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Mumbai is the prime city in India where most celebrities have a home. Hence, you will be able to find a lot of super posh areas in this city. The property prices in some of these areas are staggering and will blow your mind.

If you love to dig for details about property prices and property trends, here is the list of some of the top-rated posh residential areas in Mumbai. Mostly it has been seen that the posh residential areas in Mumbai are the ones that are located close to the sea. This is because they offer a spellbinding view of the water body.

There was a time when South Bombay was hailed as one of the richest areas; however, as celebrities and Bollywood stars, in particular, chose to stay at places like Bandra and even Juhu, the property prices and the standards in these areas shot up considerably too.

So, let us see the list of the best posh residential areas in Mumbai.

1. Worli

Another area where several Bollywood celebrities live in Worli. This is the area where you can find the house of Anushka Sharma- Virat Kohli and even Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh. You will also find several high-rise properties here that offer you a breath-taking view of the Arabian sea, the Bandra Worli sea link and even the race course. This area too is filled with nightclubs, party joints, and even malls.

The area is always expanding and is also a top place for office goers who want to de-stress after a long day at work.

The average property price in the area is Rs. 37,013 per square feet.

2. Bandra West

The ‘Badshah and Bhai of Bollywood chose this locality to call their home and it is reason enough for this area to be counted as the top posh residential area in Mumbai. The more we say about it, the less it is. Both Mannat and Galaxy Apartment are the real centres of attraction in this area. Apart from that, you will find several cafés, nightclubs, and even disco here. These are all frequented by late-night party lovers. You are also likely to bump into several actors and directors in the umpteen eateries in this part of Mumbai.

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The average cost of property in this area is Rs. 42,691 per square feet.

3. Juhu

Such is the popularity of Juhu that most tourists who come to visit Mumbai head to Juhu hoping to glance a glimpse of their favourite B-Town celebrities. Stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, and Akshay Kumar; all have their villas here. It is usually hard to find villas in Mumbai unless it belongs to high-rated star celebrities.

As per reports, Hrithik Roshan who bought two apartments on the Juhu-Versova link road spent as much as Rs. 97.5 crores on the property. One of them is a duplex penthouse while the other is a single-storey home.

The Juhu Chowpatty area is also famous as the food offered by roadside vendors is the one to die for.

The average price in this area is Rs. 44,442 per square feet

4. Tardeo

The one reason why this area is famous has to be the Antillia, the house of the richest man in India- Mukesh Ambani. This home is known to be the most expensive private home in the whole of India and therefore has made the whole area amazingly famous. However, the number of residential options in the area is very limited which has further soared the popularity of the area.

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Tardeo is one of the crucial arterial roads in South Mumbai and it serves as a connector to several important commercial areas in the region.

The average price in this area is Rs. 47,786 per square feet

5. The Cuffe Parade

Located right next to the Nariman point, this one is another posh residential area in southern Bombay. This area is mainly famous for having several five-star and luxury hotels. This area was developed by reclaiming as much as 75,000 square metres of land that was present on the western shore of Colaba. The area is filled with both residential and commercial skyscrapers.

The average price in this area is Rs. 48,750 per square feet

6. The Malabar Hills

If you want a home in the most exclusive posh residential areas in the whole of India, make sure to choose Malabar hills. Located in the southernmost part of Mumbai, there are properties upwards of Rs. 300 crores in this part of the city. You will also find the hanging gardens here that have managed to gain widespread popularity.

This area is dotted with endless penthouses and condos and a lot of them belong to esteemed celebrities as well.

The average price of the area is Rs. 51,480 per square feet

So, these are the top posh residential areas in Mumbai wherein you can dream of having your house. Of course, you will need to shell out a lot of money to make it possible. Not just buying a property, but even the rent in such areas is mind-boggling. Movie stars continue to buy property in these areas. While some are buying to stay, a lot of other people are simply choosing to do so for investment purposes and they can make a massive deal out of it as well.

Top Residential Posh Areas Luxury Deals

Let us take a look at some of the noteworthy mentions of people who chose to buy property in these areas.

Radhakrishna Damani buys 1000 crore home

A billionaire investor and the founder of D-Mart, Radhakrishna Damani recently hogged the news as he bought a posh bungalow in the Malabar Hills locality. The price for this bungalow is estimated to be Rs. 1001 crores.

This luxurious property is spread over 60,000 square feet and has a 1.5-acre land parcel. It is a ground-plus two-storey bungalow and is named Madhukunj.

Ajay Devgn buys new property in Juhu

Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn recently bought a new property in the Juhu area. His bungalow is estimated to be bought for close to Rs. 60 crores and it is located very close to his current apartment. The bungalow is spread over an area spanning 590 square yards. It is not clear whether he purchased it for residential needs or as an investment purpose.

Newbie Jhanvi Kapoor buys triplex in Juhu

Star kid Jhanvi Kapoor chose to buy her bungalow as she purchased a triplex worth Rs. 39 crores in the Juhu area. Currently, she has been staying with her father and sister in the Lokhandwala area but decided to move to her Juhu house shortly. The new house is spread over three separate floors and has a net area of 3456 square feet.

HDFC Chairman buys 50 crore property

Deepak Parekh, the chairman of HDFC has purchased a sea view apartment in the Worli area in Mumbai. The property is spread over a net carpet area of 6,770 square feet and comes with a balcony measuring 273 square feet. It is a part of the super-premium project of K Raheja Corp. The property is estimated to be bought for a whopping amount of Rs. 50 crores.

Sunny Leone buys a house in Andheri

Sunny Leone, who stays in the news for several reasons also bought a new apartment in the Andheri area. She paid Rs. 16 crores for it. It is spread over 4365 square feet area and is located in the Andheri suburb. She also chose to have three car parking as well.

Hrithik Roshan buys two apartments in Juhu

Hrithik Roshan chose to buy two side-by-side apartments in the Juhu area. One of them is a duplex penthouse that covers an area of 27,000 square feet the other is flat with an area of 11,165 square feet. Together, the apartments have a sky terrace spread over whopping 6500 square feet. He reportedly paid a total of close to Rs. 100 crores for both the flats. He may choose to move there and make it his residential address.


Which are the most expensive posh residential areas in Mumbai?

The Malabar hills will be counted as the most expensive area in Mumbai.

Do celebrities make an area rich?

It can be said that whenever an area has several celebrities living in, the price tends to shoot up. Alternately, celebrities who can afford costly homes always choose luxurious areas for their property.

Where does Shahrukh Khan stay?

Bandra is the locality where you will find Shahrukh’s Mannat. Even Salman Khan has his home in this area.

Is Andheri a posh area too?

Andheri can be listed as a semi-posh area. The prices are pretty high and there is a lot of demand for the houses too. The area has several clubs and discotheques too making it popular among party lovers.

Is Mumbai the most expensive city to live in India?

Yes, Mumbai is the entertainment capital of India and is undoubtedly, the most expensive city to live in India. Even in areas that are not posh the cost of property is very high. Not everyone can afford to live in a 3 BHK apartment in Mumbai.