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POP Design for LCD TV Wall Unit ideas is always here to help you, whether a residential, commercial, office, or retail space. The designs that help to decorate the home are also POP designs for LCD wall units. We have given a total of 15 POP TV wall designs on this page.

POP Design for LCD TV Wall Unit Ideas

#1 POP TV Wall Design for LCD TV Wall Unit to Hide the Wires

Wires are seen almost everywhere in a home to run various appliances. TV is one of them. However, these wires can not be omitted as the appliance can only run based on these wires. You can use this POP double panel TV unit to hide those unwanted wires and cables.

You do not need to worry about maintaining your home’s beauty while putting on the POP TV wall design. This pop design will not only help you to hide wires and cables but also help to maintain the beauty of your TV unit corner. It makes the home very impressive and attractive.

POP TV Wall Design for LCD TV Wall Unit to Hide the Wires
Source – Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

#2 Free Standing POP Design for LCD TV Wall Unit

Choosing the best and strongest TV unit stand is very difficult. But the free-standing design for the LCD TV Wall Unit makes it easy for you to set up an attractive and strong frame for your TV unit.

You do not need to add any stands for your TV units when you have POP Free Standing Design for LCD TV Wall Unit. You do not need to hang your TV unit from your ceiling. It would freely stand when attached to your wall. The size of a living room does not matter at all while considering the free-standing design of an LCD TV wall unit.

#3 Backlit your TV Unit to get a defined look

Light interruptions are very much disappointing while watching TV. If you have a POP TV wall design unit backlit, then it does not make any sense to switch it on while enjoying watching TV. It helps you have a modern and desirable décor idea for your home.

#4 Add open shelves to your TV Unit

If you want to make a focal point in your living room that is impressive to everyone, then instead of adding some closed shelves or some book racks in that space, try adding more open shelves to your TV unit. It will look amazingly perfect in your living room and will be appreciated by everyone. Your living room will get a perfect look after that.

Open shelves are an obsession with modern designs. If you want your living room to look attractive and perfectly maintained, you should go for this design. 

#5 POP Design on Wood Panel for a Fusion Look

The wood panels and a pop design look very well on the ceilings. You can add a wood panel as a pop design on the wall. It will look like a wall ornament and give your LCD TV wall units a classic look.

Wood panel, combined with fusion, appears to be an ornament that is flawless in every way. If you choose this type of pop design, you will receive more compliments and have a more royal appearance.

#6 Wall-Mounted Simple TV Unit for Small Space

You must not overload your living room too much if you have a small and limited space in your home. Things more than a limit in a living room have a terrible effect. To make it look good, keep it as simple as possible. Simply add a wall-mounted TV unit to improve the look of your small space.

#7 Lattice Design TV Units for your stylish statement

Steel gates or ceiling, lattice design is applicable and looks good everywhere. A backlit lattice design would look good when added to your TV unit on both sides except on the top side or upper part of the TV. This will be amazing and will add beauty to your TV unit.

It is such a popular design that it always remains a popular choice and helps you to maintain your living room in every possible way. This design has never been backdated. You can put this design on at any time when you want. It will always be an obsession for the modern world.

Lattice Design TV Units for your stylish statement
Source – Photo by Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd. on Unsplash

#8 Opt for a Semi-circular Unit

A semi-circular pop TV unit and attached open shelves make your home a point of appreciation for your guests and visitors. Start from the floor length to rise to the middle of the wall and cut the unit into a circular shape. However, now a day’s unit circle shape is backdated.

This design was trendy and needed in the past, and almost all homes used it. You can still put this design on to give your living room an old and beautiful look.

#9 Choose an L-shaped POP TV Unit Wall Design

Currently, an L-shaped pop design as your TV wall design matters a lot and is a topic of obsession among people. It is a very useful, good-looking, attractive, and obsessive pop design in today’s lives. It helps in saving a lot of space. You can keep many things on it.

#10 POP TV Wall design hanging from the ceiling

It is one of the best designs for your living room. A pop TV wall design hanging from the ceiling is a beautiful illusion that will force your visitors to talk about it. Moreover, your living room would become the talk of the town.

#11 TV Inside a Guitar for your poppy soul

Use a pop TV wall design and make a guitar shape on your wall. Place your TV unit on the side of the circular cut part of the guitar. This will make your soul feel connected with music and peace and will surely give you happiness. Your soul will dance with joy like a butterfly.

#12 Angular TV Unit design 

For a TV unit that covers small space, you can use this angular TV unit design. This design looks good and covers a limited space in your living room. You can use both kinds of wood and pop to make such a beautiful circular design. Wood is used to match the color of your floor. Also, add some drawers where you can place various items.

#13 Glass with Golden pop tv unit design

You must choose this design to have a luxurious look for your living room. A pop design colored golden along with lots of glasses on the wall helps you to maintain a lovely living room with a luxurious look. You can place some small drawers on the lower side where your TV unit is placed.

#14 Marble finish pop design 

Another way to give a luxurious look to your living room is here. You have to cover the wall of your TV unit with a marble-finished fence, and all the other remaining parts of the wall must be kept simple. A marble-finished wall design would result in remarkable beauty.

Neutral and pastel colors are strongly preferred for this design. Moreover, hanging simple pendant lights is also preferred to give a good look.


The above designs are beautiful, can be easily made, and are also available in marketing. You can choose any of the above according to your requirements. All the designs have their properties and importance. All of these would give an attractive look to your living room.