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Everyone wishes to own a home and knows how it should look. Many of us take pride in having designed it ourselves. But won’t it be great if you were given some assistance in selecting the best option for your home?

One of the easy and creative ways to enhance the look of your house is by adding arches! They instantly give any home an exciting and polished touch. This author talks about how simple and modern pillar arch designs can assist you in creating the best possible aesthetics.

Why Arches?

Since ancient times, arches have always been a critical element of Indian architecture.

The planned arches have taken a distinctive position among the decorative components in our modern interior. The room’s structure can effortlessly accommodate several arch designs, adding elegance without taking up much area. But in any stylish home complex, the arches enhance the space.

Choose a layout, construct your basic apartment, and then decorate it tastefully with these 15 best POP arch pillar design ideas.

Best 15 Pillar Designs from POP Arches

1. Pillar Arches To Create A Canopy

Canopy Design for Pillar Arches
Source: Rachel Claire / Pexels

A canopy is a creative way to add personality to your home instantly. And extending pillar arches into a canopy is the most fantastic hack ever. This house in the picture depicts the best example.

The arches blend perfectly well with the roof, creating a spacious place where you can spend some quality time. These arches also prove to be additional support for the top floor. Canopies from pillar arches are a great place with a cosy ambience to have get together’s and small parties.

2. Creative Pillar Borders

Pillar Borders enhancing the overall look
Source: Rachel Claire / Pexels

A simple pillar arch can be given precisely the appropriate amount of enchantment only by concentrating on the top and bottom of the pillar. It will highlight the angle while keeping the post simple.

This illustration demonstrates how the arches unify the architecture while the POP borders serving as its focal point. This setup is decorated with pillar borders.

3. Use Wide Pillar Arches As Dividers

Arch Pillar Serving the Purpose of dividers
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

As the image reflects, there is a barrier between the staircase and what is further ahead, thanks to the placement of the wide pillars used in place of the more typical cylindrical ones. The arches effectively divide the space into two parts.

Think of this as a fantastic substitute for constructing a whole wall, saving space and maybe cost with a more aesthetically pleasing design.

4. POP Carvings On Arch Pillars

Pillar Arches enhanced with POP carvings
Source: Maria Orlova / Pexels

Exquisite, detailed carving patterns can drastically alter a place’s mood. The material flexibility of POP, offers countless alternatives.

The intricate design that has been meticulously carved into the arches of this house gives it a look that is both immensely exquisite and serene. Everything about this building is a piece of beauty, including the symmetry, the colour, and the way the arches blend seamlessly into the theme.

5. Blend The Arches Into The Roof

Arches blended in Roof
Source: Maria Orlova / Pexels

Adding roofing to arch pillars is another clever technique to make them a distinctive house feature.

Beautiful carvings can be seen on the arches in this location, and the carvings continue onto the roof to form portions. Additionally, they have a similar intricate pattern, which makes the arrangement look amazing. All of the element’s white colouring gives them an exquisite appearance while drawing attention to the arches.

6. Play With Metallic Paint And Colours

Arches decorated with Metallic Paints
Source: Maria Orlova / Pexels

Everything is ten times better with colour! The same is true of arch pillars.

This arch pillar appears delicate and attractive when painted in a gorgeous colour scheme like violets and pinks. It has a regal, opulent feel because of the metal colour. The arch pillar will undoubtedly be a focal point of your home.

You have complete creative control with various colour schemes and metal paint possibilities on the market on these arch pillars.

7. Pillar Arch For Beautiful Entrance

Arches forming a beautiful entrance
Source: Maria Orlova / Pexels

The initial purpose of pillars was to support the construction, but that function can be improved!

Just by adding arches from both sides, this house has skillfully transformed two of its supporting columns into a spectacular entrance. The room looks old and magical by adding pop frames to the top and harmonising the colour scheme with the plants.

8. Create A Palace Like Arched Balcony

Arched Pillar for an Aesthetical Balcony Look
Source: Maria Orlova / Pexels

Palace is a place almost all of us are amazed by. And what’s the signature palace feature? Those expansive arched balconies!

With arched pillars, you too can easily achieve this look in your homes. Pair them with a pretty fence and add wide curtains, and voila! Your regular arched posts will now give a glimpse of the palace life.

9. POP Arch Pillar Designs

Pillar designs from POP Arches
Source: Alaettin YILDIRIM / Shutterstock

We can reassure you that your decision to concentrate on POP arch pillar design is right. POP arch builds a structure that includes one or two pillars. If correctly assembled, it gives an extraordinary finish to the home.

As reflected in the reference image, this house looks well put together because these two POP art pillars create a warm, welcoming entrance!

10. Deck Them In Colours

Colourful Arches for a Welcoming Passage
Source: Sinseeho / Shutterstock

Try painting the pillars a colour that blends well with the rest of the decor to make them part of the overall design rather than a stand-alone property element. Similar to how this veranda is adorned with colourful arch pillars.

It will make your house stand out from the clutter and exudes a happy, fun vibe. We advise you to let your creativity go wild and create something original with this enjoyable pillar arch idea.


11. Combine Them With Cement

Arch Pillars with Cement Design
Source: Alexander Kozlov / Pexels

Prepare to be awed by a rough, rustic appearance for your home when the cement and Plaster of Paris combine.

Look at the stunning transformation of this simple mixture in this tiny space. The arch pillars provide a charming gateway with a vintage feel. POP and cement are mixed and applied to the column for a rustic, natural appearance.

Here is a whole guide on cement POP pillar design ideas for more inspiration!

12. Vintage Designer Pillar Top

Pillar Top with Vintage design
Source: Maria Orlova / Pexels

You may radically transform pillars by adding POP carvings to the top or bottom of your fundamental post. Get ideas from Victorian architecture’s dense, intricate, and space-conscious style. This pillar design will give your home a touch of royalty and improve its aesthetic value.

13. Simplistic Pop Arch Pillar Design

Simple Pillar Design with POP Arch
Source: Erik Mclean / Pexels

POP is a perfect material if you have a tight budget and want some design complexity.

Hence, consider looking at the broad pattern on a POP slab if you choose to go for borders and pillar arches. Because it is not intricate, it is visible to the bare eye and leaves an ever-lasting impression of space in the eyes of the beholder.

14. Cover Them With Bricks

Pillars covered with Bricks
Source: YEŞ / Pexels

Yet another fun way to stylise your pillar arches. Add bricks on top of them to add more texture. It will deliver a classy and rugged aesthetic. This design looks lovely outdoors and is an over the top architecture! You can also cover the pillars with bricks, giving the whole structure a classic old look.

15. Mosaic Pillars

Pillar with Mosiac Designs
Source: TeleMakro Fotografie / Pexels

You can also take inspiration from these superbly crafted mosaic pillars; they are stunning, distinctive, and undoubtedly a significant addition to the décor theme. The best thing about utilising plaster of Paris as a pillar developer is that you can always play around with other design components, even if you don’t want to go with a traditional style.