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Who doesn’t wish to create a different aesthetic appeal in the living room, which is unique and comprises wide-ranging features?

A living room’s aesthetic doesn’t only depend on the wall color or decor items. However, the overall aesthetic varies on how beautifully you have structured the layout of different features.

Here, the layout of the wall almirah design for the living room is one of the most critical aspects. It can add a whole new depth to the decoration.

Therefore, you must take it not just as a storage essential but also as a living room decor item. A layout design of the living room almirah, which is aesthetically pleasing and functional, is necessary for any house.

Let’s have a look at the best layout of the wall almirah design for the living room.

Below you will get insights into some beautiful and functional layout designs to add extra appeal to your living room-

1. Almirah surrounding the fireplace

Do you have a fireplace in the sitting room? If so, this layout can be perfect for you. The wall almirah design at the side of the fireplace is the best option to use as the bookshelves. You can put all your collections of story books and biography to make an appealing display.

Additionally, you can keep souvenirs, trophies, pictures, or other memorable things in that almirah. This type of almirah is generally small in design but holds all the memories that are precious to you.

plywood almirah design fireplace
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2. Large layout for the family room

If you’re pondering a layout that can give you more space and provide additional aesthetics, then a spacious mirror almirah layout can be a good choice for you.

An almirah with the mirror placed at the rear section, which can be rotated or opened, is enough to act as huge storage essential as well as a sleek designer decor item.

You can use it to store apparel, bedding sets, and living room essentials like extra cushions, etc., without hampering the living room interior. In addition, the reflecting sunlight from the rear mirror is able to create a perfect calming ambiance, which is magical and excellent for family time.

plywood almirah design
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3. Plywood Almirah Design that goes well with existing decor

Not every home is crafted in modern interior design, as most houses have crannies and nooks designed with the traditional architectural design. Therefore, designing a different (super modern, super sleek design) almirah layout can create a mismatched appeal overall.

Furthermore, in the traditional home, some unique nooks can be visible, which may oppose the modern customization of the almirah.

Therefore, you must play cleverly, selecting layouts of wall almirah design for the living room, which complements the existing decor and enhances the overall aesthetic. You must remember one thing-the almirah design shouldn’t go overboard the entire look.

plywood almirah design
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4. A Plywood almirah design that saves spaces

No one wants an interior decor plan which reduces the room’s space. Sometimes it happens that due to extreme decoration or wrong layout of storage essentials, and other large furniture items, the living room’s space becomes small.

Moreover, this extreme interior doesn’t deliver the soothing, attractive aesthetic you’re looking for. However, a minimalistic space-saving layout can cater to the purpose beautifully without hampering the room’s graceful appeal.

For instance, having a space-saving wall almirah design for the living room can cater to the purpose of storing the necessary items, and adding nice looks to your living room.

space saver almirah
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5. Plywood Almirah Design with geometric pattern

Sometimes, instead of looking for a spacious or large almirah, you all need modern storage shelves to fulfill your purposes. Geometrical-shaped shelves are also able to hold weighty things such as books, and flower pots, like similar decor.

Additionally, this contemporary layout can serve you excellently if you have a traditional design home with nooks.

Also, these modern designs don’t take up space, so you can use more than one geometrical shelf in different corners or walls to put different decorative items, which ultimately brightens your room’s appearance.

geometric patter almirah
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6. A multifunctional plywood almirah design layout

Do you wonder about a design capable of serving in a multipurpose way? In case your answer is ‘YES,’ then this layout is recommended for you.

From the titular name, you may understand this layout’s functionality- however, explaining it, this type of wall almirah design for the living room can serve different tasks seamlessly.

These modular designs are generally spacious, including a large TV rack to perfectly hold any smart or modern LED screen.

Apart from this, the designs also have side storage space, which can be single or parted into two sections. If it’s single, you can store it accordingly, or if it’s parted into two sections, you can use the upper and lower shelves for different purposes.

7. Dark solid color plywood almirah design

To create the living room more appealing, the first choice of paint that comes to mind is a bright color. However, not only bright colors, for instance, the white color can’t bring appeal individually if you don’t plan the interior properly.

And, discussing the layout along with the color aesthetics, a dark solid color almirah design always complements the bright wall color.

Additionally, it gives a good color contrast to the entire room. Again the layout is also important; if your existing interior is modern and sleek, you must choose the contemporary design that perfectly complements others.

Similarly, if you have a traditional house with traditional decor, you must choose the design that goes well with the rest of the interior.

dark solid almirah
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Advantages of Plywood Almirah


The main reason why wooden almirahs cost more than plywood is their structural integrity. Plywood is less prone to moisture damage than hardwood, so it’s a good choice for outdoor furniture.

Plywood is also less likely to sag and expand with changes in humidity or temperature, so its quality is guaranteed to last. The downside of plywood is its higher price tag.

Plywood is a type of engineered wood. Engineered wood is made from thin sheets of wood that are glued together. It’s stronger than other wood types, so it’s a good choice for building furniture. Plywood can be used in everything from cabinets to wardrobes.

Can be designed in various ways

These types of wood are also used for flooring, wall paneling, and doors. It’s a good choice for those who want furniture pieces that will stand up to frequent use.

In addition to the storage space they provide, a plywood almirah can be a decorative piece that makes a room appear more spacious. Plywood almirahs are designed to accommodate more storage space than a standard wardrobe.

They are also functional and can be used for everyday items as well as your prized possessions. Modern designs of almirah plywood take into account the smaller size of contemporary houses.

Whether you have plenty of space or a tight budget, a plywood almirah can add elegance and style to your bedroom. Wall-mounted almirahs require more space than a traditional almirah, but they also look more modern and luxurious.

Space saver

A wall-mounted plywood almirah is a great way to maximize the space near a window, and its sleek, minimalist design makes it a functional piece of furniture.

If you’re looking for a more durable almirah, consider buying a plywood one. They can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use for years. Additionally, plywood almirahs come in a variety of designs and colors.


A modern plywood almirah can be used as a study area, or as a storage unit for clothing and other items. Some designs feature a dressing mirror, which can reflect light into the bedroom and make it appear larger.

Plywood almirahs can be installed in many different areas of the house, including the living room.

Although plywood can be more durable than particle boards and MDF, it is not suited for outdoor use. Its laminated construction gives it a stronger and more durable surface. Its high tensile strength and evenness make it ideal for interior environments.


This material is also more durable because of its high bending resistance and its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Plywood is also more aesthetically pleasing than other types of wood.

Aside from its aesthetic value, a plywood almirah is highly functional. A bedroom is a special place, and it deserves to look its best. It’s important to make sure that the space is well-organized, as a messy bedroom can result in an unpleasant appearance.

Choose a design that will complement your bedroom and make it appear more spacious and inviting.

If you have a small bedroom, a plywood almirah can help you maximize the space. These units can also be built with hidden lights that add to the aesthetics of your bedroom.

Wooden almirahs come in many different styles, so you can choose one that complements your space. There are also wall-mounted almirah designs if you don’t have a lot of space to work with.


Plenty of designs and layouts are available regarding wall almirah design for the living room. The design can be for a small cabinet or spacious almirah. Also, a cabinet with different shared shelves and racks to serve a multipurpose way.

However, the above-written layouts are classic. The most popular ones are as they can enhance the entire appearance of the living room.

Before choosing the layout design, you must study the room’s structure, decor items, and wall color. Calculate the space, and accordingly, you can select the perfectly beautiful, gorgeous storage almirah.