, and wooden shades can be the perfect combination for your living room.

12. Pink Wall Paint Design

Pink Wall Paint Design
Source: KoolShooters / Pexels

Choose a wall paint in the right pink tone and innovative design to make your room look unique.

Pick two shades of pink to create eye-catching floral designs, geometric patterns, and abstract images on your wall. Paint your wall design with a dark and light shade of pink texture to make a style statement.

You can choose to add a contemporary touch to your home with pink and gold metallic textured layouts. Go for a pink wall with tangy orange paint to distinguish your bedroom and home office.

Bubble gum pink graphic designs combined with indigo blue walls can create a colourful and vibrant living space. Add a pink-coloured headboard to the wall with graphic shapes in magenta and yellow. Use a double-tone pink finish to give a unique touch to your traditional wall paint. Paint its lower half with a charming rosy tint and the rest in pale pink color.

You can apply the pink colour horizontally in a wave pattern or along the border of your wall painted in another color. You can design the wall texture with various shades of pink.

13. Pink Colour Combination for Exterior Wall

Pink Exterior Wall
Source: Nubia Navarro (nubikini) / Pexels

Pink is a growing favorite wall colour among homeowners as that blends seamlessly with other colors. Thus, pink can be the perfect color to be used on your home’s exterior walls. You can mix this color with white, off-white, beige, pale yellow, almond, grey, seafoam, and dusty green.

If you combine your dark blue exterior with each pink, your home looks quite welcoming. Brown reflects warmth, earth, stability, and healing. If you mix this color with pink, it adds comfort and brightness to your home interior.

The best thing is that both stone and brick complement different types of pink shades. The lightest pink shade and deepest green can be one of the best colour combination for the exterior walls. You can also use any other dark color in place of deepest green to create a beautiful contrast and capture visitors’ attention.

14. Pink Color Combination for Wall Units

Pink Colour Combination for Wall Units
Source: Bruno Cervera / Pexels

You can combine pink with multiple colors to design wall units, such as cabinets and wardrobes, in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, and kitchen.

Painting the entire wall unit pink or installing pink-coloured laminates can look excellent. Distinguish the wall units between natural wooden and blush pink colours to add a sophisticated touch to your room. A beige and pale pink wall unit for TV can enhance your living room.

Pink and green are good colour combinations for kitchen wall units. Include a gold trim border to a pink shelf, wall-mounted bar, or shelf to create a royal environment. Glam up your kitchen with vibrant pink wall units, which mix well with light yellow. You can design the wall units with vibrant Fuschia pink and light blue in your children’s room.

15. Pink Wall Paint Combination for Kitchen

Pink Kitchen Wall
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Green and pink colour combination for walls can look perfect in your kitchen interior. Bright green tiles blend well with sophisticated light pink kitchen tops. Adding pink tiles to the backsplash is a great way to fill your kitchen with pink colour. Choose textured pink to add an elegant touch to your kitchen walls with dark stylish cabinets.

Your pastel pink kitchen units can look stylish when you pair them with grey, black, or mustard yellow cabinets. A pink accent wall can enhance your kitchen with a white/light grey cabinet.

You can paint the interior walls of cabinets pink and add glass shutters. Go for light pink floral tiles for your kitchen walls with walls painted in off-white or mint green.

16. Pink Colour Combination for Bathroom

Pink Colour Combination for Bathroom
Source: KoolShooters / Pexels

The bathroom is one such place in your home that should have a relaxing environment. Pink colour, mainly in light shades, promotes calmness and health.

The white and dusty pink colour combination for walls is the perfect colour combination for your bathroom wall. Install pink tiles, and good brass fittings on walls to add elegance to your bathroom. Mix light pink tiles on your walls with indigo blue paint to make your bathroom look dazzling. Contemporary dark pink mosaic tiles with marble can glam up your bathroom space.

Choose eggshell or off-shell white to mix up with pink tiles. Your bathroom can have an elegant white base to which you can add floral pink tiles and light pink shelves. You can also design your pink bathroom with fresh mint, light brown, black, turquoise, and pale yellow.

The Bottom Line

Pink has an endearing charm that works well in all the rooms of your home if combined with the right color and accessories.

Pink with a matte finish is likely to stay for long in the home decor world. You can use any shade of pink on the floor, ceiling, walls, doors, shelves, and skirting boards to create a consistent finish on all the wall exteriors. Pastel pink shades with blush pink curtains and lampshades in a contrasting color can always glam up your room.

Keep the pink colour combination for walls discussed above in your mind to decorate your home beautifully.