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Along with the false ceiling, interior decorative items, and architecture, the colour of the room paint also plays a vital role in setting the room’s vibe and ambience. The room’s colour makes and breaks the entire architecture of the house.

Bedrooms and living rooms are essential places in the house and tell a lot about your personality. Thus, the right colour needs to be chosen. The colours reflect personal tastes, and the interior designer needs to select the right colour for their clients.

This article will discuss the top POP Eye-catching paint colour design ideas.

Eye Catching POP Paint Design Ideas

1. Magenta with White Contrast

Magenta with White Contrast
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While keeping the base of the entire room or house white, you can add some colour to give life to the house. Magenta with a white background is an excellent colour to move forward with if you want to add a pop of colour while maintaining the house’s base as white.

2. Regal Gold POP Paint Design

Regal Gold POP Paint
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For people who love a rich decor and want to design a house that speaks luxury and extravaganza, the Regal Gold POP Paint is a perfect choice. Colours like gold and silver need to neutralize the other elements by using a neutral colour like beige or off-white.

Golden colours can be used in numerous ways as textured golden, royal golden, or add a touch of the exquisiteness of the highlighted gold.

3. Coastal Blue POP Paint Design

Coastal Blue POP Paint
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People who love beaches can give their home a beachy look by merely playing with colours.

Trust us, there is no going back once you have opted and applied the coastal blue Pop Ceiling Color as the primary paint for your house. You can also pair the entire blue colour theme with different beachy motifs giving a vibrant look while giving life to the room.

4. Purple POP Paint Design

Purple POP Paint
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Those who like dark rooms can opt for a shade of purple. What’s more, you can move in the tones of purple. One can shift from pastel purple to a deeper shade of purple.

When combined with white, grey, or black interior and decorative items, the purple POP Paint for rooms gives the right amount of colour and life while showcasing your beautiful personality.

5. Teal and White POP Paint Design

Teal and White POP Paint
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If you are looking for a brighter colour with a soothing effect, then a combination of Teal is the best place to start.

Teal colors are most popular in bedrooms and study rooms they exude a monotonous and soothing effect. And they can be combined with various other bright colours to give the room a pop segment.

6. Aqua Blue POP Paint Design

Aqua Blue POP Paint
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Bedrooms, relax lounges, and study rooms are generally painted with more smooth and relaxing tones of the colours. Aqua Blue is one of the POP paints that you can rely on for a relaxing feel.

You can accentuate your aqua blue theme with bright colours like yellow, orange hues, etc. When you start your day with the tranquillity of aqua and the happiness of bright colours, your day is energetic. No doubt, Aqua POP Paint is one of the favourites.

7. Yellow and Gray POP Paint Design

Yellow and Gray POP Paint
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Not everybody likes a soothing effect. People also love decorating their rooms with POP paints in bright colours. The Yellow and Gray Colour Combination can be a great idea if you fall into this category.

By combining the yellow and grey alternatively on the walls, the room lifts and is perfect for more enormous bedrooms.

8. Bright Colours POP Paint

Bright Color POP Paint
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Generally, children love the idea of colourful bedrooms. Warmth and affection take the front seat rather than minimalism. The other decorative items and the beds alleviate the entire room with a splash of vibrant colours in the false ceiling.

Using gorgeous colours on the false ceiling, one can create a playful environment in the children’s bedrooms.

9. Indian Castle Inspired POP Ceiling Designs

Indian Castle Inspired
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Indian architecture is a mix of so many cultures that India holds itself. And while designing our homes, we really cannot keep away from this traditional Indian architecture in our interiors.

The modern-day POP Designs Paints are mostly inspired by the Rajasthani and Mughal cultures, among others. You can create an impact with haveli-inspired POP paints. One of the most common designs in this aspect is to design the walls and ceiling along with floral chandeliers and traditional colours.