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A Hindu household in India is incomplete without a pooja mandir. It is a separate dedicated room for the deities you believe in. The daily morning prayers and other rituals that people perform are best done in the mandir in any house. This is one such place or corner in the house that should be beautifully designed and given due importance. 

A nicely designed pooja mandir in the house depicts that the members of the house have much faith in God and they believe in offering prayers to God in a proper way. To ensure good health, happiness and prosperity, one should have full faith in the almighty and get a nice mandir designed in the best place in the house. If you wish to have one, take a look at these pooja mandir designs for home and opt for the one you love.

1. The Concealed Light Magic

When there isn’t much space to have an elaborate mandir, you can settle for a small wooden mandir. Either get it custom-made or buy one from the market and to make up for the small size add a magical lighting element to it. You can use the mandir’s perimeter to add light strips so that the mandir is illuminated when you switch on the light but the lights are concealed. It will add a nice appeal to the pooja room.

2. The Little One

small pooja mandir designs for home
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If you are running short on space, it is not mandatory to go for an elaborate mandir for your house. Having a dedicated space for pooja is important but it can always be small and cosy if need be. A cute little pooja room would look great in an apt corner of the house. Make sure that you do not clutter the space with unnecessary stuff.

3. Add Levels

Instead of keeping the base flat at one height, you can have several levels in the form of wooden slabs. You can use each slab for displaying either a framed picture of any God or a beautiful idol. It adds a nice look to the mandir design and the presence of levels cuts down the monotony.

4. The Plywood Mandir

pooja mandir designs for home
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A common design found in several Indian homes, plywood is one of the best materials to be used for a mandir. You can either buy a ready-made plywood mandir from the market or get plywood sheets and have a custom-designed mandir that would serve your needs better. It looks simple and sober in any corner of the house.

5. The Jaali Design

Using the Jaali concept in the pooja room is an excellent idea and there are several ways to incorporate a beautiful jaali cut out in a mandir design. You can either use the jaali as a partition of the mandir from the common space or as doors of the pooja room. 

6. The Brighter The Better

Using a lot of colourful elements in the mandir is an excellent idea to highlight the pooja room in your house. Too many colours exude happiness and a happy home with a colourful mandir design is sure to look appealing. You can also add colourful lighting ideas for an upscale feel.

7. The Touch Of Gold

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Adding hints of gold to the mandir in the form of golden bells, and gold etched pillars, and adding gold diyas and other elements will make your mandir design look beautiful.

8. The Wall Mount

When looking for pooja mandir designs for your home, do not forget the concept of wall-mounted ones. These not just save space in your house but also give your house a clean look. You can customise the wall-mounted mandir in any way you wish. This pooja mandir can be conveniently mounted on the wall without any hassle. 

9. The Stone Wall Factor

Accent walls look good in the right place in the house and having one behind the mandir is sure to look outstanding. You can have a wooden platform for the base and also a nice wooden panelling on the top and have the backside of the mandir in the form of a stone wall. It is also easy to maintain and looks all kinds of gorgeous.

There are several concepts you can use to design an appropriate pooja mandir for your home and you can also easily mix and match different concepts to have the design that you desire. 


Can the mandir at home be made out of marble?

Yes, there are plenty of marble mandir ideas that one can opt for. Always remember that marble mandirs have a bigger life span but they are difficult to manage when compared to wooden ones. They are also very heavy and it is not easy for an individual or 2 to shift the mandir temporarily if any need arises.

Is there any Vastu-recommended height that should be maintained while designing a mandir at home?

Yes, it is advised to maintain a height of at least 32-36 inches from the ground. Keeping the idols and frames of deities at this height is recommended as per Vastu Shastra because it is believed that the place for the Gods should be above your navel height.