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Have you noticed how indoor plants are all the rage right now? What if there was a way to embrace this fad and simultaneously undertake a sustainable form of living?

Reusing plastic bottles to make imaginative and cute planters is a great way to add freshness to your home while cutting down on household plastic waste. Below is an amassment of DIY plastic bottle flower pot design ideas that are fun to make, easy on the pocket and will enhance the cool vibes of your place.

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Plastic Bottle Flower Pot Design Ideas

1. Soda Bottle Flower Pot

soda bottle flower pot design
Source: Hecos/Shutterstock
  • An uncomplicated design, the next time you drink cola, take the plastic bottle and reuse it as a flower pot.
  • Place the soda bottle sideways and cut up a sizable hole in one side of the soda bottle. 
  • As the picture below depicts, you can lay the bottle down or hang it up.

2. Colourful Plastic Bottle Pot

Colourful Plastic Bottle Pot
Source: stock_studio/Shutterstock
  • Beautify an ordinary plastic bottle by hand painting it to serve as a chic flower pot. 
  • You can even ask your kids to join and make it a fun family activity. 
  • Paint attractive themes and patterns using vivid colours.

3. Self-Watering Flower Pot Design

Self-Watering Flower Pot Design
Source: Adil Celebiyev StokPhoto/Shutterstock

A wick is used in this method to draw moisture up into the soil. Water will always be available for plant roots as long as the reservoir is complete and the wick is submerged.

Steps to follow:

  • Make a hole in the plastic bottle’s cap and pass a wick through it.
  • Fill the bottle with water and insert the top, as shown in the picture.
  • You can lift the top portion out when you need to add water.

4. Hipster Style Hanging Flower Pot Deisgn

Hipster Style Hanging Flower Pot Deisgn
Source: Renata Ty/Shutterstock
  • Take plastic jars/bottles with handles and cut them in half.
  • Turn the upper half of the plastic bottle upside-down and paint colourful faces on them. 
  • Make a few small holes in the upper part of the pot to hang them using jute, plastic or wire.

5. Glass-Shaped Planters Design

Plastic Bottle Glass-Shaped Planters Design
Source: panattar /Shutterstock
  • Cut a plastic bottle in a zig-zag shape, as shown in the picture.
  • After turning the bottle portion, affix the bottle cap to an old CD. The bottle’s top should then be secured at the base with the help of glue.
  • After the glue is completely dry, you can paint the plant pot any colour you like, such as gold or silver.

6. The Green Theme Plastic Bottle Flower Pot

If you do not want to go crazy on plastic water bottle flower pots DIY, you can always keep things subtle by incorporating green-coloured water bottles as they go along with the greenery and won’t stand out.

Purple plants like the ‘purple queen’ or ‘purple velvet’ look fantastic in these green plastic pots.

7. Vertical Garden with PET Planters

Vertical Garden with PET Planters
Source: SutidaS/Shutterstock
  • Embellish a boring wall in your home with plastic bottle flower pots. 
  • Even different paints can brighten the area or help you quickly identify each helpful plant. 
  • Use exact bottle cutouts to make the garden look symmetrical.

8. Creative Shapes Plastic Bottle Design

Creative Shapes Plastic Bottle Design
Source: dodoit/Shutterstock
  • Use different plastic bottles, jars, or other plastic containers to make a creative planter. 
  • Different shapes allow the creation of unique plastic planters that may look like wild animals, toys, or cartoon characters.

9. Cute Kitties Flower Pot Design

Cute Kitties Flower Pot Design
Source: chuchiko17 / Shutterstock

Everyone loves kittens. But have you ever thought of using plastic bottles as kitten-shaped flower pots? Take out your paints and sketch pens, and implement this no-sweat yet awesome cute-looking plastic bottle DIY.

10. Cute Pot Arrangements

  • Cutting the plastic bottles in half gives you two flower pots from each bottle.
  • Use these to make a lovely heart arrangement.
  • You can arrange them in n number of ways; you have to be a little creative.

11. Clear Standing Flower Pot Design

Combine the upper portion of plastic bottles with the lower part of plastic bottles, one size larger than the former. Consider creating unique flower pots out of plastic bottles wherever possible.

12. Rustic Jute-Wrapped Flower Pot Design

Rustic Jute-Wrapped Flower Pot Design
Source: panna-yulka/Shutterstock

To make an eye-catching flower pot with a rustic appearance, wrap strands of jute rope around an old plastic bottle. You can place these on floors or add a jute strap above them and hang them up.

13. Googly Eyes Planters

Google Eye Planters
Source: tete_escape/Shutterstock

Let children have fun with this DIY project. Provide them with already cut plastic bottles and leave the rest to them. These googly eyes planters are striking and will surely get you and your kid many compliments.

14. School Water Bottles Flower Vase

Often children misplace the caps of their school water bottles. You can use these not-so-waste bottles and grow small plants through hydroponics. Paint them tastefully in silver, black, or gold.

15. Use Big Plastic Jars Too

Take advantage of the big plastic buckets or jars as they provide more area than small bottles, and a larger pot size means larger plants. You can cut them sideways or horizontally, and both ways can be used as planters.

16. Monochrome Plastic Pots

Monochrome Plastic Pots
Source: Porstocker / Shutterstock
  • Paint your plastic bottle cutouts in a monochromatic colour.
  • You can add details like – plant names, tiny drawings, etc. Just remember that they should go along with the theme.

17. Flower Pots Tower

You can use the exact size plastic bottle cutouts to build a tower that will take the beauty of your garden to new heights. 

  • Use the upper part of the bottle.
  • Paint cutouts in different colours.
  • They are arranged one above another to make a tower.

18. Woven Plastic Flower Pots

Cut slits in a bottle’s side and then weave a design into it using Plarn, a yarn derived from plastic bags. Use colourful bags for the most outstanding results.

19. Perforated Planter

You can create a flower pot design by drilling round holes into an old plastic bottle, like shoe broguing. This structure supports the development of tiny plants and is ideal for succulents.

20. Honeybee Plastic Flower Pots

Bring your garden to life by hanging these DIY honey bee plastic flower pots from the roof or positioning them between trees.

  • Cut the plastic in half.
  • Keep the cap aside for future use, and cut out the nozzle. You are left with an upper cutout portion without the nozzle area.
  • Cut four equal parts of this portion vertically to make the wings.
  • Using glue, paste everything together, as shown in the picture.
  • Paint these pots in bright yellow and black strips to resemble a honeybee.

21. Two Storey Tower Planter

  • This straightforward DIY uses a single 20-litre water bottle and an old pipe to make a fantastic two-storey tower planter. 
  • Cut the bottle in half and affix the pipe between, as shown in the picture.

Indoor Plants You Can Grow In Plastic Bottle Flower Pots

Indoor Planters Options with Long Life and Health benefits
Source: Followtheflow/Shutterstock

Due to their size, plastic bottle planters are ideal for growing small indoor plants. Here is a list of famous and some not-so-famous beautiful plants that you should consider keeping indoors, be it your home or office, as they elevate the place’s beauty and air quality.

  1. Snake Plant – look for a dwarf selection like ‘Futura Superba’ or ‘Whitney.’
  2. Cape Jasmine
  3. Pixie Dixie English Ivy
  4. Mini Cactus
  5. Fern Mini
  6. Crassula or Dwarf Jade
  7. Mini Aloe Vera
  8. African Violets
  9. Aloe Vera
  10. Mini Aralia
  11. Basil
  12. Syngonium Mini
  13. Peperomia
  14. Orchid
  15. Dwarf Ixora
  16. Spider Plant
  17. Baby Tears
  18. Azalea
  19. Weeping Fig
  20. Zamioculcas Zamiifolia or ZZ Plant
  21. Philodendron
  22. Purple Queen

Our responsibility as humans is to lessen the harm we have caused to this blue planet. No matter how modest, every action towards sustainable living should be commended.

India is ranked 15th among plastic-polluting nations worldwide, generating nearly 26,000 tonnes of plastic waste daily. PET bottles can only be recycled 7 to 9 times, after which they need to be discarded.

As you can see, many choices are available for repurposing plastic bottles into gardening pots. You reduce PET waste and rework it towards a greener world. Therefore, indulge your inner child with these DIY projects that will make you happy and amaze those who come across these plastic bottle pots.