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If you have applied for PMAY CLSS Awas, you should know how to access the tracker. There are several steps you need to follow to get your application status. These include the Application ID, Interest subsidy, Claim process, and how to raise a complaint.

Read on to know everything about the PMAY CLSS Awas Portal. You can visit the official website of the CLSS Awas portal to get all the details you need.

Application ID

You can check your PMAY status online using your Application ID and your mobile number. In order to do this, you need to fill out some personal details and submit them. These details include your name, date of birth, father’s name, and employment type.

You will be directed to the application status page when your application is approved. If you don’t have a mobile number, you can always use your email address to check your status.

The PMAY CLSS Awas Portal allows beneficiaries to track the progress of their application. The government provides low-interest rates to home buyers under the scheme, and a central subsidy for home loans.

By using your Application ID, you can track the progress of your application and monitor the next steps. You can also find your name on the list of approved applicants. You can then track your progress online by checking your Application ID and your SMS.

Once you have logged into the CLSS Awas Portal, you will receive your Application ID. You can use this ID to check the status of your application. Have an Aadhar Card in order to access this information. One should also have a Housing Loan.

This ID is required in order to apply for a PMAY home loan. You can use this ID to apply for your loan.

How to apply?

To apply for a CLSS loan, you need to provide your application ID and your mobile number. When you submit your application ID, you will be taken to the Assessment Status page. Enter your application ID and click on “Get Status”.

The next page will ask you to verify your registered mobile number using the OTP. Once you have verified your registration, you will receive an email with your application’s results.

After you complete the registration process, you will receive a confirmation page containing your Application ID. Note down the application number so that you can track your assessment status. Select the ‘Citizen Assessment’ option.

Now enter your state and city. You will also need to provide your father’s name and registered mobile number. Once you have completed the application, you can track your assessment status online.

Interest subsidy

The government has extended the tenure of the CLSS scheme till March 2021, allowing more consumers to avail themselves of the benefits of the scheme. However, in order to avail of the scheme, the beneficiaries must not own a Pucca house in India.

They must also belong to the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) or Low Income Group. If they are eligible, they must secure a home loan from a bank or housing finance company. The interest subsidy will be 6.5 percent for the entire 20-year loan term.

There are several financial institutions offering this scheme. These institutions include Scheduled Commercial Banks, Housing Finance Companies, Regional Rural Banks, State Cooperative Banks, Urban Cooperative Banks, Micro Finance Institutions, and Small Finance Banks.

However, a lender may only offer you this scheme if it offers a reasonable interest rate. Therefore, a lender should be able to provide you with a good deal.

To be eligible for this scheme, applicants must not have availed of any benefit or central assistance previously. In addition, the property that they intend to purchase must be in a census-designated area.

The property must also be completed within 36 months of receiving the first loan installment. The eligibility criteria for the PMAY scheme are simple. Once the eligibility requirements have been fulfilled, a person can apply for the scheme.

Once approved, the loan amount will be capped at six percent for 20 years.

What if a person already holds one?

If a person already holds a home loan, the existing home loan can be transferred to a new loan. However, a borrower who has claimed the subsidy before cannot claim it again on the balance transfer.

The subsidy is applicable only if the borrower acquires or constructs a new home. The house does not have to be new – it can be a resale or builder house. Once the loan has been approved, the lender will send the applicant an application ID within 24 hours.

Those who are eligible for the subsidy can be a part of a group that has low-income levels. For example, those households that earn up to three lakh per annum fall into the EWS category. Those with incomes between Rs three lakh and six lakh are LIG.

Those with incomes above Rs six lakh are considered MIG I and MIG II. The interest subsidy will reduce the effective housing loan, or EMI, for these borrowers.

PMAY CLSS Awas Portal- Claim process

The Claim process for PMAY CLSS AWAs is done online through the PMAY CLSS Awas Portal. This portal is the central hub for all stakeholders involved in the program. The process is broken into 5 steps. The first step is generating an application ID, which is an 11-digit alphanumeric code.

This ID is required to follow the progress of your application on the CLSS Awas Portal.

The beneficiary of the PMAY CLSS Awas portal needs to submit their application form and other required documents. They have to have a bank account and should live in the residence. After this, the lender has to sanction the loan.

The lender then initiates a subsidy claim from central nodal agencies. The central nodal agencies cross-check the application and release the funds from the government. This claim process takes three to four months.

Next Step

Once the beneficiary has submitted their details, the system will display all the stages of the applicant’s application. Approved applicants are indicated in green while in-process applicants are in blue.

In this way, beneficiaries can track their applications and request clarification at any time. If the process is delayed, they can contact the relevant authority. If they are not satisfied with the process, they can file complaints.

The government has allocated Rs. 46,000 crores for the PMAY scheme and plans to construct 80 lakh houses by 2023. Through the PMAY CLSS Awas Portal, eligible beneficiaries can claim a subsidy on their interest payments on their home loan.

This program has made owning a home a viable option for many Indian families. And because of its simplicity, it has received an overwhelming response from the people of India. To check on the status of your application, you can access the official PMAY website.

In addition to providing a subsidy on interest rates, PMAY also helps customers get home loans at lower interest rates. Eligible individuals should be the head of the household or co-owner of the dwelling unit.

The PMAY scheme covers people in the LIG and middle-income groups. It offers a 3% interest subsidy on loans worth Rs. 12 lakh. You must be a female to apply for the scheme.

PMAY CLSS Awas Portal- How to raise a complaint

The PMAY portal has revolutionized the application process and the availability of the PMAY schemes. The portal also provides a mechanism for raising complaints. Find the details of the steps involved in the complaint process below.

Be aware of any omissions or errors in the application process itself. You may also raise a complaint by sending an email to the Union government.

The government uses the Socio-Economic and Caste Census (SECC) 2011 to determine the eligibility of eligible PMAY beneficiaries. Village panchayats and tehsils will be considered for consultation with deserving beneficiaries.

You should file your complaint as soon as you notice a mistake in the application process. Once you raise a complaint, you will get a response within 48 hours.