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Are you planning to elevate your space’s aesthetics with paint options? Plastic paint can be an excellent option to bring life to your dull walls.

Interior decorators or individuals often get confused with the type of paint they should choose to lift a home’s aesthetics. Plastic paint can be an ideal option for your interiors and exteriors if you plan to renovate your space within a low budget. 

Painting is one of the easiest and quickest ways to give a new look to your dingy or dull home. However, this easiest procedure’s challenging part is selecting the best paint option. Several top brands have multiple paint options, making an ideal selection puzzling for individuals.

 The recent hit option in this colourful world is plastic paint. Plastic paints are usually applied before coating and help protect the roof, providing adhesion properties to wall surfaces.  

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What Are Plastic Paints?

Plastic Paint
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They deliver a smooth velvet and plastic finish to your walls. More than just a good match for interiors, this oil-based option can retain its original texture even after a wash with a spatula or brush. It combines micro-pigments with high opacity and acrylic latex, delivering a velvet look to your damp walls. Its washable characteristic makes it different from other options.

They have a higher silkier element in its overall finish due to the high amount of plastic. Thereby, no matter which option of plastic paint you choose, you can consistently achieve a smoother look with easy-to-clean characteristics at economical prices.

Why Opt for Plastic Paints?

Easy Washability Feature of Plastic Paints
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The humid resistance and washable characteristic of plastic paint make it an exceptionally sturdy option for your house walls, whether in bathrooms, kitchens or any other surface.

1. Washability

Plastic emulsion paints are easy to wash. The luxuriant and rich finish reassures easy removal of stubborn stains effortlessly from the walls, delivering an immaculate and unflawed look to your dream space.

2. Quick Drying

They hardly take 2-4 hours to dry completely.

3. Durability

They combine micro-pigment and pure acrylic latex, making its final surface quite robust and sturdy. The colour and finish of this paint remain intact for an extended period of time as water and humid exposure does not fade the emulsion paint standard.

3. Affordability

They offer far better properties and many advantages than other paint options. Washability, silkier finish and sturdiness make it worth its price. It provides reasonable painting costs, contributing to effortless selections that people can easily decide on.

4. Environment-Friendly Option

Although plastic paints have an oil base, they do not contain harmful petroleum derivatives that further may pose health or environmental risks.

Types of Plastic Paints

Types of Plastic Paint
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They offer different finishes like satin, matte, glossy or semi-glossy. Depending on the overall finish, desired budget and other aspects, the paint is widely available in different types –

1. Economical Plastic Paint

As the name suggests, this economic paint category will easily fit your budget. So, without compromising the quality due to price, there are two options that you can choose from:

● Interior Promise Plastic Paint:

They are for you if you plan to offer a lively touch to your interiors. The anti-chalking paint option will brighten any dark interiors, keeping environmental elements away from the paint film.

It is further enhanced with a chroma bite feature that gives long life to the rich finish of your walls.

● Tractor Emulsion Plastic Paint:

Tractor emulsion provides 1.5X time coverage to your walls than other distemper options, thereby an affordable option with a lead-free rich matte finish. There are over 1800 shades available for tractor emulsion, providing you with many options for the best selections.

2. Super cover Plastic Paint

The option is widely known for its smooth matte texture, delivering a superior plastic finish to your walls. If you’re looking for cost-friendly options with high coverage, then super cover will provide the matte film for your interiors.

3. Premium Plastic Paint

Premium plastic paints have an add-on luxury feature. Apcolite emulsion premium plastic paint is the best premium option from this niche, with long durability and quality. The paint surface has a persistent protection paint film as a stain guard for your walls.

So, without worry, you can easily showcase your artistic skills on your walls with premium plastic paint as your wall protector.

4. Luxury Plastic Paint

If your walls renovation budget has no bars, then luxury paints will help you with a luxurious finish with the best properties.

5. Velvet Plastic Paint

The best way to personalise your walls is to opt for a velvet plastic finish adorned with superior smoothness, quality, and unrivalled depth and available in multiple colour options. Moreover, it is available in various metallic colour options that can deliver a rich, vibrant and luxurious feel.

6. Royal Plastic Paint

Royal paints are the only option with a Teflon surface protector that delivers easy washability and extended durability to the walls. It may not be a protector against stains but will keep your walls safe from bacteria, low VOC and odour.

Plastic Paint Price

Paint BrandPlastic Paint (1 Ltr)Plastic Paint (10 Ltr)Plastic Paint (20 Ltr)
Asian PaintsRs. 70/- to Rs. 450/-Rs. 4500/- to Rs. 4700/-Rs. 190/- to Rs. 490/-
Dulux PaintsRs. 36/- to Rs. 450/-Rs. 4000/- to Rs. 4200/-Rs. 2700/- to Rs. 2900/-
Nerolac PaintsRs. 192/- to Rs. 490/-Rs. 8900/- to Rs. 9200/-Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 5500/-

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the estimated sheen level for plastic wall paints?

The sheen level for plastic wall paints varies between 2 to 5 at 60 deg GH.

What is the estimated shell life of plastic paints?

Plastic paints last around three to 5 years, depending on the humid and damp factors.

What are the different options for plastic paint?

Matte, glossy, semi-glossy and satin are the different options in plastic paints.

What are the negatives of plastic paint?

They are slightly expensive compared to other options and may not dry out quickly in humid temperatures.