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There’s no house of Hindus that does not have a Pooja Room. The Pooja Room is a separate room where deities are worshiped which attracts such great warmth, positivity, peace, pleasant energy, and happiness that cannot be described.

All the benefits of the pooja room in the house cannot be explained because it’s all god blessings. Since this room holds such an important place in human life, isn’t it worthy of design with some trending pooja room wall tiles? It deserves your attention.

pooja room tiles designs
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Pooja Room Tiles Designs

The Pooja room is the most sacred in the house, so it needs proper maintenance and cleaning because the flooring in your pooja room says a lot about you. No matter the structure of the pooja room, either small or big, the type of tiles to be used in designing the room should be great and beautiful with simple and minimal patterns.

Tiles are not the only items here that will make your pooja room make spirtual, but the installation of some stunning elements will let you feel at peace when you’re in the room.

These eye-catching pooja room tiles designs will add a splendid charm and look elegant. It will look attractive to sit on, easy to clean and appear wonderful. To install a better pooja room tile material for your room, you need to consider so many things, some of which are color, size, pattern, and so on, which are very important considerations when Installing tiles in a pooja room.

Tiles for the pooja room are not expensive at all. They are available at an affordable price and last long. In this article, full details of some latest eye-catching pooja room tiles designs will be analyzed before you can take any step of creating your pooja room.

Types Of Pooja Room Tiles

Below are the best types of eye-catching and stylish pooja room tiles designs that will give your prayer room a new look and attract visitors:


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Marble has been the best choice for many homeowners regarding pooja room tiles because of its purity. A regularly shiny marble can add to the beauty of a pooja room and give a very classic look to the room. These marble tiles can be used for pooja room floor and wall tiles. The only downside of this marble is that the floor tends to get very cold easily throughout the wintertime.


granite tiles
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Knowing what is best for your pooja room is one of the great achievements you can make to satisfy yourself. Granite is available in different designs, and they are more resistant to stain and scratch, unlike marble which gets stained easily. It is an elementary material to take care of as it can be re-polished to regain its luster.

It is a durable and long-lasting material that gives you a good reason not to worry about it because if you choose granite for your pooja room construction then you choose wisely. The only downside of granite is that polished granite is very slippery. It’s good advice not to use granite if you have elders who perform regular worship. You should not try it if you don’t want them to fall. Think twice before choosing granite as a flooring material.

Cement Tiles

cement tiles
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Cement tiles designs are very cheap and easy to design. If you would like to install the traditional patterns into your pooja room, then cement tiles are the perfect material you can use for your pooja room flooring. Cement tiles are porous and need to be packed properly To make them stain resistant. It last longer and looks attractive when newly painted. The only disadvantage of cement tiles is that it’s very hard to clean if there’s any stain on them.

Wooden Pooja Room Tiles Designs

wooden pooja room tiles designs
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Wooden pooja room tiles are extremely good for a room where the owner wants warmth and a cool feeling. If you do not want to go for natural wooden planks, there are many alternative presents on the market today. This tile is durable and long-lasting. It’s easy to clean and makes the whole house look beautiful.

Make use of different-sized wood tiles and various patterns to express yourself. Nothing bad in getting good wooden pooja room tiles that will make your room feel more spiritual and connected to god. Make sure you clean it regularly and repair it anytime you notice any form of destruction.

Important Things You Should Consider When You’re Choosing Pooja Room Tiles Designs

When choosing tiles for your pooja room, you need to consider the following things:

  • Tile size: Thinking about the size of the pooja room is very important. You need to survey the tile size and look for the one that best suits your room. Normally,small-sized tiles are usually suited to small pooja room that doesn’t have enough space.
  • Room size: you might not know your pooja room size, but it’s advisable to get a professional to help you check so you will not waste too much money. Checking the room size where you want to install the tile is very important.
  • Color: Considering the type of tile color you want to use for your pooja room wall or floor is very important. You need to choose a relaxing and cool tiles color that will last longer than you expect.

Pooja Room Tiles – Designs To Consider

1. Tiles With Motifs Or Mythological Subjects

If you want a cooling tile, you opt to incorporate beautiful mythical themes. These tiles give a good sense of grandeur to your pooja room and make it look special from the rest of the home. The design of this tile looks attractive, and it will pique your children’s interest.

2. Printed Om Wall Tiles

printed om wall tiles
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The printed Om wall tiles are one of the most popular pooja room tiles designs most people in India use for their pooja room. If you’re looking to create a sense of sophistication in your pooja room, then printed Om wall tile is the way. The symbol Om represents the greatest meaning in the Hindu religion and thus holds a special place for the devotees. Having a pooja room decorated with printed Om wall tiles can bring a fresh air of positive air and warmth. 

3. Tiles With a Chequered Rangoli Pattern

tiles with a chequered rangoli design
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If you want to make your pooja room look more attractive, you can always use these beautiful and cool rangoli pattern tiles. Each pooja room tile is decorated with a stunning and stylish circular rangoli design that is unique. You can get rangoli with bright color with a cooling face that makes you feel comfortable in your pooja room. Rangoli tiles can be an amazing alternative to powdered hand rangoli in contemporary homes.

4. Shree Printed Wall Tiles

Incorporating a shree printed design into your pooja room tile will give it a distinct appearance. If you want a simple and beautiful tile for your pooja room, then Shree Printed is the right pooja room tiles design you can choose. This tile will keep you away from all negative thoughts due to its symbol.

Choosing eye-catching pooja room tiles designs is not as easy as you think. But if you can take your time to read this article, you can choose the best in the market. You can try as many designs as you want for pooja room tiles as long as you like the design and feel happy with it in your room.