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The hundred and thousands of bottles that we discard in our day-to-day lives create a lot of clutter if left unattended. Have you ever thought about ways to use them anywhere as decor or utility? If you have a garden or a sweet balcony and you are a plant person, we have 17 best plastic bottle garden ideas to add gorgeous greens to your garden.

You will love the innovation here and these ideas are all so cool and lovely to look at that people will go gaga over your garden. Take a look:

1. Pretty Pot

This idea is pretty simple as you just need to cut the upper half of the bottle and use the lower half as a cute little pot. Fill it up with soil, seed it and let it grow. Perfect to be kept anywhere in the house or gardens and balconies. These also look good when displayed on window sills.

2. Cute Little Decor Plants

cute little planters
Source: Karolina Grabowska / pexels

If you love orchids and other similar plants, growing them in cute small bottles would look gorgeous. You can pick your favourite perfume bottles or for a simpler look go for small syrup bottles and you are all set. Pot them any way you like and let the bottle do the magic. These are sure to look very attractive.

3. The Bottled Wall

You must have seen this garden idea in several other gardens. Here you need to align several bottles horizontally on the wall and plant them. It adds a beautiful touch to the garden wall and you will love the overall feel. You can follow a nice pattern or just attach the bottles randomly to the wall; anything would look good. 

4. Play With Soda Bottles

You can take simple soda bottles and use them in many ways. Either beautifully painted or left as it is, soda bottles make great planters and you can fix them in wow-looking stands, hang them with strings or just place them randomly at intervals in your garden.

5. Upside Down Half Bottle Planter

Again an idea wherein you need to slice the bottle in halves and use the upper half. Keeping the bottle cap intact, you can use it as a planter by hanging it upside down and tying it with a thread. Keep in mind that you should prick holes in the cap for excess water to drip out.

6. Perfectly Painted Bottles

painted bottles
Source: MirellaST / pixabay

Take plastic water bottles or soda bottles and cut out a rectangle from the body. Then paint the bottles beautifully in vibrant colours and use them as planters. You can put in the soil and seeds from the cut-out window. When plants grow little and hang down from the cut-out, it looks amazing.

7. Bulb-Style Planters

bulb style
Source: cottonbro / pexels

You must have seen cute little condiment jars in your fridge. When you use up the content, do not discard the cuties but use them as planters. You can pot succulents in there and hang them from the window frames. These can also be used to beautify your balcony garden. These bulb-style planters are also a great option for indoor plant decor ideas. You can easily keep these on your work desk or in kitchens and rooms.

8. Light Up The Planters

plastic bottle garden ideas lights
Source: Alexas_Photos / pixabay

While using bottle planters you have an additional trick to elevate the look. All you need is string lights you are done. Wrap the string light around the bottle and light it up for a glowy dreamy planter in your house. When used in gardens and balconies, these light planters would glow up and make your place look magical.

9. Plastic Bottle Garden Ideas On The Wall

You already know a wall with bottles concept but this one involves covering the entire wall with bottles without leaving even an inch of a gap. This one looks unique and very pretty. For an enhanced feel, you can either use green-coloured bottles or colour the bottles green. The kind of refreshment it will add to your garden is worth mentioning.

10. Sweet Little Shakers

Source: Ylanite Koppens / pexels

Don’t you love the cute little shakers lying on your dining table? Well, when you are bored of them and want to add a fresh one to your table, give the old one a little makeover and convert them into planters. Can be used in many ways and you can go for the one you like.

11. Plastic Bottle Garden Ideas DIY

Time for some DIY fun? Take out the bottles from your storage room and sit with all your craft supplies. You can ask your children to help you with this one. Cut the bottles into different shapes and use bright colours to paint them. You can be as creative as you wish to and bring out the best. These colourful DIY planters will surely add charm to your garden.

12. A Plastic Greenhouse

What better way to use this otherwise waste bottles lying in your house? Design and set up a bottle greenhouse but this requires a lot of effort and some mechanical guidance. You can ask an expert to guide you but once done, this greenhouse would be the highlight of your garden. This is something you will always want to show off when you have guests visiting and they will love the idea.

13. Build A Bird Feeder

plastic bottle garden ideas bird feeder
Source: Kiril Gruev / pexels

You can make beautiful bird feeders with plastic bottles. All you need to do is take a plastic bottle and pin a few holes at the bottom for water to drain out. Take 2 bamboo spoons and after punching holes in the bottle body, you have to insert the spoons through the holes. Finally, fill up the bottle with any seed mix fit for birds and hang the feeder with a thread. You will soon hear chirping in your garden.

14. Bottle Bed Liners

Who doesn’t love lining their garden beds to highlight particular plants or veggies? Instead of going for typical bed liners, you can use bottles. Make sure to colour them nicely for an added effect. Your plantation and flowers are sure to look more gorgeous once you are done with these beautiful bed liners.

15. Wow With A Wine Bottle 

It hurts to discard that gorgeous-looking wine bottle, isn’t it? Time to go creative and give your garden a makeover with the wine bottles kept at home. You are sure to hear lots of compliments from your guests.

16. Ladder It Up

If you have a metal or wooden ladder lying in a corner and you don’t use it anymore, you can put it to great use. Tie up bottles to the ladder steps with a rope or metal wire and pot beautiful plants in the bottles. Use up all the steps and have your ladder plant that not only looks classy but also helps in saving a lot of space in your garden.

17. Fancy Up The Fence

That rusted fence in your garden must be waiting to go green for years. Add life to the fence by tying bottle planters and giving it a complete makeover. The most disgusting area of your garden will then start hogging all the limelight.

With all these lovely plastic bottle garden ideas you can easily revamp your garden and make it wow-worthy. Also, the bottles which would be otherwise lying waste in your storeroom or garbage tins can be put to some good use. 

What’s more lovely about these ideas is that you can be as creative as you can and think of out-of-the-box ideas. Bottles can be used in a thousand ways and we have come up with the best 17 that we could think of. Wear your creative hats on and get going. Try to get your little ones involved so that they can also learn to plant at an early age.

It is all about making the best use of plastic and adding more greenery to the environment because it is rightly said that every plant counts.