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A false ceiling is integral to any interior design and has to do more than look nice. You could decorate your hall in a unique Pop style if you want to make a big first impression on your guests. It is cheaper than other fake ceilings and can also be used in more places than other ceilings, and it can be put in place in several different ways.

You can choose from many simple, low-cost POP living room designs if you want to use a fake ceiling to make your home look better. When a professional designs walls and ceilings, they can make a big impression immediately and become standout parts of your beautiful and creative interior design.

pop living room designs
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The elegant living room is a mix of modern design and old-fashioned decor. Your living room will feel cozier if you decorate with simple, clean lines. If you want something more luxurious than what you already have in your living room, you might want to think about adding a POP design.

POP Living Room Designs

#1 Criss-Cross POP Design for Living Room

You may get this look by cleaning your ceiling wall’s surface first, then using a Pop paste to apply it in a plus and minus pattern on the surface of your ceiling wall. You may experiment with a few different corner designs to see which produces the most striking impact. It has the power to increase your home’s beauty to a new level.

criss cross pop design for living room
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#2 T-bar Style POP Design Roof 

The suspended T-bar style of the pop roof reflects your unique personality and outstanding taste. The centerpiece is made to sparkle at night thanks to the inclusion of light fittings, but it is kept simple and unadorned during the day. This concept works exceptionally well in a room with a square form, and the colors may be chosen following the color scheme existing in the area.

t bar style pop design roof
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#3 Symmetrical POP Living Room Designs

The false ceiling is integral to decorating residential spaces because it helps make the rooms look better from an aesthetic standpoint. Asymmetrical POP False Ceiling Designs have become more trendy these days, and you can count on them to make people think that your home is both lovely and stylish.

symmetrical pop living room designs
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#4 Pop Interior Design for Hall with LED Lights

The part of the space in the middle of the room is kept at a much higher level than the rest of the room. Instead of leaving the space empty, you could fill it with these design elements and LED lighting fixtures. When you have a stylish pop arch design, you can use hidden lights along the edge of the tray to make lighting effects for the evening, making it look like it’s nighttime.

pop interior design for hall with led lights
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#5 Layered POP Design for living room

The most helpful thing you can do with POP at home makes a layered ceiling, so you should do that. This is great for decorating small spaces because it makes the room look more attractive. You could put strip lighting in the areas between the layers to make the room brighter. You might want to use different POP shades to add more personality to your home.

#6 The Hall with Wooden Pops False Ceiling Design

If you want a more complex look, you could use this pattern instead of a single piece that stands out. This will make it look like there are more parts. Keeping the Pop component in the middle and putting wooden panels around it will make the effect look nice. After LED lights are put in this area, you might love it so much that it becomes your favorite place in the house.

the hall with wooden pops false ceiling design
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#7 POP Ceiling Design Using hanging Fixtures

A house with POP living room designs with hanging fixtures is the best example of how refinement can win over extravagance. You can quickly improve the look of your hall by putting any hanging light in the middle of the tray ceiling, such as pendant lights, chandeliers, cove lights, or even inverted pendant lights.

pop ceiling design using hanging fixtures
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#8 POP Ceiling Design Using curved edges

A fancy implication for a POP ceiling in your living room may involve a lot of curved edges in the construction of the ceiling. This looks great when paired with a row of dark-colored POP bars, and this design makes any living room look much bigger than it is.

pop ceiling design using curved edges
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POP designs have now become an important aspect of the house’s overall look and feel. If you are someone who is looking for some design ideas, this article has completed your search.