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Are you renovating your home and looking for some of the best pop design ideas? There is no denying the fact that the right false ceiling has in it to truly change the overall look and appearance of your place.

Here, we will share the best pop design for roof ideas. You will be impressed by the flurry of options that you are going to find. It is upon you to assess the options and find out what design will best suit your style and then you can incorporate that. Before you do that, let us talk about some of the basics.

What Is POP Design For Roof?

POP stands for Plaster of Paris and it is one of the commonly used materials for designing false ceilings. You can find its use not just in residential homes but in other places too like auditoriums, hotels, departmental stores, and so on. These are often used for covering centralized ACs and ensuring that you get an overall sophisticated look to the room.

The good thing about POP design is that it is very easy to install. You will not need extremely skilled staff for the sake of setting it up. Of course, if you choose the kind of design that is too intricate and has several etchings, you may need to hire skilled labour for it.

Even when it comes to maintenance of the ceiling, it is very easy and doesn’t lead to any issues. Installing such ceilings is a very easy task and you will also find that they are likely to be durable at the same time. When making such ceilings, a metallic mesh is first made. This is attached to the ceiling and the walls and the plaster of Paris is then applied to it. When left unattended, it hardens and gives the ceiling effect.

So, now that we are done with the basics, we will talk about the different POP designs for roofs that have been trending currently and therefore can be chosen. It is not important to follow these design patterns particularly. The underlying idea simply is to ensure that you weigh the theme of your room and then make the right choice.

The POP Design For Room Options

Here are some of the different styles that you can choose from. Feel free to explore the options and pick what seems to suit you the best.

1. The Curved POP Design

curved ceiling
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Gone are the days when people believed that ceilings had to be either square or rectangular, You have so many different options to pick from now. You can choose to have a curved or even an arched ceiling as well. This design is neither traditional nor too funky. It overlaps the two and falls somewhere in between.

They are a whole lot more suited in indoor garden spaces but there is no reason why you can’t have them in your bedroom or living rooms as well.

2. The Twin Layered Roof

dual layer ceiling
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The type of false ceiling design is best suited for really large rooms and the ones that have a very good ceiling height. This is mainly because the twin ceiling later will drop the height further down and therefore you need to account for that space.

However, when you choose to opt for a twin ceiling design, you will have a lot of room to incorporate different detailing and lights. There is scope for plenty of improvisation in such cases. Most people choose to have a contrasting colour palette for the two-layer of ceilings and this adds the much-needed dramatic touch to the design.

3. POP With Mirror

pop with mirror
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This is by far one of the most stylish of all designs you can choose. Of course, it is going to entail a great deal of maintenance too and not everyone likes to opt for it. This design is usually preferred for places which do not have a lot of height. The main reason is that owing to the presence of a mirror, creates a false illusion of having a taller ceiling than it is.

Along with this, if you add the right lights to the ceiling, you will be able to jazz up the space. The reflection of light adds a perfect touch of luxury to your home and will help you exude the royal vibe.

If you want the design to be spot on, we are always going to recommend you add a chandelier to the design. This is the best way to make the place look magical and enchanting.

4. Wooden Interior Roof Design

wooden ceiling
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If you want to know about one of the perennial favourites as far as POP design is concerned, you can always safely opt for wood. The wooden designs are eternally favoured and they come in a unique texture and colour as well. The design is spot on and it looks perfect in every sense of the word.

You can choose a blend of plaster of Paris and wood. It is likely to cost you a little more but, in the end, the result is owing to be spot on. Most people who will like to have a perfectly done room and have money to splurge are going to choose a blend of wood and POP. Be sure to hire the services of an interior designer as this will help you craft the perfect design.

When you are done with the design, shift your focus to lights. You can choose to integrate a chandelier or even simple lights. The theme is to illuminate the place in a sophisticated manner, A lot of people want the ceiling lights to give a soft illumination.

5. The Coffered Cut

coffered ceiling
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This is another perennial favourite and something that surely enjoys a great deal of popularity. This was the design preferred in the old era but it has made a strong comeback. You can find them in a lot of luxurious homes too. They give a lot of scope for lights to be embedded into them.

If you want your place to have a contemporary look, you can settle for conferred cut as it knows how to breathe magic into the place without being too loud or dramatic.

6. Floral Design

intricate carving
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Some people have a special liking for flowers. If you too seem to be bitten by the same bug, you can choose to have the right floral pattern and design for your roof as well.

When you choose this design, you have to be sure you are hiring skilled labour because not everyone can do this work. So, you should plan well. Ideally, if you have a floral design, try to have some floral touches in your room. This is important to ensure that the design blends well. However, you need to know where to draw the line as you don’t want to overdo stuff.

Choose an elegant carving that can be the highlight of the room without looking like you tried to put in way too much effort. You will find a lot of floral patterns and designs to choose from.

7. The Play Of Lights

ceiling with liht
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Another great way to add magic is by choosing to integrate the play of lights. You can have a basic design of the ceiling and then integrate different forms of lights into it. The lights are one such element that can dramatically change the overall appearance of a false ceiling.

You don’t necessarily need to have a chandelier, though one cannot discount the beauty it adds to the overall appeal. However, there are a lot of options for playing and fiddling with the light and you have the provision to do so.

Choose to have soft and striking lights and then allow the colours to do all the talking.

8. LED Light POP

LED ceiling
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You can always choose to have LED lights integrated into the roof; however, it is important to pay heed to the type of design you are choosing to go with the light. You can have a cove-style design and have a flush of light inside it. A lot of people choose coloured lights in such cases as it helps in adding the right glow to your place. 

You can also choose to alternate bright and dark lights to create a wave of sorts. This creates the right illusion and tempo in the room.  The idea is to mix and match things up and spruce them a little. Doing this will ensure that you will be able to create the right jazz and rev up the overall appeal of your place in a befitting manner.

Sometimes, you don’t need to work on the rest of the room, but simply having a fantastic pop design for roof is enough. You can do so with the right blend of striking design and integrated flush of light.

9. The Kitchen Styles

Most people like to keep the kitchen ceiling very simple. A very important point you need to bear in mind is that you should leave space for the vents and fire detectors and chimney. Your inability to do so might render the false ceiling unusable.

So, you should plan the whole layout well in advance. You can choose to have a large but simple pop sheet along with a metal framework and then choose large led lights to illuminate your kitchen meticulously.

Things To Keep In Mind

So, now that you are aware of the key design elements you need to integrate, we are going to talk about some of the important things you have to bear in mind.

  • Always make sure to choose the right quality of materials. Your inability to do so is going to create faulty or unstable structures that will not last long
  • While you are free to choose any colour for the false ceiling, make sure to have some light base as it keeps the room structure light. This being said, you can choose darker tones if it blends with the theme of the room
  • Some designs involve a lot of intricate patterns and carvings. In such cases, you will have to ensure that you opt for highly skilled labour
  • POP isn’t water resistant so make sure that the ceiling doesn’t come in constant touch with water. This will render the ceiling unfit for use quite early.

So, these are some of the tips you need to bear in mind for the sake of designing the false ceiling flawlessly. POP isn’t the only material and there are several choices at hand. A lot of people prefer pop as it gives you the best style and price.

Top Vastu Tips

When you are looking to implement the best pop design for roof, there are several Vastu tips that you need to be mindful of. Here, we are going to share some of the key tips among them to give you a headstart in making a Vastu-compliant home.

  • The moment you spot a crack or even a chip in the false ceiling, make it a point to fix it at the earliest. Any broken thing in the home is largely inauspicious.
  • Vastu recommends the use of light and subtle colours for false ceilings like the family of white and off-white. Avoid darker tones of colours like black or even purple.
  • If you have a skylight window in the pop roof, you have to ensure that it is either on the north side or the east side
  • When it comes to pop design for the kitchen, you should make provision to place the chimney in the south or the west direction. The east is the least favourable direction of all and should be avoided at all costs.


Is the POP design for roof meant to be water resistant?

No, the POP isn’t resistant to water and prolonged exposure to water can damage the ceiling quite easily as the POP will begin to melt

Is POP a preferred choice for false ceilings?

Yes, of course, pop ceilings are one of the most popular choices they are sturdy and reliable when handled well, and they will last long

What is the best choice of material for the POP roof?

Calcium sulphate is the best option as this is what materializes in the plaster of Paris. It helps in getting sturdy when mixed with other components and will offer a long-lasting durability

Which of the two will be more expensive: POP or gypsum?

While both materials are very commonly used for designing ceilings, gypsum will be much more expensive as compared to POP. However, a lot depends on the actual design and the amount of area you will be covering.

Do you have a lot of variety in pop design for roof?

Yes, you will be amazed at the flurry of options when it comes to pop designs. You can choose the right one based on your budget, preferences, and the overall theme as well

Do pop design for roof last long?

If you put in the right care and maintenance, pop designs can last long and will serve your purpose well.