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Everyone enjoys making their place more beautiful regardless of the time and money required. We would like everyone to find it incredible and flawless. It’s worthwhile having a person’s mouth-dropping expression once they see the POP design colour scheme used in your space.

To create a perfect space, you often add many paint colours, accessories, features, pieces of furniture, and decorative accents. POP, or Plaster of Paris, is among the essential materials for décor. It elevates the décor to another height with a few stunning designs on the ceilings and walls that range from contemporary to traditional.

These POP design colour schemes can improve the décor and style of your house and may also be employed in spaces such as offices and retail establishments.

Also, look at the best 23 best POP ceiling design ideas.

9 POP Design Colours For An Interesting Home Interior

1. Chocolate Brown POP Colour

 Chocolate Brown Shade for POP
Source: William Hager/Shutterstock

When you prefer a space with a POP ceiling and a hardwood vibe, choose this selection. This ceiling is coloured using chocolate brown. Besides, you can employ black tints to give it an additional realistic appearance.

2. White and Turquoise Colour Combination

Turquoise Shade for POP Design
Source: Sarahkaron/flickr

The turquoise pop design colour captures your interest with its vivid colour and also astounds everyone through the intricate design. This ceiling will elevate your interior design. Keep the remainder of your décor white and the furnishings in lighter colours when you opt for this style.

3. Baby Pink POP Colour

Baby Pink shade for POP
Source: Ground Picture/Shutterstock

Baby pink is the perfect pop design colour choice for harmonising bedroom walls. Any shade of grey could be combined with baby pink to make a stylish, subtle area. You can incorporate pink into these features by including layers of luxurious linens, an upholstered headboard, and plush bedding.

4. Red and White Colour Combination

Red and White Shade for POP
Source: Mike Higginson/Shutterstock

For a visual feast, you can use numerous layers and different colours in the ceiling layout. Red and white offer a dash of colour to the bland interior decoration, even while creating a visual difference that transforms the entire living area to appear large and airy. It serves as an illustration of how a few minor changes may have a significant effect on the style and ambience of your living space.

5. Yellow POP Colour

Yellow shade for POP
Source: Pixel-Shot/Shutterstock

Infuse your spaces with relaxing yellow for a calming effect. Pale pink and mustard-coloured walls could make the room look better. For bedrooms designed in a vintage manner, select yellow accents and drapes with floral motifs.

6. White And Green Combination

White and Green POP Design
Source: Archi_Viz/Shutterstock

With green and white ceilings, classic white dominates the space, and bright green accents are thrown all over the place. White is used for the ceiling. However, the focal point includes a green artistic feature that hides the cables for the light fixture and enhances its elegance. Based on your preferences, you may choose from various pop design colour schemes.

7. Ivory And Ebony Combination

Evory and Ibony shade for POP
Source: ImageFlow/Shutterstock

This colour combination is ideal for your home when ivory and ebony are your styles. The traditional pairing of white and oak gives an elegant look and gives the space a classic feel. Wooden panelling can be surrounded to keep with the interior design aesthetic.

8. Teal POP Colour

Teal Shade Paneling Design
Source: YKvisual/Shutterstock

It would be better to paint only the POP panes instead of the entire ceiling. The panelling in your hall will look welcoming and exotic if it is teal with wooden flooring.

9. Dark Grey POP Colour

Grey Shade for POP Design
Source: ImageFlow/Shutterstock

Dispel the myth that monochromatic creates a space that feels unclean. Use many white focus lamps and a grey to adorn the POP ceilings; let them flare up. The ultimate POP colour outcome would amaze you.


You could accomplish a great deal and transform the area with POP. That’s why decorating your space is fascinating since there are many different POP design colours and styles you can employ to give your home an elegant and graceful look.

You devote a lot of time to your spaces; therefore, they must appear stunning with the finest décor. A few pop design colour schemes in this guide will help you create an appearance that will stand out.