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The pooja room is an integral part of every Indian household. We consult Vastu guidelines before commencing work for the pooja room. Mostly because this room holds high regard in our life. But while being doubly sure about Vastu shastra, the room should be aesthetically pleasing too.

Good aesthetics further enhance your spiritual experience as you offer prayers. Thus pooja room design is a topic worth researching.

This blog talks all about the pooja room glass door design trends. Here are the 6 most popular and trendy designs for 2023.

6 Ideal Pooja Room Glass Door Design Trends

1. Pooja Rooms with Enclosed Glass

enclosed pooja room glass door design
Source: Nit / Shutterstock

According to the Vastu, the pooja room should be ideally in the northeast of every house. So that it has natural light from the southern and eastern parts of the house.

Many interior designers and architects prefer this through enclosed Glass. It permits adequate light while allowing the auspicious idol placement and orientation.

This minimalistic approach of an Enclosed Glass Door for the pooja room allows you to have more interior space. This design also maintains the comfort of privacy to pray or meditate.

2. Folding Pooja Room Glass Door Design

Folding Pooja Glass Door Design
Source: Atthapaul.f / Shutterstock

For small and private temples inside the house, people often opt for foldable wooden and Glass doors.

With the doors being carved and designed to bring the proper attention to the temple, one can focus on decorating the walls while concealing the idea of a pooja room. The panels are the perfect fit for the temples created in small corners at homes.

3. Glass Doors with God’s Emblems

Glass Doors with Gods Emblems
Source: Alexander Reuter / Shutterstock

Glass Doors with God’s emblems exude a spiritual vibe. Additionally, this design is quite contemporary and, once combined with adequate backlighting, gives the ambience of a sacred space.

4. A Reeded Pooja Room Glass Door Design

This type of Pooja Room Glass Door design is suitable if the pooja room is situated in the house’s common area, like the living room. The reeded glass doors are the go-to option as it helps in concealing the mandir area as private while creating an aesthetic vibe in the interiors of the living room.

5. Frosted Pooja Room Glass Doors Design

Frosted Pooja Room Glass Door Design
Source: konzeptm / Shutterstock

Frosted glass doors are an alternative to wooden doors that maintain privacy while providing adequate lighting. This also saves costs at the same time. The frosted glass doors are the right option for those who want to conceal the entire pooja room with glass doors.

6. Lacquered Glass

Lacquered Pooja Room Glass Door
Source: Amdaeng-Ree / Shutterstock

The Lacquered glass door uses glass tinted from one side. This very decorative door helps create the correct partition for the free-standing pooja rooms while providing the right amount of artistry and structural strength.

The lacquered glass doors also come in double and multiple door variations, as shown above.