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POP, or Plaster of Paris, is a sturdy material which, once applied, goes strong for a long time. Therefore, POP false ceilings are a great idea. To construct this ceiling type, POP is first applied to the mesh. This technique is more reasonable than gypsum panels.

POP designs can be easily used to adorn living room ceilings. But choosing the exact ceiling pattern and design that reflects your personality takes effort.

Therefore, here are 23 POP ceiling designs that will woo your guests.

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List of Top POP Ceiling Designs

1. Vibrant Colour Ceiling

Vibrant Colour Ceiling
Source: alexandre zveiger / Shutterstock

The most popular colour choice for the ceiling is white. But you can also opt for bright colours like yellow and beige. These colours make the room appear larger than its actual size.

You can also colour-match your ceiling with the furniture for an aesthetic appeal.

Experimenting with beige and yellow can give the house a royal appeal. Textures like rustic, wood, or metallic give the decor a modern vibe.

2. Edgy And Well Lit POP Ceiling

Edgy and Well Lit POP Ceiling
Source: krsmanovic/ Shutterstock

A dark POP ceiling lit by edgy lighting can be a good idea for your living area ceiling. It will exude a very modern vibe. You can use a nicely-built roof with sharp edges.

This POP living area ceiling design will make your home’s interior striking and stand out among others.

This type of ceiling design is great for halls as well. Such ceilings are often spotted in homes with contemporary architecture. And are great for adding flair to your home.

3. Hand Plastered Mound Ceiling

Hand Plastered Mound Ceiling
Source: Alex Qian / Pexels

Hand-plastered mound shapes can help create an evergreen look that never really gets old. You can use effects like POP die rails and skirting boards. They are available in the market very easily.

Further, you can decorate your ceiling with cornice boards. You can have a customized wall made especially for the walls. You can either have a bold pattern or a detailed one. Both look great!

4. Plus Minus POP Ceiling

Plus Minus POP Ceiling
Source: Archi_Viz / Shutterstock

The living room is where family and friends meet to enjoy evenings and lunches. Many people prefer POP designs,

Many prefer POP designs, making the living room more collective and enjoyable. The Plus Minus Pop Hall Ceiling Design is one of the most famous pop designs for living rooms.

Created by Arne Quinze, the Plus Minus POP Ceiling Design is a design that can be used in the living room with an asymmetric shape.

You can brighten up your space by using contrasting colours! Also, you can try different corner patterns to add a touch of drama to the roof. You can replicate this look by filing the surface of your ceiling wall and using a POP paste to form a plus, minus pattern.

5. Double-Layered POP Ceiling

Double-Layered POP Ceiling
Source: Felipe Hueb / Pexels

POP double-layered ceilings are very popular among homeowners these days. The double-layer ceiling is one that has LED lighting along with or sandwiched between the two layer of roofing. What’s best you can play with various textures, patterns, light, and colours in this type of ceiling.

This type of ceiling looks stunning and gives a very nice aesthetic to the room. Also, it makes the room look spacious and airy. But this rule applies to only bigger rooms. Thus, in case you have a smaller space, try to avoid this type of roofing.

Double-layered ceiling gives a minimalistic feel. And is sure to impress your guests in the first look!

6. POP Ceiling with Elegant Colours and Patterns

POP Ceiling With Elegant Colours And Patterns
Source: Pinkystock / Shutterstock

Ceiling designs for living rooms can create an elegant and luxurious look. Elegant ceilings for living rooms come in a variety of styles and designs. These include wood, stone, fabric, or even wallpaper. There are many ways to achieve this look with other materials, textures, and patterns. The most important thing is ensuring the design complements the rest of the room’s design elements.

For example, suppose there is a lot of natural light coming into the room from windows on one side. In that case, it might be best to use a light-coloured material like fabric or paper instead of dark wood panels.

One can use a well-lit circular and simple POP design fixture in the centre of the living room. When balanced from the centre of the ceiling, a statement crystal chandelier is an added feature to jazz up the décor.

7. Square-Based POP Ceilings

Square-based POP ceilings
Source: Ursula Page / Shutterstock

With less available space, there is little you can do about experimenting with designs. Nonetheless, a gazillion uncomplicated yet vibrant POP ceiling concepts look dashing when implemented correctly.

Something as easy as conceptual squares near the fan with a blend of darker shades of cream is an incredible idea to work with. You can add some corner spotlights to bring subtle splendour to your living room area. Moreover, you can quickly execute this design even on a lower budget.

8. Patterned Ceiling Design

Patterned Ceiling Design
Source: foamfoto / Shutterstock

A beautifully installed POP ceiling with a stunning pattern in your living room creates circles around the ceiling layout. To make the room glow, place miniature halogen spots near the edges of each process, creating different patterns.

POP ceiling designs are a favoured, captivating choice. They are one of the most acceptable ways to make any room look more compelling and attractive.

This plaster of Paris design for the living area can be utilized differently using various methods. It can create a pattern on the ceiling, a border around the roof, or an accent wall.

9. Multi-Layered False Ceiling Design

Source: JamesDeMers/ Pixabay

Multi-layered POP ceiling is a great option to give the room a classic look. POP is a great tool to give depth to your regular ceilings. You can apply various minmimalistic to very intricate designs in this type of ceiling.

Above is a multi layered ceiling with a classic touch. The lighting and colour aesthetics all transport you to royal times. It is definitely an evergreen look.

However, you can opt for other colour combinations and lighting options to design your ceiling appearance to your taste.

10. Coffered Ceiling Design

Coffered Ceiling Design
Source: Artazum / Shutterstock

A coffered ceiling is an ornamental element that adds grace to any room. If you want some POP designs for the living area, a coffered ceiling can be the perfect choice to add that extra zest!

It is not necessary to have an entire room with a coffered ceiling. You can also have it only in specific areas of your living area. That way, you can create different zones in the same space and give your guests more options.

Use high-quality Plaster of Paris to create an exquisite coffered ceiling look in your living area. For this design idea, choose a vibrant two-tone colour scheme.

11. Traditional Patterned False Ceiling Design

Source: Lex McKee/ Flickr

Traditional POP ceiling designs are on that are inspired from ancient architecture. The above example has POP motifs o ceilings with a traditional wring to them. This rustic interior design is equally royal if you ask us,

If you do not want to splurge over the entire house interior, you can opt for this royal ceiling only for your living room. You can also go for a complimenting minimalistic interior for the rest of the house.

Definitely, your haall’s roof will be the conversation Kickstarter!

12. Golden Ceiling Design

Golden Ceiling Design
Source: KUPRYNENKO ANDRII / Shutterstock

The Indian love for gold can never get old. And thus we will keep loving roofs with golden accents.

These golden accent ceilings look especially good with neutral shades of paint and a minimalistic architecture and interior. Pair all this with statement light fixtures that can be either contemporary or traditional.

You can also play with contrast by playing with hgold in the shades of purple, red, or green. What’s more, you can also paint golden motifs on off-white, cream, or anmy other elegant looking minimlaistic colour ceiling.

13. Contrast Decor POP Ceiling

Contrast Decor POP Ceiling
Source: Hendrickson Photography / Shutterstock

When choosing a design idea for your living room ceiling, hold the décor of the rest of the room in mind. If the furniture and walls are colourful and vibrant, opt for an uncomplicated white POP ceiling with minimal Lighting or vice versa.

There are many ways to make the ceiling of your living room stand out, but you need to consider what kind of design you want it to have. Here are some ideas for decor that can help your POP design stand out: painted or stained beams on the ceiling, wallpaper with patterns, patterned fabric or wallpaper on the top or Designs that contrast the walls.

14. Profiled Lighting Under the False Ceiling

Profiled Lighting under the false ceiling
Source: OliveTrhttps://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/abstract-room-table-linear-profile-lighting-1095965066ee / Shutterstock

Profile lights are a simple way to get a modern ceiling design. They’re perfect for redecorating the bedroom’s false ceiling. They are a splendid way to build a sense of drama and refinement in the living room.

Profile lights are also frequently used as inflexion lighting in living rooms. They are generally placed along the top border of the wall or on the roof to provide a soothing light that inspires artwork and other decorative objects in the room.

Various kinds of profile lighting methods are available. A “wall ascended” system connects directly to the wall. In contrast, a “ceiling mounted” system is fixed to the ceiling and can be aimed at the desired angle.

15. POP Ceiling Design with Red and White Colour Patterns

POP Ceiling design with red and white colour patterns
Source: Astragal / Shutterstock

This ceiling structural design example of how some minute simple tweaks can impact your living room’s overall look and feel. Use several layers in the ceiling design for a visual treat and alternate colours. For instance, red and white provide a visual contrast to the whole living room, making it feel big and spacious while adding a splash of colour to the otherwise neutral home decor.

16. Hanging Fixtures POP Ceiling Design

Hanging Fixtures POP Ceiling Design
Source: Lifestyle Travel Photo / Shutterstock

Do you wish for an out-of-the-box ceiling design? Certainly, hanging lights POP ceiling is the new rage. It is all over the market.

You can opt for hanging lights or lamps, inverted charm lights, chandeliers, pendant lights, etc., anywhere in your living room. This will pump up the entire ambience of the room. It will also provide a very luxurious or soothing feel to the space, depending on the type of lights you choose.

Your guests are bound to fall in love with the decor with these lights!

17. POP Ceiling with Murals

POP ceiling with murals are inspired from the Italian architecture. And the murals you choose can either be inspired from past or be very contemporary. And once you have applied this design to your ceilings, you will see your ceiling will do the talking.

There is no better statement ceiling deisgn than this one with murals.

Nowadays, people are painting many types of murals on their ceilings. Some of them include, 3D panaromic paintings, frescos with lighting fixtures, and geometric or abstract motifs.

18. Carved Bordered POP Ceiling

Carved Bordered POP Ceiling
Source: sirtravelalot / Shutterstock

When someone says carvings, the instantaneous thought in mind is of a detailed geometric or flower-patterned ceilings. Nonetheless, the technique can make a simple yet influential ceiling design for a hall.

Carved borders are a fantastic way to assemble the illusion of depth in a space. One can use them to add optic interest and be used as a focal point.

Carved borders are available in numerous materials and styles. The most suitable choice for you may depend on the size and shape of your room, your budget, and your taste. Standard style borders are 2-3″ and can be made from various materials. The conventional border is the most usual border style in homes. Usually, it comes in white or matte paint, but it may also come in grey or various colours.

19. Halogen-Styled POP Ceiling Design

When its about luxury décor ideas, halogen spots are a go-to design for designers. So, one can use any POP ceiling in your residence hall and illuminate it with a slew of bright halogen spots.

The Simple Halogen Spots POP design is one of the most popular designs in living rooms today. It features an open-concept space with a large wall-mounted TV, beautiful blue walls and floor-to-ceiling windows that let in natural light.

Halogen Spot is a spotlight that uses a tungsten filament warmed to 2,800 degrees Celsius. The halogen light has a range of colours and a bluish tinge. Halogen lights are usually used in living rooms for their radiant white light and how one can handle them with an adjustable head.

20. Suspended POP Ceiling Design

Suspended POP Ceiling Design
Source: Photographee.eu / Shutterstock

The living room is the soul of a house. It is where we relax and entertain guests. It is also where we spend a lot of our time, so it makes sense to make it as comfortable as possible. Suspended-styled ceilings for halls are among the most numerous and simple POP designs. The magnificence of a suspended ceiling combines elements of simple ceiling designs.

A suspended-styled ceiling is suspended from the borders and not attached to the base. This ceiling will offer your living room an additional open and airy feel, which is ideal if you have high ceilings or wish to add some stature to a space that feels too cramped.

Today’s homeowners are looking for ways to get more out of their living rooms by adding things like suspended ceilings. These ceilings offer several benefits to help you achieve the perfect look for your space.

21. Circular Design Ceiling

Circular Design Ceiling
Source: Yarlander / Shutterstock

POP designs are a sensational hit in interior design. You can use colour and patterns to create a bold and exciting space with them. The circular POP design style has been used in residence halls for the past few years to make them more lively and inviting.

The Luxury Circle Design illustrates a POP design that can be used in the living room. It is a circular furniture arrangement or objects emphasizing colours and textures to create a dynamic look.

This circular-styled ceiling can enhance the appearance of your living room. You can install colourful camouflaged Lighting that suits the décor theme of your living room.

22. Parallel POP Bars or Strips

If you desire to create a simple design for your living room, install parallel POP streaks or bars across the width of the roof. Use neutral colours for the ceiling and a darker shade for the bars.

The parallel bars ceiling design is a great way to make your living room look more spacious. It also helps with the room’s aesthetics and makes it more open.

The first step for this type of ceiling is to measure how wide you want your space to be, which you can do by using a tape measure or a chalk line on the ground. If you are using a chalk line, ensure that you are not going over any power lines or pipes and that you have enough space for what you want to put up before marking out where the bars will go.

23. Heaven Stairs Styled POP Ceiling Design

If you wish to make your duplex house’s living room stand out, you can add a stair entrance to the roof to make it look like a creative addition. This layout plan will create your POP ceiling look effortlessly endearing while giving better access to the upper floor of your residence from the living space.

Your home reflects your personality and sense of style. Your fashion is mirrored in the aesthetics and design of even the ceiling of your house. Everything from the walls to the colours to the roof must be in tune to describe your essence.

This ceiling for your living room can be personalized in various colours, styles, and sizes, from contemporary to complicated classical designs and patterns. It gives your living room an extensive and rich impression. You select a type and get it installed.

How to use POP Ceiling in Living Rooms?

There are many methods you can use POP in your living space. Look above the ceiling.

A subtle way to adorn a living space is to add design details. You can pick a wall design and a POP arch for the lobby. These POP wall restoratives are cultured and graceful, but they don’t give the place a theme, so you also have to play with colours to provide a statement look.

False POP ceilings cover plain roofs or conceal centralized air-conditioning systems in the dining room, bedroom, hall, or other rooms. You can customize false ceilings in different shapes, sizes or colours to make your living room look grand and rich, from contemporary to detailed traditional designs.

Conclusive Thoughts

Pop ceiling designs with intricate ornamentation or plus-minus designs with minimalist details. It will most likely include one or many design features listed above.

The pop ceiling layout you select can shape the perspective of your residence space, from airy and comfortable to chaotic and claustrophobic. So when choosing a new trendy pop plus minus design, think about how the aloft design and Lighting will impact the general look and feel of the room.

In addition to the right design, you should also make a budget for the building and induction of the new modern pop structure you pick. More intricate designs are probably more expensive than primary ceiling designs, requiring skilled artisans and much more material.

Hence, to avoid unexpected expenditure, you should be aware of the intricacy of the pop ceiling design, the required skill set and craftsmanship, and the amount of material needed.