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A porch is the front section of the building that adds functionality to the overall space, protecting the entrance from external damaging factors. Designing or highlighting a patio with a plus-minus POP design will aesthetically elevate your front entrance, adding valuable outdoor spaces to the structure.

Plus-Minus designs are the best fit for every architectural design and theme. POP (Plaster of Paris) allows the designer to curate or mould the material into every possible design without the hassle.

If you’re planning to elevate the aesthetical aspect of your residential or commercial entrance or porch and need clarification on which design to opt for, we’re here to help you.

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What is a POP Plus Minus Design?

POP Plus Minus Designs provide dimensions and depth to flat surfaces, including walls, pillars and ceilings. POP is a gypsum plaster that consists of white powder which quickly settles in the mould and hardens when exposed to moisture.

Although Plaster of Paris is the handiest material for architectural details, it requires an intricate design approach to achieve the desired final looks.

Before considering integrating the POP designs, a few pointers need to be considered.

How are POP Plus Minus Designs Curated?

Whenever we come across embossed structures on walls and other flat surfaces, these are curated using Plaster of Paris. After levelling the surface, POP gives it a three-dimensional effect in desired designs, giving depth to the surfaces.

Where can you use POP Plus Minus Designs?

People often need clarification that POP designs are only for ceilings. However, POP’s versatility can adorn or elevate the aesthetics of any flat surface, be it roofs, ceilings, pillars or walls.

POP Pricing Factors

Multiple products are available in the market to give a new look and feel to interiors and exteriors. However, only some of these materials can match the compatibility and affordability of POP.

Furthermore, pricing factors for POP are determined by two factors-

  • Cost of Materials to curate the design
  • Level of craftsmanship to achieve the desired details.

Additional factors that could influence the POP pricing are adding lights, layers, and other elements to the design.

Modern POP Designs For Porch Ideas

1. Exposed POP Designs With Pastel Shades

Pastel POP Porch
Source: Ellie-Rose Cousins/Shutterstock

Exposed beam POP design helps achieve a beach house or colonial vibe, providing a semi-closed functional space to the structure. Using pastel shades to highlight these exposed structures will easily blend with other architectural elements of the house.

2. POP Plus Minus Designs With Stripes

POP Plus Minus Designs with Stripes
Source: MATHILDE.LR /Shutterstock

POP Stripes in the form of borders or other dividing elements can be used to highlight porches or other areas. These borders can also define the space or add a finishing element.

Highlighting these stripes with a contrasting shade further increases the design’s visibility, elevating the borders’ impact.

3. Geometric POP Design For Porch

Geometric POP Design For Porch
Source: karamysh / Shutterstock

Other than straight and parallel borders, POP can create various geometrical patterns, including arches, circles and any possible shapes. Circular drops in the centre, rectangular or edgy elements for dividing spaces, arches for pillars and entrances, and intricate uses of geometrical patterns quickly increase the arch’s visual appeal.

4. Curved Plus Minus Designs from POP for Porch

Curved POP design patterns can easily be curated with POP, adding an infinite touch to the overall interiors. Barrel cone, S, C or U-shaped patterns or simple waves are a hit in POP design references.

5. POP Design with a Honeycomb Plus-Minus Design

If you’re looking for an unconventional POP porch design with more plus-minus details, a honeycomb pattern curated on walls and ceilings is an ideal fit for your mood board. Highlight the plus levels with a darker shade and the minus with lighter tones or vice versa to get the desired effects.

6. Add a Colonial Feel to your Porch

Colonial POP Porch Design
Source: Charles Parker / Pexels

Add a colonial look with POP plus minus designs to your structure. Details of pillars, intricate design patterns and levels can be used to achieve the same.

7. Glass and POP Plus-Minus Ceiling for Porch

POP Glass Porch Design
Source: Franck Boston/Shutterstock

POP designs with glass are a bit hit amongst designers. It helps provide transparency, inviting ample natural light and benefiting with excellent insulation and energy-saving features.

You can also opt for a glass film to adjust the material’s transparency.

8. Pair Wood with POP Plus Minus Designs

POP Porch With Wood
Source: Manuel Torres Garcia / Pexels

Wooden highlight provides a warm and more decadent feel to the interiors or exteriors. Pair POP designs with wooden cuts and elements to blend them with your interiors, or add a new-yet-evergreen look to the porch.

9. POP Plus Minus Designs with a Touch of Gold

If you want to create a royal mansion impression in your house’s entrance, you can add a gold touch to PP designs. Be it in the form of floral elements, motifs or simply borders, golden hue is the most affordable solution to add luxurious features to your space.

10. Vintage Black and White Look for POP Designs

Modern Porch
Source: Pavel Danilyuk / Pexels

Apart from adding a golden or pastel touch, you can also adorn your POP plus minus designs with black and white shades to add a tasteful and old-fashioned touch to modern designs.

11. Backlit POP Plus Minus Designs

A Backlit L-Shaped ceiling can highlight a particular corner or area, adding warmth with cove lights.

12. POP Designs Adorned with Decorative Mouldings

POP Decorative Molding for Porch Ceiling
Source: Mike Jones / Pexels

Add a touch of traditional or decorative mouldings to your POP designs to add the finest details for richness. This design can easily be curated on roofs, ceilings, walls and pillars, attracting visitors’ interest in the fine detailing.

13. Tray Designs for POP Porch Ceilings

Tray Designs for POP Porch Ceilings
Source: Stuart Monk / Shutterstock

In tray patterns, edges or borders of the particular space are given a plus or minus look to provide it with a proper tray appearance. This design can quickly be elevated with chandeliers, cove light, colour shades and other elements to highlight the space.

14. Add Colours to the POP Plus Minus Designs

Colorful POP Design For Porch
Source: Artazum / Shutterstock

Add colour to the POP designs to add a funky yet casual look to your entrances. It will help grab visitors’ interest at a glance.

15. Arch Designs from POP for Porch

Arched Porch
Source: Justin_Krug / Shutterstock

Arch entrances are a hit for big mansions and palaces. Design your porch entrance, ceiling or walls with arched patterns to give it a royal entry. Moreover, arches can easily blend with traditional or modern designs, colours and patterns.

16. Red and Yellow Details on POP Ceiling for a Thai Approach

Red and Yellow Details on POP Ceiling for a Thai Approach
Source: Dean Moriarty / Pixabay

Add a yellow and red shade to the POP designs to highlight levels, patterns and other details. You can also create a particular theme with POP designs, adorning the overall look with lights and other decorative elements.

17. Dome-Shaped Designs with POP for Porch

Add a dome to your porch with POP to achieve a colonial or ancient look for your house. POP’s affordability factor eliminates the higher costs of the dome designs and arches, making it easy for the owner to achieve desired rich looks.

Tips to Adorn POP Porch Plus Minus Designs with Light Fixtures

Murals Porch
Source: HY-DP / Shutterstock

Levels with POP designs on walls and ceilings can be adorned with lights. However, there are a few tips you need to check before implementing the warmth of lights-

  • Choose appropriate lighting colours and options for the porch to illuminate the entrance in desired ways.
  • Opt for ceiling-mounted lights for your POP designs to enhance the overall look.
  • Opt for a perfect light combination like white for the ceiling and warm white or yellow for cove light to add a warm effect.
  • Add a chandelier or other heavy lighting equipment to a simple plus minus POP design to elevate the aesthetics.


Porches are more like the first impression of your house, and designing this outdoor area adds excellent value to the overall structure. But, the designs for these outdoor spaces vary on various factors and selecting the suitable materials and designs can only help you with desired benefits.

POP Plus-minus designs for the porch are hassle-free, easy, and affordable options for highlighting the entrance. Consider all POP-related aspects to reward your structure with a perfect foyer.