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There are many colour combinations that you can opt for when choosing the pink two-colour combination for the bedroom walls of your home. Of all the rooms within your abode, the most where you spend a considerable amount of time would be the bedroom. The halls and dining are used only when entertaining guests and having our meals, which is to say that the time spent there is not long at all.

Thus it would make sense to choose the best colour palette for our bedroom to suit our mood. Pastel colours are the best as they are both soothing and a favourite among people of all ages.

Of the many shades available, pink is always a ready favourite. Fusing pink with various other colours such as the classic ones – white, black, beige, and more is perfect for your room. It is the most intimate part of your home, and as such, it should reflect your personality all the way.

Feel free to indulge in every colour the pink spectrum has to offer. The shades vary from lighter hues like baby pink to darker ones such as flamingo for decking up your home in style.

Also, read about pink colour combinations for walls that will inspire everybody!

The Effect of Colours on Human Behaviour:

Colours are known to affect human behaviour, and they are known to influence buying choices, feelings and even the many moods of a person. In this article, we shall examine the merits of choosing pink as an option for your bedroom colour.

 Pink is considered a fun colour that represents: 

  • A joyful and sweet demeanour.
  • Calm nature.
  • Passive behaviour.

It is well known that people choose pastel shades for the bedrooms as they help people maintain calm nerves and reduce aggression in individuals. But do make sure you are not going overboard with the pink shade. Shades of pink are a good choice, but consider using them in combination with other hues to help create a contrast in the room. Choosing a colour such as the wine shade or a light beige will go well with pink and act as a contrast. Doing so will help break the monotony associated with single-colour bedrooms.

Pink itself comes in many shades – bubblegum pink for the barbie girl effect, fuchsia, a brighter pink hue that signifies glamour and an energetic persona. Softer pink hues like blush will give a feeling of calmness and tranquillity. 

Interior designers tend to love the easygoing vibe that pink hues impart to any home. Many suggest that instead of the standard white, a combination of two colours that use pink and another colour, would be an ideal choice for homeowners. Raspberry tones that provide warmth are an excellent choice.

Pinks, a versatile shade, compliments a range of home designs such as vintage, minimalist, modern, Victorian, Scandinavian, Grecian, and more. Using dual colours, with the lower half of the wall using darker tones than the upper half of the wall, gives the illusion of a more spacious room.

18 Pink Two Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls

Many pink two-colour combinations are available for bedrooms for your discerning tastes. The wide range of these shades may make you feel that deciding on one is a monumental task.

Here, we recommend some of the most popular selections for your ease and benefit. Some of the best pink two colour combinations for your bedroom are given below.

Pink Two Colour Combination

Pink Two Colour Combination
Source: Pixel Shot / Shutterstock

Pink has always been a popular colour while opting for a new paint job or simply looking to change the existing colours to bring about a refreshing feeling in the bedroom. Why restrict the colour to a child’s room?

When you pick the right shades of pink, it can also be used for the primary bedroom. Lighter hues, such as blush pink, rose pink, coral pink, etc., play very well with each other. Fuchsia pink is an excellent choice as a pink two-colour combination for any bedroom and can adorn the bedroom walls of those who are young at heart!

Twin shades of pink give a monochromatic look to your room and lend a unique aesthetic to your private space, along with providing the room with a more spacious appearance. Powder pink and the peach-pink shade will bring alive the victorian vibe of your bedroom.

Purple Pink Two Colour Combination

Purple Pink Two Colour Combination
Source: alexandre zveiger / Shutterstock

Purple is the natural companion for pink, and the purple shade best goes with a pale pink hue. Together they are one of the best pink two-colour combinations for bedrooms everywhere. You may choose any other shade of pink too, but just make sure it is a pale pink shade to offset the brightness of the purple hue.

This colour combination exudes an air of royalty, complementing each other exceptionally. Furniture of similar colours can be placed to blend in seamlessly with the bedroom.

Alternatively, a lighter shade of purple and a brighter shade of pink will also work well together. It is a fashionably feminine colour combination that works best for a millennial’s bedroom.

Blue Neon Pink Two Colour Combination

Blue Neon Pink Two Colour Combination
Source: united photo studio / Shutterstock

Without an element of doubt, the blue and neon pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls is captivating and an eternal favourite. You can’t go wrong with this simple combination that is the favourite of bedrooms the world over.

The pale blue shade imparts a relaxed vibe to any bedroom. Using it in tandem with neon pink will transform a teenager’s room and make your teen’s room the envy of their friends. Combining the perfect shades of blue and pink will lend the bedroom a cosy feeling.

However, maintaining a balance in the usage of both colours is vital. Else one colour would totally overpower the other, and the end result will not be the impressive one you envisaged.

Green Pink Two Colour Combination

Green Pink Combination
Source: ninoon / Shutterstock

If you have a green thumb and wish to bring an element of your garden indoors or simply favour the colour green, you would be happy to know that it is a natural foil for the vibrant pink shade. Green naturally gives off a peaceful vibe, just as pink is often linked with a bubbly and energetic personality.

Here, the ideal combination would be light green and peach pink as a pink two-colour combination for the bedroom walls. Peach pink is one of the more subtle hues in the pink palette and is suitable for giving a delicate touch to your bedroom.

Olive green and emerald green are other colour options that blend well with peach pink.

Yellow Pink Two Colour Combination

Yellow Pink Two Colour Combination
Source: Tr1sha / Shutterstock

Yellow are pink are cheery colours and a perfect pink two colour combination for bedroom walls of the cheerful you! If you are one of those leaning towards bright colours, you may plan on using this one for your bedroom to good effect.

A lemon yellow and a baby pink colour combination is a natural choice for the walls of a kid’s bedroom – especially when done up in a beautiful pattern. An alternative combination worth considering is that of mustard yellow and pale pink for a bedroom’s interiors. White furniture to mellow the mustard yellow effect will significantly enhance the room’s aesthetics. Navy blue and pink tend to blend together as well, and that’s another colour combination for you to consider.

Orange Pink Two Colour Combination:

Orange Pink Bedroom
Source: Antoha713 / Shutterstock

The orange and pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls is both glamorous and edgy. You could combine Rosy pink and orange for added style to your bedroom. The orange and light pink combination can provide brightness to your bedroom. However, if you want to mute the brightness level you see in the bedroom, you could go in for the orange in combination with darker shades of pink.

But if it is a feminine look you are going for, you could use more pink than orange.

Brown Pink Two Colour Combination

When you use brown paint in a brown-pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls,  it gives a very earthy and neutral appearance to your bedroom’s interiors.  Combining the two shades will exude a calm and ethereal effect in your bedroom.

Light brown could be the colour of choice if you are a coffee lover. And add powder pink to the mix to get that graceful ambience you are looking for. Choosing a piece of naturally brown coloured furniture along with white curtains for your bedroom will enhance the relaxing vibe.

Purple-Blue Pink Two Colour Combination

Lavender Pink Colour Combination
Source: photographee.eu / Shutterstock

The purple-blue shade is called periwinkle, otherwise also known as lavender. Undoubtedly this colour looks astonishingly beautiful when combined with pink for your pink two-colour combination on your bedroom walls.

For an enhanced aesthetic Vibe, you can choose to paint the wall in a floral pattern with a subtle pink hue. Adding a hint of white will help neutralise the overpowering brightness of the periwinkle and pink combination, as they are both naturally vibrant colour shades.

White Pink Two Colour Combination

White Pink Two Colour Combination
Source: LEKSTOCK 3D / Shutterstock

The joyfulness of the white and pink two-colour combination for any bedroom wall makes it a popular choice. You can use any shade of Pink with white, and you still get a  stunning result.  Choosing a slightly darker shade of pink will provide for a nice contrast in the room –  so that’s something you could consider.

Experimenting with the colour combination is a good idea. You could paint three walls white, one with the textured pink or the other way round. Beautifying your bedroom with some decorative elements in shades like grey, green or brown will enhance its rapture in your eyes.

Lime Green Pink Two Colour Combination

Lime Green Pink Two Colour Combination
Source: Yuganov Konstantin / Shutterstock

Lime green and pink two-colour combination on a bedroom wall blend well to give a  copy effect to your treasured space and a happy aura.

 As this lively mix of colours gives an energetic and rejuvenating effect, it will help you easily get out of bed.  This will come in handy, mainly if you are not a morning person.  Other shades that work well with pink are Lemon Yellow and Blue.

For a calming effect, you can add some other shades in the room as well, like white, dark green, and blue.

Blush Pink and Black Two Colour Combination

Blush Pink and Black Colour Combination
Source: Anna Maksimyuk / Shutterstock

Use the black and blush pink two-colour combination on your bedroom walls for an evocative look. The black and pink blush combination will help you liven up your bedroom to a large extent by giving it a sophisticated look. It is a stately soothing look you are after. You may complement the blush pink/black combo with black furniture and linen.

Integrating a Black Matte colour with pastel pink tones and cabinets with black laminates helps you make a fashionable statement.

Beige And Pink Colour Combination

Beige and Pink Bedroom
Source: Tr1sha / Shutterstock

The beige and pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls is a traditional Scandinavian design. The beige and light pink pairing is a go-to colour scheme for those looking for a minimal bedroom design. Fans of the minimalist design choose this since it works really well in compact bedrooms often found in city apartments.

Combine it with Scandinavian furniture to maintain an unfussy tone throughout your apartment.

Ash Grey and Dusty Pink Combination

Ash Grey and Dusty Pink Combination
Source: Kittahanes / Shutterstock

Ash Grey in the pink two-colour combination for your bedroom wall is a lovely pleasant, muted colour that helps tone down the pervasive effect of too much pink – particularly if you are sharing the room with your better half.

The Dusty Pink shade by itself is a discrete colour, and the colour blends well with the Ash Grey effect. You definitely cannot go wrong with this combination. Lamp shades with a metallic finish and other similar accessories play well with this colour mix.

Teal And Pink Combination

Teal And Pink Bedroom
source: KUPRYNENKO ANDRII / Shutterstock

When the pink two-colour combination on your bedroom wall includes the teal element, the result is a soft and sweet environment. Both pastel shades help your room feel expansive and bright. You could fix light fixtures that diffuse the light as the bluish-green effect of teal looks stunning under diffused lighting.

Including teal accented decor in your room will also bring about a tranquil atmosphere in your room.

Gold and Rose Pink Combination

Gold and Rose Pink Combination
Source: Olga Prava / Shutterstock

Blending a gold and rose pink two-colour combination on your bedroom walls is ideal for enhancing the opulent and glamorous quotient of your much treasured personal space. Use the gold paint as a highlight and let the pink colour play the dominant role. The result is a unique look that will further stand out when you combine it with grey bed linens and curtains. 

Textured Maroon and Pink Combination

Textured Maroon and Pink Combination
Source: Danielwijaya85 / Shutterstock

The maroon colour is perfect for fans of the autumn season. The rusty red shade is particularly appealing, and everyone adores it. You will surely vouch for that yourself if you encounter a maroon wall.

Maroon is another colour whose magnificence stands out if a textured design is used. As maroon can be a rather serious-looking colour, matching its hue with the playfulness of any pink shade will create a room that is at once both welcoming and attractive to the eye.

Mauve and Ivory Combination

Mauve and Ivory Combination
Source: Svet_Feo / Shutterstock

One could say that Mauve is the prettiest and most delightful shade of pink that is out there and surely deserves consideration if you are planning on a pink two-colour combination on the bedroom walls.

The twin advantages of a mauve – ivory combination are the cosiness that comes from the mauve shade and the understated elegance and sophistication of the ivory shade. Needless to say, this colour mix is a delight and has made a home for itself in bedrooms everywhere. This monochromatic design can be enhanced with mauve shades of linen for that feminine touch.

Scarlet and Baby Pink Combination

Scarlet and Baby Pink Combination
Source: Mike Higginson / Shutterstock

Even though Scarlet and Baby Pink is a two-colour combination for your bedroom wall that belongs to the same colour family, it is a match made in heaven. Blending these two hues provides an energetic and contemporary vibe to your bedroom walls.

Have a healthy mix of pink and scarlet decor in your room to further accentuate the uniqueness of this combination for an environment that is soothing and refreshing in equal measure.

Recommended Paint Combinations

Each hue of pink has its distinct mood that changes depending on the colours it’s paired with. There are numerous colour options available in the market, and settling on one for your home can be confounding and daunting, even for the seasoned buyer.

So we have some suggestions of colour combinations that go best well with pink. Read on for ideas when you decide to repaint your walls:

  1. Blushing Pink/Charcoal Grey.
  2. Bubblegum Pink/Turquoise Blue.
  3. Baby Pink/Dull Gold
  4. Pastel Pink/Stormy Blue
  5. Candy Pink/Lilac
  6. Dusty Pink/Muted Ash Grey
  7. Pink/Peach
  8. Coral Pink/Bamboo
  9. Pastel Pink/Bottle Green
  10. Classic Dual Pink Tone
  11. Scarlet/Pink
  12. Rose Gold/Baby Pink
  13. Pale Pink/Aqua
  14. Pink/Brown
  15. Mauve/Ivory
  16. Dusty Pink/Beige


The pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls has always been a popular colour scheme, and it is now time to bring it to your home and let it have its time in the sun. Choosing the right palette can help you imbibe any atmosphere you choose –  be it stately, elegant, subtle, minimalist, or lively, among many others.

Pink has mainly been famous as the colour of choice for a girl’s bedroom. These little girls and teenagers decided that the most important thing was to have the bedroom of a Disney princess – meaning everything had to be pink, including the walls. But pink is colour capable of working magic in your bedroom, regardless of age and gender.

Choosing the right colour combination involves a bit of colour psychology and depends on your preference. It is your bedroom, so you can freely express your personality through colour choices. Go ahead and experiment to your heart’s content. Pick any shade of pink and any additional colour from the catalogue and play around while accessorising your home. Above all, remember to have fun!