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Delhi, the capital of India, represents much more than just a significant geographical landmark in one of the most populous Asian countries of the world. This monumental city is home to world-leading institutions in capitalist ventures, politics, education, corporate and start-up organisations, fashion, and especially real estate.

Many high-end areas in Delhi are residences to the higher echelons of society. The business magnates, venture tycoons and billionaires, and as such, are one of the most expensive and desired locations nationwide. Although, you can secure only some landed properties due to congestion and a dense population in these areas. However, some rental and real estate development opportunities may abound.

Quickly, we take a brief look at some of the poshest areas in Delhi.;

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Posh Areas In Delhi For A Luxurious Life

1. Prithviraj Road- Poshest Areas In Delhi

Prithviraj Road, a premium area in Delhi
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Posh areas in Delhi rarely get better than the premium properties on Prithviraj Road. It is located at the epicentre of Delhi. This land area is home to some of the most prestigious housing properties in the capital city of India. And it is a member state of the Lutyens’ Bungalow Zone.

It is a neighbourhood with various international embassies within a stone’s throw of its area. Some of them are Venezuela, Mexico and Spanish embassies. It also has significant respectable public figures and celebrities in the country. This highly exclusive area at the centre of Delhi is one of the highest valuations properties, making it very expensive.

This high-end avenue with a creme-de-la-creme status is also situated around notable places like Delhi Golf Course, Lodhi Gardens, and Safdarjung tomb. Other prominent and highly appealing sites around Prithviraj are; the Shangri-La hotel, Old Fort, Race Course, and India Gate.

The presence of mega shopping hubs like Khan Market and Santushti Complex adds to the magnificence of this area. It provides an extra layer for occupants of this highbrow residential estate area with a luxurious taste for lifestyle.

Currently, landed properties in this area are acquired at a jaw-dropping price tag of reportedly Rs 38,095/ sq. ft. With future inflation of up to Rs 3,00,000/ sq. ft. in the coming years.

2. Panchsheel Park

Panchsheel Park, a posh area in delhi
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On Delhi’s outer ring road is Panchsheel Park, another prized neighbourhood for the city’s wealthy and famous. This highly coveted neighbourhood is bordered by Malviya Nagar, Panchsheel Enclave, Asian Games Village, and Hauz Khas. Also in its locality are high-end areas like Ansal Plaza, Siri Fort and Deer Park, amongst others. In addition, the Panchsheel Club, an exclusive social venture, is part and parcel of this residential complex. It provides a wide range of amenities. Like a veranda garden, café by the pool, old folks’ room, event space, and many other services. Residential projects in the form of apartment buildings, standalone homes, and autonomous floors may be seen in this upscale region of Delhi. Numerous ambassadors, bureaucrats, ex-politicians, and other power players also reside here.

Like many other posh areas in Delhi and districts on this list, Panchsheel Park is a money-gulping entity. It has a price tag of Rs 13,129/ sq. ft and 56,603/ sq. ft for acquisition and Rs 11,000 to Rs 5 lakh for rental purposes.

3. Greater Kailash- Most Expensive Areas In Delhi

Greater Kailash
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Greater Kailash is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in South Delhi, with two zonal divisions: GK I and GK II. The region is well-known for having several top retail chains and being home to the wealthy.

It contains the M Block Market, one of the city’s busiest and most popular shopping malls, where you can find fantastic lounges, cafes and salons. People here often have opulent homes, and they have access to every amenity with health facilities, super malls, schools and companies, all within easy access of occupants of homes in this locality.

Given that the region is not only excellent, with an almost perfect livability score, but “greater” than most zones in Delhi, the moniker seems appropriate for the area. A few surrounding areas around this uniquely posh area in Delhi are; Iskcon Temple, Lotus Temple, Nehru Place, Lady Shri Ram College, etc. Some of which are popular and regularly visited sites for non-GK residents.

To rent or acquire a real estate property in this area of South Delhi, a price range of Rs 8,000 to Rs 6 Lakh and 30 lakhs to 50 crores, respectively, is in view.

4. Shanti Niketan- Most Sought After Areas In Delhi

Shanti Niketan, a posh area in delhi
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Shanti Niketan was initially developed as a GRA (government-reserved area) to house civil workers and state officials, but it is now one of Delhi’s most sought-after places. It’s typical of Indians to be inclined to such prospects, especially with government-affiliated endeavours. This has made Shanti Niketan not just one of the most popular and expensive areas but eye-catching to the higher echelons of society.

Shanti Niketan is also one of the posh areas in Delhi because of its strategic location, which contributes to its allure for eminent businessmen and other privileged individuals residing in the neighbourhood’s affluent homes. Bordering or within it are famous sites like the embassy area of Shantipath, DLFs of Promenade and Emporio, and notable schools and campuses.

Property bargain in the Shanti Niketan area begins at Rs 5 crores to upwards of Rs 80 crores, while you can rent real estate for around Rs 6 lakhs as per the current pricing listing.

5. Vasant Vihar- Most Upscale Areas In Delhi

posh area Vasant Vihar
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Vasant Vihar is one of the earlier developed posh areas in Delhi with upscale residential and commercial establishments. This area’s significant appeal and attraction for residents is its proximity to the IGI (Indira Gandhi International) Airport.

It is home to several eateries, hangout spots, and prominent college campuses, including JNU, IIT Delhi and DU South. It also hosts one of Vasant Vihar’s renowned Priya markets, which features the first PVR theatre in Delhi. Several popular places are geographically near Vasant Vihar, some of which are; Ambience Mall, Uttara Swami Malai Temple, Delhi Public School (RK Puram) as well as others.

In the current real estate market, Vasant Vihar plots prices per square foot are between Rs 10,882 per sq. ft to Rs 21,111 per sq. ft, while rent usually goes for about Rs 14,000 to 15 Lakhs.

6. Gulmohar Park Area In Delhi

Gulmohar Park
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Gulmohar Park, a premier residential colony in Delhi administered by the Delhi Development Authority, is situated in a wealthy neighbourhood in the South of Delhi. This neighbourhood was founded with the aid of a hub of journalists, and it is now among the most tranquil areas to reside in one of Delhi’s hustle and bustle cities. The area is home to some key personalities and figures in the Bollywood entertainment industry, eminent media professionals, corporate executives, and other well-known figures.

For sale in Gulmohar Park, properties can be priced at Rs 13,88/ sq. ft for a standard-sized unit and peak at upwards of Rs 66,666/ sq. ft, while rentals may commence from 30,000 monthly rates for 1RK residential spaces, and Rs 4.5 lakhs/ month for single-family sized homes.

7. Hauz Khas: Most Exciting Areas In Delhi

One of Delhi’s most affluent and well-liked upscale neighbourhoods is Hauz Khas. An exciting and arguably the best thing about Hauz Khas is how well-linked it is to most other well-known parts of Delhi. Hauz Khas is also commercially appealing and inviting to visitors because it contains a lot of retail centres, roadside markets, and hangout areas.

Places like Aurobindo Market, Hauz Khas Market, AIIMS, Mayfair Garden, etc. are a few of the hot spots around Hauz Khas that make this posh area of Delhi uniquely attractive to even outsiders. The neighbourhood primarily provides multi-story and ground condos in various apartment sizes. It has some of the most opulent and exquisite bungalows, surrounded by grassland and stunning natural scenery.

Real estate prices take off from Rs. 13,040/sq. ft and above. The renting price in Hauz Khas begins from Rs 12,500 but could be as high as Rs 3.5 Lakh per month.

Golf Links, home to Delhi’s top golf course, is one of the Poshest Areas in Delhi. A fact recently reiterated by Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the founder of Alipay, who purchased a residence in this area of Lutyens Delhi for a heavy sum.

Golf Links is a well-known neighbourhood within a stone’s throw distance from Khan Market. Here, expensive properties are typical. The cost of the homes that are currently for sale range from Rs 12 crores to Rs 85 crores, according to a website that lists properties

Price/sq. ft. in Golf Links: The starting price per square foot for real estate in Golf Links is Rs 9,135/sq. ft and typically between Rs 5.5 Lac and Rs 7.5 Lac for rentals of 5BHK

9. Jor Bagh Area In Delhi

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Another gorgeously posh neighbourhood in South Delhi is Jor Bagh. Safdarjung Tomb, Lodhi Gardens, Khan Market, Jor Bagh and Humayun Tomb are nearby. This affluent neighbourhood is surrounded by lots of nature and is also home to public figures in politics, business and entertainment.

To acquire property in this sophisticated area. The cost of acquiring a square foot of real estate in Jor Bagh ranges from Rs. 4,444 to Rs. 68,571, while the monthly rent for properties ranges from Rs 12,000 to Rs 6 Lakh based on size and other factors.

Race Course, Safdarjung Tomb, Safdarjung Airport, Prime Minister Estate, and other notable locations are near Jor Bagh.

10. Sundar Nagar Area In Delhi

Sundar Nagar, a posh area in Delhi
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A very peaceful and distinctively elegant area in Delhi.

Missing Sundar Nagar will be a big miss in the list of exclusive posh areas. Sundar Nagar is located in the centre of Delhi and is one of the most opted societies in the city.

The Old Fort, Khan Market, the Zoological Park, Nizamuddin, and many more essential locations are easily accessible from this neighbourhood. Sundar Nagar’s local market, which has many handicraft shops and craft studios, draws people with its elegant and artistic goods.

Sundar Nagar’s vast plot sizes and view of the lovely zoological gardens are two more highlights of why Delhi’s super-rich inhabitants invest millions of dollars in homes in this sought-after area. If you buy a residence in this affluent part of Delhi, most of your neighbours would be businessmen and attorneys.

According to a recent report, an average 5 BHK plot in Sundar Nagar, Delhi, costs around Rs 5 to 90 Crore. If you’re planning to rent a property in the mentioned location, it will cost you around Rs. 2.3 lakhs to Rs. 4 lakhs.

Real Estate prices in this area also begin from Rs. 11,5340 square feet.

Famous spots near Sundar Nagar: National Zoological Park, Sunder Nagar Market, Old Fort, Pragati Maidan, Nizamuddin Railway Station, Humayun Tomb, Khan Market.

Luxury Real Estate Trend In Delhi

Over the past decade or more, the demand for luxury homes in Delhi has steadily been on an upward trajectory. Several real estate reports by consultants indicate noticeable increments or stability in the luxury real estate market even during the hard-hitting period of the COVID pandemic. Over the past few years, ultra-rich personalities have also been bullish in investing in the choicest of land areas in some of these cities.