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The Pooja Room is undoubtedly the holiest and most spiritual place in an Indian home. Even though we come from many different cultures, we have always set aside a small space in our homes to pray to the Supreme Being. It is essential to have a perfect Pooja room door design to achieve a proper pooja experience. 

Wood is an ergonomic and helpful way to make all your design goals come true, whether you want to build a giant wooden temple or turn a small nook into a place to pray. You can do it if you make a giant wooden temple or turn a small nook into a position to pray. A place where you can be alone and think about nothing.

Pooja room is a place that needs to be cleaned up and decorated all the time. Here are some ideas for door designs that will help you reach your goal and add to the look of your Pooja room. With these, you can be sure that your time in the Pooja room will be quiet and private.

pooja room door design
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Importance of Pooja Room Door Design

Pooja rooms have had doors since the beginning, just like temples do now. Even though our modern puja units don’t have doors, some people still want them to have them. The pooja room, also called the mandir or the puja ghar is a sacred space in many Indian homes. People often come here to meditate and think about their lives. So, it must be made to make people feel calm and spiritual.

A modern pooja room could be simple and understated, or it could be ornate and complicated, or it could be something in between. Most people think of a pooja room as a peaceful place where they can do spiritual things like meditate and pray. But the pooja room is a lot more than that. This is a holy place in your home that gives positive vibes to everyone in the house.

Other Facts

A pooja room is where you don’t spend much time every day but still visit at least once a day. The pooja door not only separates the holy room from the rest of the house but also shows off an attractive design feature that makes the property look better. The gateway opening into that area represents divine energies’ pathway to exit the pooja room and enter the rest of your home.

Positive energy flow can’t happen if there’s a Vastu dosha at the entrance. Science says that we shouldn’t intentionally raise the level of worship in this way. Also, it says that the doors don’t need to be open as long as worship is happening in the building. It is said that the doors to the puja chamber can be closed as soon as devotional care is taken after the puja.

A mandir without a door is just like any other room in the house; it is not holy. The gods need their own space. When picking doors, make sure they are mostly wood and have two shutters and a threshold to keep rodents, insects, and other pests out of your house. A pooja room without a door is seen unfavorably by Vastu practitioners, and this is because pooja rooms that lack doors run the risk of having their own spiritual energies decrease.

Top 10 Primary and Modern Pooja Room Door Designs

#1 Glass Pooja Door

glass pooja door
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A glass-based pooja room door is perfect if you want a simple yet beautiful style. The intricate glass design is a lovely pattern that goes in every style. You can make your pooja room as simple or fancy as you want. Here, the pooja unit is made of wood and has glass shutters for a clean look and a lot of storage space at the bottom.

Modern and traditional styles can work well together using intricate glass patterns, making the glass surface easier to see. By using the Glass Pooja room door design to light the space correctly, you can add to the room’s overall look. The high-quality glass makes the doors that let you see into the most sacred part of your home or business without actually going in.

#2 Jaali style/CNC Pooja room door

jaali pooja room door design
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White jaali doors are an excellent choice for your puja, especially if you want to make it look more elegant. These make the area feel warm and cozy, and they work exceptionally well in primarily white rooms like the one above. With a CNC Cutting Design for Pooja Room Door, you can add Jalis or other designs to a Pooja Room Door.

The CNC cutting process was used to make this beautiful design of a door with Jali. A wooden jaali is the best way to separate the pooja room from the rest of the room without making it feel too small. It also adds a decorative element to the space that doesn’t get in the way of how it works but does draw attention to itself. 

For a more consistent look throughout the house, you might want to think about making the wood the same color as the rest of the furniture. The Jali door is one of the most traditionally styled doors ever made, and its design is just a decorative screen with a neat pattern. Even though jaali designs have been around since ancient times.

They can still be made more modern using modern colors, patterns, and finishes. If you choose to make these doors a part of your pooja room, the light from the Diya housed within the temple room can be seen from these doors at all hours of the day and night. Additionally, the fragrance from the scent sticks can be detected if you choose to make these doors a part of your pooja room.

#3 Teak Wood Pooja room door

teak wood pooja room door
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Teak wood is one of the most expensive woods used to make doors. This gives the room a look that is both elegant and royal. This door gives your home temple a look it had when it was first built. The design of a wooden pooja door is strongly recommended for several excellent reasons. Wood is the first and most important one because it can be used for building and is suitable for Vastu.

People in India think anything made of wood has a long history. Teak wood is known for how long it lasts and how well it resists water. Because of this, it is one of the most expensive materials that can be used to make doors. By building it into the design, you can also use wood to give your puja space a sense of variety and warmth.

But for this modern pooja room design to look its best, it must be cleaned and maintained often. Teak is considered one of the best building materials because it is strong, lasts a long time, and doesn’t get damaged easily. Teak wood is not hurt by light, heat, insects, or other things that could be bad for it.

#4 Accent doors for modern Pooja room door design

accent doors for modern pooja room door design
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Intricate carvings on the entryway can assist separate your spiritual area from the rest of your living space if you want it to resemble a lovely temple in the countryside. Your objective should be to recreate the atmosphere of such a shrine in your spiritual freedom. Traditional South Indian doors inspire accent doors.

There is no better location to get inspiration if you want to pursue a more traditional strategy than the southern part of India. The visual charm of old accent doors may be advantageous for even the most simple pooja rooms. Fancy, well-made door frames frame all sides of the door. The same door frames surround the top rectangular panel, with designs and patterns that have religious meaning.

This is one of the most creative and unique door designs ever made, and the quality of the work is excellent. This one-of-a-kind design is made of a single panel cut into many grids and then decorated with different ethnic designs.

#5 Plywood Pooja room door 

plywood pooja room door
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The door to the pooja room in this design is made of plywood, but instead of a plain door, it has square frames that are big enough to hold different religious pictures. The photographs make the plywood pooja door look like it is made of stained glass.

The painted panel, which gives off a beautiful, soft glow whenever natural or artificial light passes through it, is an excellent example of how well the old and the new can go together. Because of how it’s made, the door to your pooja room stands out from the rest of the doors in your house and seems to be made in a different style.

One of the best things about plywood is that it can be cut into any shape with little trouble. Also, it is to carve into almost any shape. In the middle of the Door, you can see a few rectangle-shaped openings. To show the spiritual nature of the space, these empty spaces can be filled with bells or any other kind of religious art.

#6 Contemporary Pooja Room Door 

This modern door has cutouts and engravings of traditional Indian designs, like the diyas on the doors and the Kalash at the bottom of the door panels. The cutouts are built into the way the door panels are made.

Four empty spaces on the door where bell accessories can be put. This makes the door to the pooja room feel like a bell, which is a good thing. The intricate designs on the top and bottom of the diyas make them look old, which makes even the most straightforward pooja rooms look more beautiful.

#7 MDF Pooja Room Door

mdf pooja room door
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In this modern house, the pooja room is tucked away in a cozy corner, and the doors that lead into it are made of white MDF board to blend in with the rest of the walls. If you want to keep your pooja room a secret and make it feel more intimate, you might want to install dark doors with a simple design. Even though they look modern, they are great places to pray and think by yourself. 

According to Vastu, the pooja, or religious ceremony, is held in the bedroom of this particular property. It looks like a modern three-dimensional wall panel, and one of the doors has round cutouts that let you see into the pooja room. For a sense of unity, the second door’s surface also has a circle pattern, making it look like a modern wall panel.

#8 Bifold Pooja Room Doors

bifold pooja room doors
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If you add folding doors to a Pooja room that is on the smaller side, it could be beneficial. In addition to making your space feel more modern, it also adds an exciting touch. The above pooja room has an intricate inlay pattern that will catch everyone’s eye when it is brought into the house. These folding glass doors with wooden frames in the shape of an accordion save a lot of space in small Indian apartments.

They also have digitally printed patterns that make the prayer room look better. Bi-fold doors can be helpful for homeowners who don’t have a lot of space or design options. Doors that are simple, easy to use, and easy to get to can be changed easily in terms of color, style, or material—ideal doors to put in your Pooja room if you want to feel alone for a short time.

These patterns could be anything, like a religious symbol, a pattern of flowers, or even a picture of a god. They could even be all of these things at once. In the middle of each door is a glass panel, and the wooden panel has a pattern that goes well with the glass. On one side of the prayer room, the same panels used as doors have been turned into windows to finish the room’s look.

#9 Half door design for Pooja room

A design for a half door that not only separates your beautiful mandir from the rest of the room and keeps things from rolling in but also lets everyone get a good look at the nice things inside. Compared to single doors, this gives a much better sense of depth and is best for larger Pooja rooms because of this. Putting different designs on these doors makes them look better.

Also, natural light can come in, and anyone on the outside can see what’s going on inside at any time. But you’d have to worry about cleaning those tiny holes in the design, which isn’t a simple task. This pooja room door design stands out as the most favorable element is the availability of unique wood latticework. Additionally, it complements the background’s white paneling perfectly.

#10 Netted Pooja Room Door

netted pooja room door
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A jaali, a netting-covered entrance, has been a fascinating part of worship spaces for a long time and has its special meaning. They are always in style and can be made from many different things, like wood, CNC laser cuts, and other similar methods, so they are always affordable. This beautiful white-painted wooden door has a lattice pattern cut out with a laser.

This kind of design can be picked from one of the manufacturer’s collections or made to the customer’s specifications. This tip could be helpful for people who want to show that they are calm and in control. People like these doors better than others because they have space for airflow and let in some light. You can light a candle for a day, and as long as you keep an eye on it, there won’t be any fire-related problems.


Adding a door with the right design can give your Pooja room a perfect look you’ve always wanted. People these days pay more attention to pooja doors and choose the best ones, which are religious and fashionable at the same time. Whether you live in an apartment with a decent amount of space or a detached house with a helpful area, it makes sense to give the person who made the world a small spot in your home.