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Gone are the days when you could leave the ceiling bare and ugly and decorate the rest of the room. These days, the ceiling needs to be beautified too and holds equal if not greater emphasis. This is why the POP false ceiling is definitely in vogue and you will find almost all modern-day homes incorporate one.

Owing to the presence of false ceilings, a lot of ugly wire ends and even structural mismatch at the top can be easily concealed. The overall result is a beautiful work of art and the rugged and jagged parts stay hidden from the eye.

Apart from this, by choosing to have a false ceiling design, one can easily get several points for incredibly beautiful lights to hang. All these aspects together aid in the beautification of the place and it is sure to jazz up the overall appeal that it evokes.

Such is the popularity of the POP false ceiling that every single room of the home, including the kitchen, is likely to have. It makes it very easy to have lights hanging or fit inside the ceiling and is also a sound and effective way to conceal the wiring too. This is why people believe that a false ceiling lends both functionality and aesthetics to the room.

What Is A POP False Ceiling?

While false ceilings can be made from a wide variety of different materials, it is POP false ceiling that is often the common and preferred choice. POP stands for Plaster of Paris and it is formed when Gypsum is completely dehydrated.

You can easily find POP in the market in the form of dry powder. When making the false ceiling, this powder is mixed with water to make a paste.

Now, this paste is moulded into various shapes as per the requirement and design of the ceiling and then put to use. You will be baffled by the kind of designs that one can make with the help of this paste.

Some of the common designs that can be made by moulding the paste are as follows

  • T-Bar
  • Suspended
  • Block
  • Recessed

The list can be long and a lot depends on the skill and creativity of the workers as well. When added with water, the paste hardens enough and the false ceiling is indeed a durable piece of work. You don’t have to change it now and then as usually the false ceiling once made will last until you want to deconstruct it and make something new.

The Importance Of POP

Now, that you are familiar with what is a POP false ceiling, we will next head into more details about the topic. It pays to know as to what are the salient points about the false ceiling and the obvious advantages as well. The fact that POP is one of the most commonly used materials as far as false ceilings are concerned is true. So, have you ever given thought to why is it so? Let us get down to the basics for you.

  • It is a lightweight material. This has the best of benefits as it makes moulding of design easier and also facilitates easier installation
  • It is very versatile and therefore gives you more room for creativity. You can make several signs out of it and hereby create some very beautiful ceilings.
  • It allows the paint to glide smoothly over it and thereby gives you an excellent finish and great-looking work.
  • It is economical and so not likely to burn a big hole in your pocket unless you choose such a design that makes it necessary to do so.
  • It helps in truly uplifting the aesthetics of your room and some of the most beautiful false ceiling designs are made using the POP material
  • It helps in saving energy and is a much more efficient choice as compared to other false ceiling materials

So, these are the main advantages and the possible benefits that the POP false ceiling has to offer.

Now, we are going to share some designs to help you understand the style you will like to incorporate to make your home beautiful.

1. The Boxed False Ceiling

boxed POP false ceiling
Source: Felipe Hueb/ Pexels

If you like to keep things simple, minimal, and elegant, this is by far one of the most common yet popular designs that will make your room look rich. There aren’t a lot of elements just a hollow rectangular design with lights fit into it. The one thing to remember is the placement of the AC vent here. This makes the overall appearance a whole lot more aesthetic.

2. The Jazzy False Ceiling

Source: Sharath G / Pexels

This jazzed-up look is great for those who want their false ceiling to make some form of a statement. The presence of funky lights at the top adds to the accents and lends the right aesthetics to the room. You should choose the kind of light that will complement the theme of your room.

There are a lot of scopes to make different improvisations and customizations in this design of the false ceiling. Feel free to fiddle with the idea but make sure not to have too many crammed elements or extra lights as the ceiling shouldn’t look like it has been done a bit too much.

3. The Elaborate Flower Designs

Source: Dyana Wing So/ Unsplash

If you like even your walls to make the right statement and you want to project an artist’s impression, this is the right POP false ceiling design to pick. Here, you should choose the right chandelier to go with the theme as this will allow you to have an overall beautiful style for the place.

The lights should be strategically placed and the colour of the false ceiling should be subtle and not too bright or loud. While the chandelier will steal the focus, the presence of scattered smaller lights will ensure that the overall tone and appeal are going to be spot on.

4. The Infinity False Ceiling

infinity false ceiling
Source:  Julio Nery / Pexels

If you want a POP false ceiling design that looks like it goes on and on and is endless, you should opt for the infinity false ceiling style. This is very popular in art galleries and exhibits; however, you can have it in your room as well.

When you choose the infinity pattern, make it a point to incorporate several lights as this will give you an illuminated and bright pattern. The choice of lights is going to be crucial. When you have a lot of lights installed in the ceiling, make sure not to use too much of a coloured display as this may put off the overall aesthetics.

5. The Modern Design

modern POP design
Source: Vecislavas Popa / Pexels

This ceiling comes with a minimal design and still, it has a modernistic touch to it. There aren’t too many elements in this design and make sure to place the lights in the right manner. The central big light and the scattered light together create the right pattern that is a whole lot more balanced. Once again, you have a lot of room to improvise here and you will be able to mould it the way you envision your room to be. This design is also going to work well for your living room as the longer the swirl, the more amazing it is likely to look. 

Don’t colour your false ceiling as it will then lose its minimalistic effect and won’t serve the need. The usp in this design has to be the choice of lights. The size of the light should be apt too or else it will defeat the whole purpose of incorporating the lights. Having too big a light will make the false ceiling hard to perceive. Having too small lights will defeat the purpose of putting the lights in there.

6. Panelled False Ceiling Design

panelled POP false ceiling
Source: Nhadatvideo/ Flickr

This is one of the common and popular designs of false ceilings. It looks perfect and the overall panelling is simple but it lends the right aesthetics to the room. As you can see, there is a big rectangle at the centre. You can choose to replace it with any other symmetry. However, if you want to opt for more of a simple and minimal approach, the rectangle seems to be the right choice.

You can choose a different style of light if you want to jazz up the room a little. The overall room has a symmetrical tone and so the false ceiling too should resonate with the same style and design to ensure everything blends well together. If you deviate from it, the ceiling may look like a misfit.

7. POP Ceiling With Chandelier

POP false ceiling with chandelier
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexel

The best thing about a false ceiling is the liberty it gives you with ceiling lights. All the wiring can be done inside and you are free to illuminate the place by choosing stylish lights of your choice.

This is an excellent false ceiling design for your living room as chandeliers are meant for the hall. This one boasts a grand design and therefore you should try to choose the right chandelier that will go with what you have in mind.

This one is very elaborately done and allows a lot of light to pass through. Apart from having the charismatic chandelier, all the four corners too have light panelled and when illuminated, it is going to look all kind so dreamy.

So, if you love to fit your false ceiling with lights, you can choose those designs for sure.

8. Purple False Ceiling

purple POP false ceiling
Source:  Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

If you fancy colours or you have a kid’s room that needs some redoing, this might be the best and most classic example of a POP false ceiling. The purple touch to the whole room makes it very vibrant. The key thing to note here is that the overall room should have the same colour feel or else the false ceiling can look very out of place.

Also, try to avoid eye shocking colours like red and even yellow as the same colour on the ceiling may get a bit too much. It can be hard on the eyes and will lose its aesthetics. Shades like mauve and purple seem to be the better choice as the whole room will be draped in it.

Also, make sure to incorporate some hanging lights as they further accentuate the overall charm.

9. Simple Geometrical Ceiling With Light

simple ceiling with light
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

If you want a simple design, you can go for this one. It is the geometry and symmetry that makes it unique and that’s about it. You are free to choose the colour that you deem fit and appropriate. A lot of people choose to have blue light in their false ceiling because blue has a lot of positive signs in the world of colour therapy.

So, if you are looking to imbibe happiness and a positive mood in your room, you can choose this design and incorporate blue light. An alternate choice is to have warm tones of white light if you don’t like the colourful display on the roof.

The centrepiece can also accommodate a huge hanging light if you choose to have this design implemented in the living room. So, first, plan the room, then finalize the ceiling design.

10. The Square Design

square design
Source: Robin Schreiner / Pexels

For someone who has very artistic taste, they can choose to opt for this square design. It looks perfect and the light filters through it. This design is partly symmetrical in its approach and therefore seems to be a good choice for halls as well. The panel adds to the overall appeal of the decor and makes it a great choice.

Make sure to choose the same accents and colour tone as the rest of the room. It is always important to match the colour elements in the false ceiling with that of the room in which you are fixing it. If you don’t do so, it will be considered a major design flaw.

So, these are some of the amazing choices for POP ceiling design. Of course, the options at hand are endless and you are free to use your creativity as well. The bottom line remains the fact that the ceiling design should add to the beauty of the room. It should be evergreen and seem to best match the tones of the room.

Let us know which design you loved the most.