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Cornice moulding design is simply a moulding done across the perimeter of a ceiling at the junction between the wall and the roof, which serves aesthetic and functional purposes. A cornice is any horizontal moulding topping a building, ending a ceiling or crowning furniture mainly used for decorative purposes.

Cornice mouldings come in many types based on the materials they are made of and the design that they form. Some cornice mouldings, no matter the material they are made with, have simple, plain designs, while others have elaborate, regal designs lining the walls, doors, furniture, and ceilings of buildings.

Based on materials, cornice mouldings are made of plaster, paper-covered gypsum or,glass-reinforced concrete (GRC), medium-density fibreboard (MBF), plaster, polyurethane, POP and timber. There are also Box, Close, Open, and Cavetto cornice mouldings.

POP cornice moulding is, therefore, a cornice moulding made out of POP. It is made from cement, gypsum or even lime.

POP is a popular and favourite material for making cornice mouldings because:

  • It is versatile: Due to the nature of POP that makes it able to sit in any cast, it can be used to make many designs that other materials can’t. It is also used for many more building activities.
  • It is customisable: Other materials used to make cornices can only make specific designs that might sit well with your desire. POP cornice mouldings, however, are highly customisable.
  • It can shift shape: this paramount quality makes it customisable and versatile.

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Where Did Cornice Moldings Come From?

The Greek and Roman empires were known for revolutionary architecture, being the world power of the then world. One of the finest architectural inventions they crafted was cornice designs.

As building technology and architecture have progressed, more suitable and versatile materials have been discovered and developed, making cornices more useful and regal.

POP cornice mouldings are particularly special to India because the country has a past entrenched in royalty, dynasty and cultural richness. It is, therefore, expected that this practice of royalty and cultural richness continues into the modern world in India’s homes, banks and restaurants. Cornice mouldings most exemplify this regal culture.

POP Cornice Moulding
Source: Litvinova Oxana/Shutterstock

That’s POP (plaster of Paris) cornice moulding can replace false roofs in short apartments in big cities and modern-day buildings with affordable and aesthetically pleasing design options.

Is POP Cornice Molding Good?

The POP cornice is good. It does not just look good. It also serves a functional purpose. Beyond providing aesthetic value and being able to turn around any commercial or domestic space, POP cornice mouldings also:

  • Conceal those unsightly parts of the ceiling-wall junction.
  • Preserve exterior walls from becoming irreversibly defaced by rainwater.
  • Make rooms appear larger than they are.
  • They cover up the breathing room left between plasterboard and timber framing.

POP Cornice Molding Everywhere

As earlier stated, POP is highly customisable. It is why you can cover your ceilings and walls in a detailed POP cornice moulding that’s appropriately designed to your taste. This style covers most of your living space in POP cornice, making your room look aesthetically pleasing.

POP Cornice Molding Design

Due to the versatility and fluidity of the POP material, you can craft many designs with it. POP cornice moulding can even be customised to fit the design you have in mind if it doesn’t already exist.

Here are a few POP cornice moulding designs you can get inspiration from or even directly request for your living space.

1. Retro Cornice Design

Retro POP Cornice Moulding Designs
Source: Macrovector/Shutterstock

Retro POP Cornice Molding Design is one of the first cornice designs made of POP. It’s also one of the most popular POP designs in India.

2. Ornamental Ceiling Design

POP Cornice Molding for Ornamented Ceiling
Source: Diana Rui / Shutterstock

POP cornice moulding doesn’t just look good on wall junctions; it can also create ornamental patterns on your ceiling. It bumps up the volume of luxury seething from your room when used.

3. POP Cornice Design with Chandelier

POP Cornice Molding for Cornice Chandelier
Source: Tosha toys / Shutterstock

Most regal rooms have a chandelier dangling from the middle of the ceilings; remember ballrooms from Bridgerton? To accentuate the centre of attraction – Chandeliers, you could coat its surrounding ceiling with a POP cornice mould. That will draw all eyes to the chandelier.

4. POP Cornice Molding Design – Baroque Replica

Baroque Replica
Source: denisik11 / Shutterstock

The English people are known for their royal heritage and how they express it in their architecture. Baroque is a detailed, classy and elegant design in European architecture arising from the 17th/18th centuries. This POP cornice moulding design can also draw attention to your ceilings and wall brackets because it’s beautiful.

5. Layer It Up!

Double Layer POP Cornice Moulding
Source: jantsarik / Shutterstock

If one layer of POP cornice moulding can give you so much beauty, how about two?

To make your ceilings and walls much more beautiful and twice as attractive, try this POP cornice moulding design, where you apply layers of POP to craft the design.

6. Tone To Your Taste – Two-Color POP Cornice Moulding Design

Two-Color POP Cornice Moulding Design
Source: Georgii Shipin / Shutterstock

You can use more than double layers of the POP cornice. You can also multiply the beauty by adding more than one colour to your cornice design.

Colours uniquely communicate beauty and luxury, so experiment with adding a second colour to your POP cornice moulding design. Suppose you have more than one layer on your wall or ceiling cornice; colour the first layer one colour and the second another. Use colours that flow well with one another to amplify the effect.

7. Sprinkle Some Gold On

Golden POP Cornice Moulding Design
Source: Dandapani U. Maharana / Shutterstock

The monotonous tune of black and white colours could make any design boring. When selecting a POP cornice design, try incorporating some gold. Gold is one item that sits at the top of wealth and communicates luxury when applied.

You can sprinkle some gold on a white POP cornice design but be careful not to use too much. This design is for you if you have an itch for luxury.

8. Thin POP Cornice Design

Thin Cornice
Source: Anneleven Stock / Shutterstock

Some people are not too comfortable with cornice moulding because they take up a lot of space, can look over elaborate sometimes and choke up low-roofed rooms. If you’re one of them, here’s a solution for you.

You can take advantage of the other good sides of POP cornice moulding; there’s a design that looks thin and muffled. It is usually less visible but not any less beautiful. It gives class and colour to any room it’s applied to while being space-conservative.

9. Light Up The Edges

POP Cornice With Lighting
Source : PsyComa/Shutterstock

One hack that sprinkles beauty over your moulding design is LED lights. You can tape the edges of your POP cornice moulding design with reflective LED lights to give it brilliance and some extra beauty. It can be applied as a finishing touch.

10. Customised Art

Floral Cornice
Source: Ulitka12 / Shutterstock

Another perk of using POP material is its customizability, which extends to boosting the aesthetic value of your cornice moulding design through personalised art. You can craft a specific art piece (even a portrait or something floral) and make it into a POP Cornice moulding design for your room walls or ceilings.

Summing Things Up

POP cornice moulding is the best of ancient architecture in modern-day aesthetics. If you want a classy, royal, customisable, affordable option, go for POP cornice moulding.