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Ceiling designs don’t really top the list of concerns when designing a room’s interior. But are they important? They can add a finish to the room’s interior design if done nicely. And there are so many elements to consider- the fan, lighting, colour combination, etc. Playing with these elements cleverly can land you a praise-worthy interior.

Moreover, won’t you want an interior that would reflect your personality while looking admirable? Thus, here are 9 unique POP fan box design ideas for your home.

So, why wait? Let’s dive in!

9 POP Fan Box Design Ideas

1.  Edgy Carvings

Edgy Carving POP Fan Box
Source: fotopanorama360 / Shutterstock

With people moving toward having more modern, creative, and architecture-driven homes, the edgy feel of the interior is one of the top designs preferred by architects.

Giving an edgy vibe to the ceiling, one can go for sharp-edged carvings on the ceilings. This is technically a perfect backdrop for a metallic or wooden fan ceiling box. This traditional form of architecture gives your interior a sophisticated look.

2. Intricately Carved Fan Box

People love displaying their homes with larger-than-life interiors with minimal and detailed designs.

This POP fan box design involves adding statement pieces to the roof, giving it a luxurious ambience. This is one of the most preferred designs by Indian households.

3. Subtle Charm

Subtle Charm POP Fan Box
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The subtle charm of the Ceiling and the fan box is an excellent POP fan box design. A multi-tiered ceiling design that gives you a hollow shape, the fan box, to install your fans. This design exudes a very artistic look to the interior while keeping the entire architecture looking relatively modern.

4. Recessed Simple Fan Box Design

People who like simplicity and do not want too much architecture and interior in their houses can opt for the recessed POP fan box.

This is easy to install and relatively affordable, as little artistry is required. The beauty of this design is that it goes with every type of interior and, at the same time, has its character. The tube lights installed inside the false Ceiling give illumination and a dramatic look to the hall and rooms.

5. Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines POP Fan Box
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The key to using this interior is to stick to interior design basics. People who like minimalistic will find this fan box pop design the perfect fit for their homes and rooms. These simple yet classy parallel strips, made of POP, are ideal for the creative yet elegant fan box in rooms.

6. Layered POP Fan Box

One can create multiple types of fan boxes for the rooms and common spaces using a false ceiling.

A false Ceiling is designed with various layers in a layered POP fan box. The fan box comes out as a recess to the ceiling with lights hidden inside the false ceiling. The fan hangs from the interior part of the recess, making it an illusion of a hanging ceiling island.

This design uses the ceiling height to create harmony and design aspects in the interior.

7. Vintage Carving

Vintage Carving POP Fan Box
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One of the prettiest manners in which the fan boxes can be created is the round shape, made out of ornate carvings. These fan boxes take inspiration from vintage moldings, and POP can be used to carve intricate designs elegantly. This design will surely bring out your room’s luxurious aesthetics with minimum effort.

8. Floral Fan Box

Floral Fan Box
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Ceilings in India have an ancient tradition of being decorated with flowers. But with modern times have come the modern versions.

This delicate and tranquil design provides a soothing aura to the entire room. Therefore, POP can be used to design another fantastic POP fan box design for homes.

9. Eclectic POP Fan Box

Electric POP fan box
Source: Afzal Chaudhari / Shutterstock

Another fantastic POP fan box design uses different types of lights. You can combine colours and design styles to create a unique pattern specifically catered to the owner’s personality. One can use a mixture of wooden slates, colours, elements, materials, and design styles to create an aesthetically pleasing yet unique personal style statement.