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A plywood cupboard is one such piece of furniture in the house that is necessary and is required in almost every room. Cupboards provide you with storage options. It is a common human mentality to look for places in the house wherever it is possible to squeeze in an extra cupboard. 

Although there are several materials available in the market these days plywood is still the best option to opt for if you are looking for durability and comfort. You can choose from innumerable plywood cupboard design ideas for your home. Make sure you have variety in your house and not just the same concept in every room. 

Cupboards are the best storage solutions and your space looks mess free and well organised. If you are on the lookout for the best plywood cupboard design ideas, we have got them covered for you. Watch out for these really interesting designs and opt for the one that goes well with your interiors.

The Built-In Almirah

When you are interested in pieces of furniture that are fixed go for almirahs that are built in. This design has been in fashion for years. It is the most basic form of cupboard design that every Indian room needs. Here you can go for full-height cupboards to utilise the space better and occupy one full wall of the room. 

Make sure to design the interior of the wardrobe smartly so that it fulfils your requirement and gives you enough space to store your stuff.

Go Minimal

When the overall decor and interior of your room are chic and ultra stylish, you can go for plywood cupboard design ideas that are minimalistic. Minimal wardrobes work great when the other furniture pieces in your room have a heavy look and you want to kind of balance with a simple wardrobe design. It adds to the calm and soberness of the space and looks equally good just as the other set-up of the room. 

Plywood Cupboard Design Ideas With Mirrors

Adding a mirror to the room is always an excellent idea because mirrors serve multiple purposes. It makes the room look larger and grand. Also, full-sized mirrors when attached to wardrobe doors make them look magnificent. This cupboard design will add a touch of elegance to your room. Also, mirrors enhance the lighting effect of the room as the reflection adds to the beauty. 

Full height mirrors when added to the wardrobe doors also help you in getting dressed up quickly without the need of rushing towards your dressing table. Alternately, you can also skip getting a dressing area designed in your room and use the wardrobe mirror for that purpose thus saving some space.

With An Attached Workstation 

Source: sheela sahani / unsplash

Wardrobes also look great when designed with an attached workstation. It is an excellent idea to add more value to your wardrobe and utilise the space in the room more efficiently. You can easily store and manage your stuff inside the wardrobe and use the workstation for your daily work needs. This concept has become widely popular since the time work from home concept gained popularity. This wardrobe design idea is perfect for your drawing room. 

The Contemporary Touch

Source: Hatice Nogman / pexels

A wardrobe with a contemporary touch adds to the beauty and vibe of your room. It is one of the best plywood cupboard design ideas for rooms that require a touch of magic. This kind of wardrobe looks classy. You can get the interior of the wardrobe designed as per your needs and requirements. There are many materials available in the market that look good and add a nice feel to the wardrobes.

Cupboard With Acrylic Finish

Acrylic sheets are gaining popularity these days and they look ultra stylish. Giving you a mirror-like finish, acrylic sheets when used on plywood cupboards, adds to the charm of the room. When you have a modern futuristic taste and your existing interiors demand something like that going for this cupboard design idea is advised. Acrylic is also easy to maintain and costs lesser than mirror and glass finish cupboards.

With The Study Table

It is usually observed that the smallest room in the house is chosen for the kids. You ought to have a study table in your kid’s room and when the space is restricted, the best plywood cupboard design idea for this room would be to attach it to the study. It will not just look cool but will also serve a great purpose. 

This cupboard design will effectively use the space around the study to give you additional storage options wherein you can easily organise your child’s clothes, shoes etc.

Cupboard With Open Shelves

open shelves
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

You can get a wardrobe design that has one part with a swinging door and the other part is open with shelves that can be used to showcase decor pieces. This is a unique plywood cupboard design idea but it is sure to look chic. You will love the persona of your room once the wardrobe is ready. Make sure to choose very artistic pieces for displaying on the shelves and they must do justice to the modern design of the cupboard. Give your room a stylish makeover with this cupboard with open shelves concept.

Utilising The Corner

Every Indian home has that one neglected corner that we tend to forget about while getting our house designed. Instead of letting that space go waste, you should try and incorporate a plywood cupboard there. A corner cupboard not only fills up the ignored nook but also adds to the interior of the room. It gives you additional storage space and makes the room look complete. If you want to know more about how to utilise the corner space in your room, you can read here.

The Decorative One

We did tell you about minimalistic plywood cupboard design ideas but when the room demands a fancy makeover, a decorative almirah adds up to the beauty of the room. There are several decorative sheet ideas available in the market and you can opt for laminates, veneers, glasses, acrylic and other such material over the plywood to give your wardrobe a fancy look. 

Settle for a design that looks chic and adds value to the room. Make sure to keep other components on the minimalistic side as everything gaudy and heavy only spoils the look.

Attaching With The Dresser

Source: reisetopia / unsplash

Are you always in a hurry when you get dressed up in the morning? Also, wouldn’t you enjoy it more if you can easily dress up while going out for dinner or to a party? Having your wardrobe and dressing table poles apart in the room is a hassle. This concept of having your cupboard attached to the dresser is an amazing idea that will help you in getting ready quickly. Even when on the go, you can quickly grab your clothes, purse, shoes, put on some makeup and leave.

An amazing concept to opt for, this one will help you by making your day-to-day life easier. 

Plywood Cupboard Design Ideas With Lofts

Source: homelaneinteriors / pixabay

A known concept for years, lofts look good and give you additional storage space for things that are not required on day to day basis. You can use up the top most section to store stuff that you seldom require and this way your wardrobe is always organised. This concept is very common and traditional but even today people prefer opting for lofts as they are convenient to maintain and manage. Also, who doesn’t love additional storage in rooms?

Sliding Doors Cupboard

Take up a wide wall in the room and get a full-height cupboard done with sliding doors. Adding to the style quotient of your room, the sliding door plywood cupboard design idea is an amazing one. It is the most convenient and safest option to go for when you have space constraints. Since the doors don’t swing open, you can manage easily even if the room is small. Pay special attention to little details like adding gorgeous handles to elevate the look of the wardrobe.

When you want the perfect blend of style and convenience, sliding doors plywood cupboard is the idea you should go for. Sliding door cupboards are convenient in the sense that they do not require additional floor when you open or shut the wardrobes. Unlike swinging doors wardrobes, these can be conveniently opened even when the room is very small. 

Plywood Display Cupboard With Glass 

plywood cupboard design idea
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

This wardrobe design is an amazing idea as it looks very stylish and adds elegance to the room. For this design, you have to make sure that your wardrobe is always organised. The stuff kept inside is visible to some extent and when organised nicely it looks beautiful. You are sure to be showered with compliments when guests visit your house and see this kind of wardrobe in your room. You can display your chic collection in this wardrobe and let people say all things nice about your choice and taste. 

Wow In White

plywood cupboard design idea white
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / pexels

An all-white cupboard design is something every house owner loves but with the fear of maintenance, people don’t go for this design. When you get a plywood cupboard made and get it coloured in pristine white, it adds to the sophistication. Your room is sure to look very classy and white goes well with almost all kinds of decors and interiors. It looks sober and beautiful and you should make sure that you maintain the classiness of your room when planning the other pieces of furniture.

Now that you are aware of these many ideas for your cupboard, pick the ones that suit the existing setup of your rooms. Known for years, plywood is undoubtedly the best material to pick when you are getting wardrobes done. You can opt for 9mm or even 12mm thick plywoods and these would be sufficient for standard wardrobe designs. 

The sturdiness of plywood is perfect for furniture pieces and wardrobes and it is durable too. You need not take extra special care of plywood cupboards as they are easy to maintain.

As far as storage is concerned, storage space in Indian homes is never counted as too much. Wardrobes if properly planned and designed can give you ample storage space and it is sure to make your rooms well set.

Tips For A Great Wardrobe Design:

There are certain factors you have to keep in mind before planning and chalking out a favourable design for your plywood cupboard:

  • Decide upon the kind of shutters you need. You can either go for swing shutters or sliding doors depending upon what suits your room size and style better.
  • Plan your shelves and racks as per your needs. If you require more drawers, decide upon the interior of your wardrobe accordingly.
  • If you wish to keep your top most shelf separate from the rest of the cupboard, you should go for loft style wardrobe.
  • Make sure the carpenter takes the exact measurement of the space wherein you decide to get the wardrobe done. 
  • Since you know there are several materials available in the market these days, decide upon the outer finish that you want for your wardrobe. Go for a design that goes best with the outer finish of your wardrobe.

When you are all set with these decisions, you can then settle on the plywood cupboard design ideas that are best for the rooms in your house. Find some great modern cupboard designs here.


What is the most preferred material for wardrobes in India?

Plywood is the most preferred material for not just wardrobes but any piece of furniture.

Is plywood affordable for furniture in homes?

Yes, plywood is very much affordable when compared to other alternatives. It is also one of the best choices for Indian households.

What are the characteristics of plywood?

Plywood is durable and has a nice finish. You can opt for softwood or hardwood type depending upon your requirement.

Is plywood durable?

Yes, plywood is a durable material. When it comes to furniture making, it is one of the best choices for your home and offices. It lasts for years and does not require laborious maintenance.

What is the apt thickness you should opt for when looking for plywood for wardrobes?

The thicknesses that interior designers and carpenters prefer for wardrobes are 9mm and 12mm of plywoods. You also get 6mm thick plywood in the market for other furniture needs.