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Mumbai is a well-known place for foodies and travelers. It is a city of dreams that offers shelter to people from all over the country. If you are a big foodie, pizza should be on your hit list to have a fulfilling a refreshing experience. A perfectly cooked pizza will not only melt in your mouth but will also fill you with wholesome flavors that you can’t resist.

Now the question arises, is there any specific place in Mumbai that caters to mouth-watering pizza? Well, there is not only one but a bundle of places in Mumbai that will serve you finger-licking pizza. This blog will help you come across some of the commendable places in Mumbai that serve delicious pizzas.

Best Thin Crust Pizza in Mumbai

1. Jamie’s Pizza (Live Kitchen)

  • Location: XRWF+2F8, First Floor, High Street Phoenix, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Lower, Parel
  • Cost for two: INR 1000 (approx.)

If you are a huge fan of thin-crust pizza with fully loaded toppings, Jamie’s Pizza is just the place for your needs. Famous chef Jamie Oliver established this renowned place and has a large number of franchises. You will find that every pizza served at this place is laid on a standard rustic thin crust that will just make your day.

Moreover, the extravaganza of the toppings on the thin crust will give a new taste to relish. One of the most innovative part of this restaurant is the open and live kitchen. This will give you the facility to see how your pizza is being prepared and you can enjoy the process.

2. 1441 Pizzeria (Authentic Taste)

  • Location: First Floor, Kalaghoda Building Bhadekaru Co-operative CHSL, 30, K Dubash Marg, Kala Ghoda, Fort
  • Cost for two: INR 1200 (approx.)

1441 Pizzeria got its name from Naples, the place where pizza originated. This restaurant was started in 2015 and has various outlets spreading across Mumbai. If you are a fan of the authentic taste of pizza and want to try the wood-fired authentic taste of pizza, 1441 Pizzeria should be your place to go out. You can have amazing and mouth-watering thin-crust pizzas at this place that will make you fulfilled.

3. Pizza By The Bay (Serene Ambience)

  • Location: Soona Mahal, 143, Marine Drive, Churchgate, Mumbai
  • Cost for two: INR 2000 (approx.)

If you want to enjoy the taste of pizza by Marine Drive, Pizza By The Bay is just the best place for your needs. This restaurant will give you amazing vibes with delicious pizzas on your platter. The view around the place will just enhance the taste of the pizza and will make you want one extra slice.

You will be amazed to witness, this pizza place also serves alcoholic pizzas. This is something unique that you can’t find anywhere. If wish to try something new and relishing in terms of pizza, this will just be the best place for your needs.

Best Pepperoni Pizza in Mumbai

1. CinCin (Mouth-Watering Taste)

  • Location: Ground Floor, Raheja Towers, Near Yauatcha Restaurant, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra, East
  • Cost for two: INR 670 (approx.)

If you want to enjoy a relishing Italian experience with great quality and texture, CinCin should be the place for you. This place has a relaxing and soothing ambience that is just apt to make things work for you. Moreover, the taste of the pizza is so satiating that your hunger will be sufficient but your heart will still want something more.

If you ever get a chance to visit this place, don’t miss out on trying their Piccante Pepperoni Pizza to make your day. You can even complement it with the red wine combo to have a fantastic experience.

2. Francesco’s Pizzeria (Hidden Gem)

  • Location: Shop No.7, Gr 1st Floor Darvesh Grand,4th Road, Sujan Chadha Road, West, Khar West
  • Cost for two: INR 720 (approx.)

Most people are unaware that Francesco’s Pizzeria is one of the best places that serve high-quality pizza. It is one of the hidden gems in the big city of Mumbai and you can’t miss out on trying its pepperoni pizza.

If you are tired of trying all the mainstream pizza options in Mumbai, this place will give you a whole new experience to relish your taste buds and have a phenomenal experience.

3. Terttulia (Underrated Pizza Combination)

  • Location: Ground Floor, Hotel Parkway, Sea Face, Off, Old Cadell Rd, near Shivaji Park, Dadar West
  • Cost for two: INR 475 (approx.)

If you ardently love pizzas but you are bored of the same toppings and want to try something innovative, Terttulia is the best place for you. These places use salmon as the pizza toppings which is something underrated.

But, once you taste this combo, you will become a huge fan of Terttulia’s pizza. Moreover, this place has a great ambience to cherish the pizza even to the next level. So, if you ever get a chance to visit this place, do try their underrated pizza and see whether it works for you or not.

Best Margherita Pizza in Mumbai

1. Ray’s Café & Pizzeria (Mexican Touch)

  • Location: 133, Gazebo House, Hill Rd, Bandra West
  • Cost for two: INR 1195 (approx.)

If you want to blend your pizza with a pinch of Mexican taste, having pizza from Ray’s Café and Pizzeria will suffice your needs. They have a very soft pizza dough that will just melt away in your mouth and you will get the best pizza taste. Moreover, this is one of the best places in Mumbai that serves mouth-watering Margherita pizza.

You will be stunned by the hospitality showcased by the staff members at this place. Besides that, they will make you feel comfortable so you can enjoy the taste of pizza to the maximum.

2. Dominos (Multiple Outlets)

  • Location: 530, A Block, Anuben Niwas, Sandhurst Bridge Chowpatty, Opera House
  • Cost for two: INR 695 (approx.)

Dominos has become a household name for every Indian. This pizza chain outlet has brought a revolution in the pizza era and if you are a pizza freak, you must have tried their pizza at least once in your lifetime.

Dominos has various outlets spread across Mumbai and you can choose the one that is just by your corner. If you want to try the ultimate quality of Margherita pizza Dominos, don’t forget to go with the additional cheese burst variant of the pizza.

3. Indigo Deli (High-Quality Ingredients)

  • Location: Clifton Trishool, Off Link Road, Oshiwara Village Andheri, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West
  • Cost for two: INR 695 (approx.)

Indigo Deli is a famous pizza place in Mumbai that serves high-quality pizzas to customers. The pizza is prepared with the high-quality ingredients to make the best pizza as per your taste. Moreover, the great cheesy toppings of the pizza will give a new dimension to its taste that will just stun your taste buds.

Best Jain Pizza in Mumbai

1. Trattoria (24×7 Service)

  • Location: President, Mumbai – IHCL SeleQtions 90, Cuffe Parade
  • Cost
  •  for two: INR 2700 (approx.)

If you are a great pizza lover who gets pizza cravings at any time of the day, Trattoria will be your best place to hang out. You can get the pizza from this place be it in the daytime or at night time. You must have the notion that pizza has toppings only related to veggies or chicken but, Trattoria will prove your notion completely wrong as it has seafood toppings also which makes it a unique item to have.

If you ever taste this pizza, you will not only become a huge fan of seafood but also of seafood pizza at this place. You can even have authentic Jain-style pizza at this place according to your customization.

2. Quattro (Pure Vegentarian)

  • Location: 7, Janta Industrial Estate, 162, Senapati Bapat Marg
  • Cost for two: INR 1500 (approx.)

If you want to encounter the true flavors of India, Quattro will be the best-suited place for your needs. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant that serves you the prime taste of pizza. Moreover, Jains don’t even need to think twice before moving to this place for having a relishing pizza.

Therefore, if you have been struggling hard to find the best place for having Jain pizza, Quattro should be your answer.

3. Gustoso (Freshly Baked)

  • Location: Plot 109 Kwality House August Kranti Marg, Bridge, below Kemps Corner, Grant Road
  • Cost for two: INR 950 (approx.)

Gustoso is the fine dining place for you if you are a pizza lover and you love authentic Naples-style pizza. No doubt, you can’t move to an Italian town to have a relishing pizza experience but with the assistance of Gustoso, you can have the same feel and vibe.

This place uses freshly baked bread and makes the ultimate pizzas for you. Besides that, you will be stunned by the great hospitality showcased by the restaurant staff. This will make your dining experience even more phenomenal.