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Once you have purchased a new home, you want it to look great from every angle. You want every nook and corner of your home to give you and your guests a remarkable appearance.

Irrespective of the flat being brand new or second purchase, you would want to add your designer accessories to it. To make it display its grandeur awesomely and extravagantly.

In this blog, let’s understand various ways to add glamour to your home using pop plus minus design. We hope you will find POP design ideas for ceilings and walls given in this blog reasonable to use.

Also, read about the modern POP Plus Minus design for your home’s interior.

What is POP Plus Minus Design?

POP plus minus design
Source: Mathew Schwartz / Unsplash

POP is a short form for Plaster of Paris, a white-coloured substance in the form of powdered gypsum. It is also known as gypsum plaster. You can customise with any colour of your choice to gel with the colour scheme of your interiors.

It quickly settles and lasts long without any wear and tear. It helps to add a stunning appearance to your ceilings or walls.

Pop plus minus designs are popular today, and many home buyers use them to beautify their homes/offices. Whenever you decorate ceilings and walls with pop minus plus design, they will give a spectacular and extravagant look.

Generally, they are known as “False Ceilings” as they cover the original ceiling with their beautiful appearance.

The following info will take you through the various plus minus pop designs for ceilings, walls and rooms.

POP Design Plus Minus 2022

Here are some plus minus pop latest designs for 2022.

1. Designs with a Gloss Finish

Plus Minus POP Design with a gloss finish
Source: Natalia Kashina / Shutterstock

If you like anything with a shiny polished surface, you will like this type of design. Experts recommend using lighter shades while using this minus plus pop design to give your ceilings. The results are remarkable as the rooms with these types will add a modern and elegant look to your rooms.

To add extra style, blend your designs with wood to make them adorable in the simplest yet graceful design. This design allows you to keep it simple, stowing away the complications required in building an intricate structure. Using wooden materials with this design is a great option to suffice the reason.

2. Industrial Appearance

Industrial appearance
Source: Murugesan Sundaram / Shutterstock

This pop plus minus design is riding the popularity trend, attracting most of the attention with its modern style. This design suits your hall better if you are inclined to go with the current trends.

This design widely uses neutral tones like black, white or grey. On the flip side, using other shades to match your interior colour theme adds a delightful effect to your room.

3. 3D POP Designs

3D Plus Minus POP Design
Source: DiVNA / Shutterstock

You can give a three-dimensional effect to your room using this design. You can choose any kind of design for the ceiling, either coffered or geometrical.

A sequence of craters along the surface of a ceiling makes up the coffered ceiling. Mainly they hide the ceiling imperfections and give a feeling of heightened ceilings. The coffered design is distinguished and ceremonial.

Selecting a square POP design for geometric options makes your room’s ceiling a sleek and graceful appearance.

4. Tray Ceiling

Tray Ceiling
Source: pics721 / Shutterstock

The name tray ceiling comes as the appearance of this design is like the top of a tray. This design gives an effect of a taller ceiling, allowing defined spaces within your living room/other room ceilings. It is also known as the inverted ceiling.

Many prefer to have an arc lamp at the centre of the ceiling, highlighting it to give a glamorous look. Fixing concealed LED lights along the borders of this design is a common practice today.

Implementing this type of plus minus pop design will add a vibrant look to your ceiling.

5. Floral Designs

Floral Plus Minus POP Design
Source: Gergitek Gergi tavan / Shutterstock

A floral decoration stands out at the centre of a ceiling to enhance the look of your room. Many prefer to have this design in their bedrooms. The appearance of flowers calms our mind, possibly the reason for using these in the bedroom, intended for us to relax/have rest.

The appearance gives the users a sense of tranquillity while subtly beautifying the ceiling of your bedroom. Combining the plus minus pop design with diffused lights creates a pacifying ambience, refreshing and relaxing your mind and rejuvenating you for the next day.

6. Themes for Kids

Plus Minus POP Design for kids
Source: Cem Selvi / Shutterstock

Pop design ideas for ceilings and walls are unlimited. Intended to delight the kids, these plus minus pop designs can be used in the kids’ room. Various themes are available, depending on the age group and the kid’s interests.

The solar system-based themes always find a place in the kids’ hearts. It is also a great idea to get the kids informally acquainted with the solar system with planets and stars to educate them.

Cartoon and superhero characters are children’s favourites, and having them in their rooms will fascinate them. It is one way to help them enhance their imagination and drawing skills, provided they have the required tools.

A linear sequence of indented or mounted lights will complement the pop plus minus design to give an elegant appearance.

7. The Golden Theme for the Puja Room

The golden Plus Minus POP Design for the puja room
Source: Dhananjay Bhagat / Shutterstock

To have a prayer or puja room is not new in Asian culture, mainly in India. We have immense faith in our deities, and many believe it releases stress filling up the entire ambience with positive vibes.

You can design ceilings or walls to enhance the spiritual senses that may help you concentrate on your rituals. Discuss with your interior designer what best design he can offer to meet the objectives.

You can refer to the ceilings of famous temples in India and try to implement the designs based on that.

8. For Kitchens – Minimal Design is the Best Choice

For kitchens - minimal design is the best choice
Source: Marko Poplasen / Shutterstock

Nuclear families are on the rise today in India. That has resulted in small kitchens. Due to the limited requirements of a nuclear family, you don’t need a large area to accommodate the required ingredients and equipment.

But that is also good while estimating the budget for plus minus pop designs for your kitchen. Due to the small area, your expenses to implement the pop plus minus design remain on the lower side.

Keeping the designs at a minimum is the first thumb rule for the kitchen. Sophisticate your kitchen by fixing some spotlights in the ceiling. Based on your division of kitchen dedicated for various usage, divide the ceiling areas to fix types of lights accordingly.

Fix a focus/pendant light to brighten your breakfast table on the top of the ceiling. Decorate the ceiling in a circular or square style and arrange the lights based on the areas defined, such as cooking, breakfast table, sink areas etc.

To summarise, you can elevate the appearance of your kitchen in simple and cost-effective ways.

9. Colourful Design

Colourful Plus Minus POP Design
Source: Alexey Kashin / Shutterstock

Colours play a crucial part in our life. Imagine what it would be without colours. Various emotions play with different colours, and that’s why coloured false ceilings are the choice of many today.

Soft colours used in the perfect combination can lighten up the mood and fill the room with positivity. Using pink and subtle creamy combinations or a hot colour scheme of yellow and bright red for the ceiling will look joyous, oozing out a sense of happiness and cheerfulness.

Using lights in the perfect context will add serenity and keep you in a good mood, relieving you of the stress whenever you return home after a hectic day.

10. For Bathrooms – Geometric Patterns are the Key

For bathrooms - geometric patterns are the key
Source: fbf / Shutterstock

The bathroom is not only for cleaning your body but also a great way to cleanse your mind. Why not take the help of these beautiful plus minus pop designs to get it done?

Decorating the bathroom ceilings and walls with geometric or patterned designs with suitable sheds and lightings will add beauty and give you a sense of relaxation whenever you use it.

Placing the lights in a perfect arrangement over the mirror or bathtub/bathroom temple will brighten up the entire room, helping you cleanse yourself better.

11. Plus Minus POP Design for a Room with Two Fans

Plus minus pop design for a room with two fans
Source: Jonathan Park / Shutterstock

There are instances when you have a hall with a large area enough to accommodate two fans. This situation is ideal for the two fans to complement your pop plus minus design by having a chandelier or pendant lights in between to separate the two fans.

You can also opt for a multi-layered design having a hollow shape at the centre for the fans. You can highlight the ceiling appearance further by adding lighting with suitable sheds complementing the entire colour scheme of your room/house.

12. What Can You do to the Lobby Entrance

What can you do to the lobby entrance
Source: murattellioglu / Shutterstock

Typically, the lobby has a single-layered minimal decoration with a plain white pop plus minus design to look graceful. In addition, to elevate the appearance further, you can add a bit of texture.

Geometrical shapes in hexagonal, circular, floral/leafy designs will enhance the look subtly, without intricacies.

Hanging memorable family photos with spotlights on their top to highlight them will have added advantage to your lobby.

13. Plus Minus POP Design for Verandah

Plus minus pop design for verandah
Source: muhyuddin / Shutterstock

Always go for a plain white design that recalls the ceilings from the colonial ages. Include rustic touch to the room using textured walls with earthy colours. Use a simple design with vertical stripes to give a cultural appearance to the exterior side of your home.

14. Wood and Glass Combined with POP Plus Minus Designs

Wood and Glass combined with Plus Minus POP Design
Source: Procreators / Shutterstock

Use wood, glass, and transparent or semi-transparent acrylic sheets in various colours to add the “Wow” element to your entire decoration. Stained glasses have proved to add a grand and artistic appearance to the pop ceiling, enhancing the whole aesthetics of the room.

Add wood with the perfect combination of lights to create an eye-catching and awe-inspiring appearance to be admired by everyone. Using laser-cut wood for pop plus minus design ceilings will elevate your ceiling appearance to the next level.

15. Designs for Accent Wall

Plus Minus POP Design for Accent Wall
Source: Hendrickson Photography / Shutterstock

The accent wall is on the interior side, also known as the feature wall. The distinguished design of this wall separates it from the other walls by appearance. This wall may have a different shade or a different pattern.

You can select a design that will blend with the other walls so that they complement each other. Ensure to pick a format to enhance the appearance of the room. You can select any kind of design, such as simple, bold, groovy or intricate. Typically, people use a single or dual-tone theme with detailed patterns based on the colour scheme.

You can conceal the electrical wiring and ducts to provide a tidy appearance. Plus minus pop design allows you to play with different shapes and textures, ranging from tile finish to exposed bricks.

You can choose a brick wall, an abstract design, or a mural for the wall and use various combinations to highlight the area behind the TV or bookshelf, etc., to achieve a pleasing appearance.

Plus Minus POP Design that Remained at the Top to Date

1. High Gloss

This design has stood tall and tested against time. It gives a glossy surface to create an illusion of a large area. Ensure a smoothly polished surface to eliminate the bumps when you use paints.

2. Using Plants

You know how soothing it is to look at the greeny plants. You might be using indoor plants in your house. Now you can have them suspended from the ceiling for an enhanced decoration with an additional bonus of soothing the eyes whenever you look at them.

3. Stencilled

Forget the old dull stencil designs, as high-tech techniques have replaced them for easy implementation and better appearance. Now you can give metallic finishes and use bold colours and tones to enhance your room’s appearance.

4. Colours Out of the Box

Keep away the traditional white colour for the ceiling and use bright and bold colours to give your ceiling an aggressive look. These colours will naturally attract most people who will adore their appearance. Extend the ceiling colours halfway to the walls to create an illusion of a big room.

Other types trending today include:

  • Wood
  • Art & Photos
  • Wallpaper
  • 3D Installations
  • Layered
  • Architectural
  • Sculptural
  • Industrial
  • Brick & Stone
  • Fibres & Fabric
  • Metal
  • Upcycled
  • Light & Glass
  • Striped

You can play around with different combinations based on your liking or desires.

Advantages of Plus Minus POP Design

  • Aesthetically pleasant
  • Conceals electrical wiring and ducts
  • They help to keep the room cool
  • Reduce the noise coming from the ceiling
  • May reduce your energy bills

Disadvantages of Plus Minus POP Design

  • It may reduce the space in the given room
  • They need to be maintained regularly
  • Not durable when compared with the regular ceiling
  • Chance of fixtures falling damaging you or the interiors

POP Design Price

The prices for POP design may vary as per the type of the design. It will also be different based on the types of units where they are to be utilised. For homes, the price ranges from Rs. 70/- to Rs. 150/-, whereas for commercial spaces like offices, hospitals, and schools, the rates are Rs. 100/- to Rs. 200/- per square foot.

The rates range from Rs. 120/- to Rs. 200/- per square foot for cafes, restaurants, bars, spas, salons and gyms.

These are base-level rates and may go up based on your requirements and the complexities involved in fixing them.


Today, every one of us wants to live in style. When it comes to home, we need to add grandeur to our place of work or stay by adding visual elements to enhance the appearance of our home.

Plus minus pop design is a great way to suffice this notion. At a minimum budget, you can give the house a stylish and elegant look, and keep yourself in a positive mindset.

The pop plus minus designs are available in various designs and combinations to suit the budgets and requirements on various levels.

It’s possible to enhance the look of your home on a tight budget too.


Why use the POP design?

It is the most affordable solution to enhance the appearance of the house. In addition, it can mould to any design, keeping your home improvement desires fulfilled.

What is the lifespan of POP design?

In average situations, it should go on for 15 to 20 years. But if a natural calamity like an earthquake hits, it may become unstable or loose and fall off.

How Harmful is POP to health?

It is not harmful like PVC and is produced from gypsum, which occurs naturally. It is biodegradable and can disintegrate without releasing any gases or chemicals. There are no harmful effects on health when used at home.