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The very mention of corporate offices inspires images of sophisticated and crisp interior design. And indeed, neat professional interiors provide a conducive working environment for the employees. Thus, the need to put appropriate efforts into planning the architecture and interior design.

And while planning a workplace interior, its ceiling is a major design element. It plays a significant role in setting the ambience. And many modern offices are nowadays choosing POP false ceiling as their go-to interior design choice.

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Thus, in this article, let’s discuss the Top POP Office False Ceiling Designs.

9 POP Office False Ceiling Designs

1. Parallel Tube Lights 

Parallel Tube Lights POP Office False Ceiling
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

An office space requires a certain amount of sophistication.

The most common tube lights used in this design are the white LED tube lights to illuminate the entire office room.

Thus, pairing the simple tube lights parallel with each other while combining them with the dark colour of the ceiling is one of the go-to ideas for POP office false ceiling designs. 

2. Black and White False Ceiling 

black and white POP Office False Ceiling
Source: dit26978 / freepik

This evergreen idea is a great colour combination. It needs to incorporate a more significant share of lights over the dark background, as adequate illumination is a necessity in an office.

The Black and white combination shouts corporate culture. Thus, it is another excellent POP Office False Ceiling Design. 

3. Futuristic POP Office False Ceiling Design

Work from home is becoming increasingly prevalent these days. Thus, it is reasonably necessary for the office and business owners to attract employees to the office. And therefore, the requirement for modern and comfortable architecture and interior design. 

Various eye-catching false ceilings that create an illusion of sitting in a futuristic office are a great POP Office False Ceiling Design. Making a statement with the geometrical arrangements of panels and lights in between them is an excellent idea. 

4. Pop Office False Ceiling Design with Pipes 

Pop Office False Ceiling Design with Pipes
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

These days people are getting quite creative with their office spaces.

One such innovative idea is to use pipes, especially to decorate the conference halls and the reception areas. The open-end pipes are suspended from above to create an illusion above the head. Systematically, the lights are positioned inside these pipes to lighten and brighten the room while staying true to its concept. 

5. Minute Equidistant Lighting 

Minute Equidistant Lighting
Source: Maria Orlova / Pexels

Many people like the subtle look of the minimalistic designs on their office ceilings. Using minute and small lights in the central place is a fantastic approach to office false ceiling design.

Halogen lights compliment the walls quite well, indeed making it one of the most preferred POP false ceiling designs for offices.

6. False ceiling with slits 

False ceiling with slits
Source: Max Vakhtbovych / Pexels

Another minimalistic design for Pop Office False Ceiling is the use of slits in the wall. This design is made by carving rectangular POP slits throughout the ceiling.

This is one of the most favorite designs of many Indian architects. They often accentuate it with ambient lighting to finish the look.

7. POP and Wood 

POP and wood POP Office False Ceiling
Source: dit26978 / freepik

Combining POP with wood is a classic combination and is indeed a favorite of many Indian households. It gives a modern yet creative look to the office room.

You can use the open hardwood to create horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines while stuffing it with POP or using it towards the sides of the hardwood. 

8. Curved False Ceilings 

curved POP Office False Ceiling
Source: dit26978 / freepik

People like architectural looks that combine with modern technology. The curved false ceiling is one of those examples. One can cut a circular shape towards the middle of the room or its sides and carve it properly with POP.

This design is most suitable for office corridors and lunges. 

9. Open Ceiling Pop Office False Ceiling Design

Open Office False Ceiling Design
Source: Thirdman / Pexels

Many creative offices keep the ceiling open, through which pipes are visible. The wiring is done inside these pipes, which are either set in a balanced manner or asymmetrical manner.

You can paint the the pipes in black, with some lights and lines painted in contrasting colours. This is an excellent example of minimalism and elegance in modern offices. This design type also results in cost cutting while giving the office a creative look.