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Pune has been picking a lot of pace as far as real estate and property are concerned. The city is growing rapidly and one can find a lot of multimillionaires showing interest to invest in the rapidly growing areas of the city. The Mumbai Pune expressway is responsible for steering the growth further.

So, if you are either looking to invest or buy a home in a posh area in Pune, we are going to share the right details with you. You can also check out MHADA Pune housing scheme details too. We want you to know about the different details, the top areas that you can mark, and more. We believe that it is these details that will guide you in a befitting way to understand the real estate market of this up-and-coming city in the best manner.

When you want to know about posh areas in Pune, the first thing you need to study about has to the luxury properties and their trends.

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It is these details that will give you a clear picture of the rise and fall of property rates, net growth, and so on. A lot of NRIs are showing interest in the best areas in Pune. Further, students and even job seekers have led to a spurt in rental properties as they tend to live on a rent basis. This is why rental models too are spurting because the city is steering ahead in both the educational and the job models.

So, the overall trends as far as properties are concerned are pretty positive and it shows how this sector is likely to be on a boom throughout.

The Top 10 Posh Areas In Pune

Now we are going to take a look at the top 10 posh areas in Pune. We believe that knowing these details will give you a head start to better understanding which areas seem to be the right choice.

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1. New Kalyani Nagar

This is an extension of Kalyani Nagar and the area is showing great promise and growth. The good part about the area is that you can easily connect to different parts of the cities as it enjoys great connectivity. Even the airports and railway stations are close by so you can easily move to other cities too.

The area gained a lot of prominences after several IT companies moved here. Most IT people love this area as it helps them enjoy proximity to their offices. At the same time, it is dotted with several pubs, malls, stores, and more. This makes it an all-around choice for everyone.

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A lot of luxury real estate builders have come to the area and they have designed the best luxurious offices in this part of the city making the area a posh one.

Trump Tower, Joggers park and the National War Museum are the highlights of this area.

2. Wadgaon Sheri

There are a lot of IT firms and health centres in this area. This is an up-and-coming area that is showing a lot of promise as far as the real estate sector is concerned.

You will find mostly residential colonies here as office people find it easy to have homes closer to the office. It cuts down on both commuting time and expenses as well. You are also likely to find several rental properties with ease here. A lot of people choose to rent a house and co-live here especially office colleagues as a means to cut down the expenses.

The gen-next crowd has made this area a young lovers’ place.

3. Shivaji Nagar

This is still developing and while it can be categorized as a posh area, the speed of development hints that the property rates are going to shoot very high in a short frame of time.

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This area is mainly known for sporting a lot of greenery. You will find several educational institutes and government offices located here. People who want to invest in the property market are swiftly buying flats here because the area is showing a lot of promise as far as property trends in Pune are concerned.

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The Neelkanth Eshwar temple, the Loha god fort and the Darshan museum are the highlights of the area.

4. Eran Dwane 

This area got famous for the Film And Television Institute Of India being present here. If you want a condo or a penthouse or a supremely luxurious villa, this is the area in Pune to choose from. Most of the high-end villas and the uber-rich people of Pune tend to have a home here.

The bungalows are also huge and spacious and you will find this place to be still going rapidly. So, property prices are likely to keep rising in this area.

5. Boat Club Road

This area enjoys the best connectivity to Mumbai as it has the Pune-Mumbai highway. Along with this, the railway station and the airport too are located very close. 

This place has some of the highest-rated rentals and the best luxury villas as well. There is absolutely no dearth of food plazas, malls, shopping joints, and whatnot. So, this place is very lively and therefore quite popular among the young crowd who are looking to have something hip and happening around them.

Most start-ups have their base here and this area is also fondly called the start-up joint.

The Peshwa Udyan and the Rajgad fort cannot be missed when in this area.

6. Model Colony

This area too has recently stormed into the counting of posh areas in Pune. You will find an abundance of places to go here and the whole area is dotted with innumerable eateries, shopping malls, pubs, and theatres as well. Even when it comes to schools, colleges and hospitals, you will not need to ply far away.

This is perhaps the reason why you will find a mix of both young and old people here as this is one area that knows how to cater to all age groups. Not everyone can afford to buy a home here and this is why you will find rentals to be much more common in this area.

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The rent of an apartment could vary from Rs. 15000 to Rs. 20000 and even higher based on what you are looking for. Of course, more the amenities, the higher the rent.

When you are in this area, you cannot afford to miss out on the la-ka-ki bird watching and even the charka story. They make for great entertainment options.

7. Koregaon Park

Koregaon Park is known famously for its cleanliness and greenery. This is one of the best-planned areas in the city and you will be able to find plenty of entertainment joints here. The area has an equal number of residential and commercial properties and offers good views and easy commuting facilities as well.

Don’t miss out on the nightlife here and the Penthouze nightlife and the Jewel Square mall are the two key highlights of the area.

8. Kothrud

It pays to know that Kothrud has stormed its way in the Guinness book of world records for being the fastest-developing suburb in not just India but the whole of Asia. That’s quite some feat, isn’t it?

You will find a flurry of colleges and IT offices as well which makes this place a top spot for both students and office people. The real estate sector has seen miraculous growth in this area in the last few years and there seems to be no stopping it whatsoever.

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Don’t forget to head to the museum of miniature railways and the Peshwa temple when you are loitering in this area.

9. Senapati Bapat Road

We have all heard of Symbiosis College. It is rated as one of the top B-schools all over India and this college is present in this area itself. You will find all the top temples, hospitals, towers, and malls here. The area is very well connected with the other posh areas of Pune.

You will find several options for a luxurious life. You can choose to buy bungalows or even rent some. Though you must be willing to pay quite a hefty money for either buying or rent properties here. You are likely to find a lot of young crowds here especially because of the B-school. But, a lot of bright minds too pop up here.

The Chaturshrungi temple and the open-air gym are two of the top things to watch out for.

10. Sopan Baug

Sopan Baug is one of the well-planned localities of Pune and is mainly known for offering wide open spaces and greenery. This is why those who want to breathe free and are not looking to be part of the corporate jungle can choose to stay here.

From private pools to well-planned porches and more, most houses in this area come with the finest set of amenities. It is a super posh area and the rents could range from Rs. 30000 to Rs. 50000 and even higher.

You will be amazed at some of the most awe-inspiring villas and complexes here. The Devi Empress court and the Bund garden are good places to explore when in the area.

So, these are some of the best posh areas in Pune that have managed to make quite a name. More and more companies are becoming interested in investing in Pune as one can see the kind of growth that the city has been witnessing.

If you are looking to make a smart investment, buying a home in any of these areas might be a sane idea. However, in order to do so, you will have to pay a great deal of money upfront. So, you have to understand the dynamics well.


Which are the top posh areas in Pune?

There are several areas in Pune that can be rated as posh. Model colony, Sopan Baug, and New Kalyani Nagar are some of them.

Is Pune costly to live in?

Pune can be expensive based on the area where you are staying. It is however still likely to be cheaper than most other metro cities

Is the commuting facility good in Pune?

Yes, Pune has some of the finest commuting facilities and enjoys a good interconnectivity of roads and railways.