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Bedrooms are where we unwind, binge-watch movies, and feel cosy. We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms; thus, they must reflect our personalities. Whether modern, peppy, or traditional, our bedrooms must make us feel at peace.

Moreover, bedroom ceilings are an important part of bedroom decor. Thus, this blog discusses the 12 most striking POP Colour combinations for bedroom ceilings.

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Let’s begin!

12 POP Colour Combination For Bedroom Ceiling

1. Yellow POP Colour For Bedroom Ceiling

Yellow POP colour for bedroom ceiling
Source: Zastolskiy Victor / Shutterstock

Waking up to a bright ambience with this yellow ceiling gives the day an energetic boost. The bright Yellow POP Ceiling Colour will help you achieve growth in your day.

2. French Blue and Marigold

French Blue and Marigold POP colour for bedroom ceiling
Source: Pinkystock / Shutterstock

Designing the rooms and bedrooms with dramatic blues and a touch of marigold gives the bedroom a rich and dramatic look. This is a relatively new colour combination for bedroom ceilings and will earn you loads of compliments.

3. Classic Blue and Peach Nougat

Classic Blue and Peach Nougat POP colour for bedroom ceiling
Source: IM_VISUALS / Shutterstock

Giving a vibrant look, the colour palette of classic blue and peach nougat is another excellent POP colour combination for the bedroom ceiling. Offering a complimentary hue to orange, the lively shades of peach become more vivid when combined with blue-green colours.

4. Teal POP Colour For Bedroom Ceiling

teal POP colour for bedroom ceiling
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Besides the brighter and more vibrant colours, teal is a rather subtle POP colour combination for the bedroom ceiling. This becomes one of the great fits for the busiest corners of the home, where the colour does not attract attention but gives a subtle look and enhances the home decor.

This colour exudes a calming effect while waking up, one feels relaxed and calm, making it a wise choice for modern and contemporary houses.

5. Turquoise POP Colour For Bedroom Ceiling

Turquoise POP colour for bedroom ceiling
Source: Archi_Viz / Shutterstock

Coming home from a busy day, one needs a refreshing feeling when back home. The fresh Turquoise colour provides the right amount of freshness and calmness while enhancing the home decor. This POP Ceiling Color can be well combined with the wooden interior.

6. Emerald and Mauve

Inspired by French Culture, Emerald and Mauve is another excellent example of the POP Colour for ceilings in bedrooms. The tinge of the mauve evokes a feeling of romance, nostalgia, and passionate sentiments.

7. Cobalt and Pale Pink

Cobalt and pale Pink ceiling colour
Source: archideaphoto / Shutterstock

A more tranquil blue with a touch of pink, Cobalt blue with pale pink gives the homeowners a vibrant colour and stimulates feelings of joy. Having a certain warmth to it, cobalt blue, when combined with a shade of pink, inspires the idea of the ocean bottom and a colourful seabed on the wall.

8. Bottle Green POP Colour For Bedroom Ceiling

People who love to give a tropical feel to their homes can move ahead by using bottle-green colours. Giving it a texture of tropical leaves and colour, the effect is ultra-modern with the right shade of POP colour on bedroom ceilings.

9. Black POP Colour For Bedroom Ceiling

Black POP colour for bedroom ceiling
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Houses and places that are large in space need the right amount and the correct type of colours on their walls. Black Pop Ceiling is the right colour that turns and takes out elegant pieces in all aspects of interior design.

10. Coffee POP Colour For Bedroom Ceiling

Coffee POP colour for bedroom ceiling
Source: Artazum / Shutterstock

Did you know that the coffee colour arouses the appetite? Coffee is one of the most complimentary beverages in the world. The bedroom coffee colour works as an aphrodisiac and enhances the couple’s romance, making it one of the best picks for the POP ceiling colour for bedrooms.

11. Sage and Grapefruit

Due to its gentle greyish-green tint, the sage colour is an excellent POP ceiling colour choice. With the peaceful backdrop of the grapefruit colour, the green touch to the bedroom invigorates the ambience.

12. Chartreuse and Teal

Chartreuse is the perfect POP colour for people who like their bedroom to give a feel of a slightly rustic and nature-inspired interior. With its eye-catching fluorescence in its loudest and brightest form, the colour looks the best with the combination of the teal colour.