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The PMAY Gramin is a rural housing scheme by the Indian government. It was previously known as the Indira Awas yojana. The underlying aim of this scheme was to ensure housing for all by 2022. Although they couldn’t manage to offer a home to all by 2022, the scheme is going still strong and more and more houses are being built to accommodate people. The scheme has therefore been extended till 2024 by the government.

Pmay gramin
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As per the PMAY Gramin scheme, those who are categorized as beneficiaries will get a 25-meter pucca house. This will cover all the basic facilities. As many as 4 crore residences need to be made all over India. However, later it was revised as it was not feasible to make that many houses in the said time frame. So, the date was pushed back to 2024 and the number was fixed at 2.95 crore pucca houses.

Further, the scheme had provisions for subsidies in home loans as well. So, the beneficiaries need to be well chosen so that they can seek the benefit they desire. There are a lot of details that are a part of the PMAY scheme and we will be sharing the particulars to enlighten you about the specifics.

 Let us share more details about this scheme.

The Eligibility Requirements

Here are some of the key eligibility requirements that one needs to fulfil in order to be applicable for the Gramin scheme and thereby get a house.

  • Families that are homeless
  • Families that have a home but it is entirely kutcha
  • Homes where there is no adult male in the age gap of 16-59 years
  • Labourers who own no land and only make income from casual labour jobs
  • Families where there is no literate adult above the age of 25
  • Families that don’t have any able-bodied adults
  • People belonging to SC/ST

So, if you fall in any of the above criteria, you are entitled to apply for the PMAY Gramin scheme. The idea simply is to ensure that the ones who deserve end up getting the houses because this scheme was mainly made to help out the needy.

Exclusion Clause

Here are some of the cases wherein the beneficiaries will be excluded from the PMAY Gramin list.

  • If the individual has either a motorized vehicle or a two-wheeler or four-wheeler or even an agricultural equipment
  • If the said person is paying property tax
  • If the person owns a landline connection or a refrigerator
  • If the person has a Kisan credit card and has a limit that equals or is greater than 50,000
  • If the family has any one member who is a government servant and earns an excess of Rs. 10,000 per month

These are the clauses wherein you are not permitted to apply for the PMAY Gramin scheme.

Documentation Needed

When you are looking to apply for the PMAY Gramin scheme, here are some of the documents that you need to keep handy. These will be mostly required should you find your name in the list or even for filing the application.

  • The Aadhar card
  • A consent letter for using the Aadhar card on the beneficiary’s behalf
  • The Swachh Bharat mission Gramin registration number
  • The bank account number
  • The MGNREGA registered beneficiary job card number

So, make sure you have all these documents handy as it is important to ensure that you will be able to smoothly apply in such cases. When providing the banking details, you will need to offer more information along with it and make sure you do so accurately.

The Latest Reports

The union government released the latest report for the PMAY Gramin scheme wherein they listed details of each state. The report outlines the progress of each state and how many houses were completed. This gives an estimate of the net target completion by each of the states.

It was Uttar Pradesh that emerged as the clear winner and it has managed to complete the target nearly as it stands at 97 percent. West Bengal came in at a close second with a 93 percent completion rate.

The Beneficiary List

If you will like to access the beneficiary list who are eligible to get their homes under the PMAY Gramin scheme, here are the details you need to know

  • Head to the official beneficiary check link
  • You can use any of the search options be IAY or PMAYG or even advanced search
  • The list will be displayed on the screen so one can check if their name is present there or not

How To Check The PMAY List Using A Phone Number?

You can check the details of the PMAYG status list with the help of your phone number.

  • When searching for the list, use the advanced search tab and enter your number
  • Now click on submit
  • If your name is there on the list, you will be able to fetch the complete details easily

How to check the PMAY list without the phone number?

If you do not have a registered phone number, here are the steps you need to follow

  • Head to the official link and then click on the option that reads the advanced search
  • Now enter the different details including state, district, block, panchayat
  • You will then need to enter the particulars like sanction letter, BPL account number, your name, father/husband name and so on
  • After that, you need to hit on the search and you will be able to see if your name appears on the screen

What Do You Mean By Pahal?

The Pahal campaign is a part of the Housing For All mission. This scheme was mainly designed for the sake of making sustainable construction. This scheme helps in encouraging designers to be a part of this scheme so that they could make the best quality houses based on the suitable model. This initiative was well-modelled by the ministry of rural development, the government of India.

In order to ensure that this work is done in the right manner, housing prototypes were developed for each of the housing zones present within the state. A lot of different aspects were taken into consideration and these include local materials, construction skills, disaster mitigation factors, climatic conditions, and more.

Once this is done, advanced construction technologies need to be identified as well. A lot of in-depth detailed research has to be put in its place for the sake of clearly understanding how the houses will be made.

The PMAY Gramin Mobile App

The main aim of the housing scheme was to ensure that one could have affordable housing for all. A lot of people find it hard to check all the details and PMAY list on the website especially because the lists can be huge and it can be a little hard to access.

Also, the ministry makes it a point to release regular updates from time to time and in such cases, it is hard to keep track of the details. So, those who would like to stay updated with an app need to know that the users can access the Pay Gramin app as well.

This mobile application is available for both Android and the Apple app store and has the best details in it. Users can choose to safely download the app and access the different features that are a part of it.

Steps To Download The App

Here are the different steps you need to follow for the sake of downloading the PMAYG app.

  • Head to the official PMAY Gramin website
  • Now based on the platform you want to opt for, be it android or the app store, choose the appropriate icon
  • Based on your choice, you will be redirected to the site on the respective store. You can click on download to get the app.

Make sure you follow these steps on the device where you want to download the app.

The Uses Of The App

The app can be used directly by the PMAY Gramin beneficiary or his/her representative as well. This app helps in checking the progress of the house which is under construction and thereby seeks the next instalment of financial assistance. You can also access the PMAY list here.

Even PMAY house inspectors can use this app and check the different houses that are being constructed under this scheme. These are monitored using AwaasSoft which is a rural housing e-gov solution.

The application is so designed that it will capture very good quality photographs of the houses in the different construction stages. They do so with the geo-coordinates and the time stamp. This ensures that the financial assistance for the next stage will be rolled as and when needed at the right time. This will prevent all unwanted delays in the system.

The images that are uploaded will again be verified by the block office. This is done to ensure that there are no hiccups in the inspection process and things are rolled smoothly sans hassles. 


What is the aim of the PMAY G website?

The main aim is to ensure there is affordable housing for one and all. This website aims at helping the underprivileged get the right financial assistance for the sake of building homes.

Are there preferences while selecting floors?

The disabled and elderly tend to get ground or lower floors in the scheme. Apart from this, there are usually no preferences unless you give in an application with a clear reason stating the details for your request.