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Pop is a very robust material when it comes to false ceilings. A lot of people prefer to use this material simply because of the fact that it is very easy to mould and is also pretty durable. This means that you can make different forms of designs and it does not need much maintenance or upkeep. You will also not have to rework your false ceiling for a long long time.

One of the common yet very popular designs when it comes to pop ceilings has to be the floral pattern. The floral pattern has been an evergreen hit and no matter what your taste is, it is likely that at least one room in your home will have a pop flower design.

So, if you too are on the lookout for floral design ideas for pop false ceilings, we will be sharing some of the best options. Feel free to take a look at the details and then pick what seems to be the right choice for you.

The Pop Flower Design Options

Here are some of the options that seem to be trending at the moment.

1. The Pristine White

Tommy Foto House / Shutterstock

We all know how white is one of the most elegant of all colours. You can choose to opt for a simple floral pattern that is done in white colour for the most amazing effect. The idea is simple. Have a simple base and then use floral etchings on top of it. Despite the simple approach, it tends to lend a roman touch to the whole area. The overall aura is pretty English or very royal based on the rest of the décor vibe of your place.

2. The Royal Gold

gold ceiling
Julia Volk / Pexels

Some people like to keep things ornate. In such cases, you should ensure that you are opting for the touch of gold. You can have a floral base which can be bathed in gold. We won’t recommend this design for the master bedroom as it is likely to get too heavy. It is only suited for living rooms and hallways and that too if you have a large area. The design is very grand and the rest of the hall space will have to match the vibe.

We will recommend you have a really massive and grand chandelier along with it. This will give your place a royal palace sort of feel and is sure to become a talking point.

3. Colour Rich Designs

Susn Dybvik / Pexels

Some people like to mix things up. In such cases, you can choose to have a colourful flower. The base needs to be very subtle and the flower can have touches of several overlapping hues. From different tones of pink to peach, orange and even lighter tones of red; you can allow the colour to play a wheel sort of motion.

This is one of the most trending ideas currently as it allows you to add the right touch of modern vibrancy to your place. A lot of new-age cafes and pop-up shops seem to take note of this design and have been incorporating it of late. It seems to click really well with the Gen-Z.

4. The Spiral Light Shows

Another great and very common design is the spiral ceiling with the light fitted neatly between them. This is an age-old design yet there is a reason it has remained in vogue- it looks magical. There is no denying the fact that it makes use of a tried and tested formula. The good thing about this design is that no matter how many times you see it; it never gets old.  You will surely find it appealing. It is upon you to decide the colour of light and even the type you will like to integrate into the spiral.

5. Ceiling Windows

ceiling window
Kamal Aizat / Shutterstock

This is a very new and trendy concept of pop flower design. It cannot be implemented in all places. You have to assess the feasibility of the design before implementing it. The idea is to carve circular areas and then turn them into ceiling windows. This will allow the light from the sky to pass into your room and will give you the best mornings for sure. A lot of new-age isolated room pads in several upscale hotels are making use of this concept.

This gives you the unfiltered morning sun and also lets you steal glimpses of the beautiful night sky. Of course, as we told you, you need to work out how feasible the design is. However. there is no denying the fact that it looks all kinds of magical. You can carve different shapes around the ceiling window to make it look like a unique blossoming flower. There is room for a lot of creativity here. You can implement it in several places. We also recommend you check out POP pillar designs too.

6. The Earthly Touch

You can choose to have the ceiling done in very earthly tones. This allows even your roof to be rooted to the earth. Vastu too emphasizes very strongly the use of earthly tones everywhere in your home. It is a great way to make things work. Make it a point to choose simple but ornate styles that will help you connect your growth with the earth and will also help you stay grounded.

You can choose colour tones like sand, ochre, lighter tone brown and more. Each of these colours resonates very well with the earth connection and is sure to look grand as well. You can choose to blend it with wooden structures to offer better dramatic results.

7. The Coffered Ceiling

Laura Tancredi / Pexels

This is another common choice of pop flower design. However, if you choose to have an identical floral style in each of the tiles in your coffered pattern, you will end up creating a magical appeal. Make sure to choose a great style of flower that is sure to emit the right aura even when repeated several times over.

If you want your ceiling to look overly fancy, you can choose to have different styles and designs of the pop flower design. There is room for a lot of improvisation as you can use different lights for a colourful tone. Feel free to fiddle with the options and settle for what you deem to be the best.

So, these are the numerous options at hand as far as pop flower designs are concerned. They are currently trending the moment and if you want your home to be at par with modern-day trends, we want at least one of your rooms to have these designs. They will surely help your room do all the talking and are bound to fetch you several compliments.