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The lights in a home play a significant role as far as beautifying the place is concerned. Whenever you are looking to decorate your home, you will have to decide well regarding the type of lights you want to install. Here, we are going to talk about profile light ceilings and where you can install them, the advantages they have, an overview of the installation process, the styles you can pick from and so on.

Profile light ceilings are mainly used to lift the ambience, mood, and vibe of your place. You can find them in both residential and commercial properties too as these tend to elevate the overall ambience.

So, let us dive into more details and find an in-depth guide to profile light ceiling designs.

What Do You Mean By Profile Light Ceiling?

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The profile light ceiling is also known as LED extrusion. It is in vogue at the moment and a lot of people are choosing to integrate it into their homes. These lights are a great way to light up even the dark corners of your room. Aluminium is used for the sake of making the channels and so the net weight is pretty low. This allows you to experiment with different forms of light that you can integrate with it. It helps in adding the right vibe to your place and can beautify the different segments in the right manner.  

The Key Things To Check

Here are some of the key things that you need to keep an eye on when you are looking to integrate the right lights for your home.

You have to be mindful of the structure of the profile light ceiling. You have to understand that there is no obligation for the structure to be rectangular; you can choose to have it square or even circular.

The thing you need to check is that the channel light needs to be comparable with the LED tape. Usually, LED tapes are so designed that they can work with profiles that are both wide and deep. Still, it is always advised to keep a check on the stability of the structure and the tapes and then proceed ahead with the design. This will eliminate a lot of unwanted back and forth and retries later on.

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You also need to understand that installing a design is going to be a difficult thing as far as the profile light ceiling is concerned. If you have a suspended profile, the method to install it is going to be very different from that of a surface-mounted one. At the same time, a recessed profile will have a different method as compared to the other profile. So, the installation method needs to be chosen based on the profile style that you have picked.

Further, you need to keep an eye out for the depth of the channel. If the tape chosen is pretty broad, you will need to choose a profile which comes with good channel depth. At the same time, if you have limited floor space to work with, you need to choose a design that is smaller than a line. This will bring out the aesthetics and also ensure that you will be able to do the installation in a befitting manner.

Benefits Of Profile Light Ceiling Design

Here are some of the advantages of choosing this style of light.

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Simple installation

When you choose to install a profile light ceiling design, the overall installation is going to be very simple. You will be able to install and remove it in an easy way.

You can make use of reusable LED strips and these can easily be removed whenever you need to fit a new one.


The whole cleaning process is very easy. All you will need is a moist towel and this will help you wipe off all the dirt and dust with remarkable ease. This also facilitates easy maintenance.

So, there are obvious advantages to using this style of light.

The Installation Processes

When you are mindful of the procedure, the overall installation is pretty simple and accurate. You will be able to follow the specifics well and thereby have the light up in no time. Let us show you the different details you need to work on.

The ceiling profile light that is done in an aluminium can be trimmed to any shape and size. You can choose the dimensions based on your chosen design.

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Here is a quick precap of the installation process to be used.

  • Take the profile and insert a cap on one end of it
  • Now use a hat or a scarf and cover the crown of the head with it
  • Make sure to draw lines on the profile as per the measurements required and then start with the cutting process
  • You can now make smart use of a light connector and then connect strips of profile light design and fit it onto the ceiling
  • Make sure to thoroughly remove the strip’s tape and the LED strip should be able to get fit into the profile. Make sure that there are no end caps present when this step is being implemented.
  • Use wires to connect it from both ends and then the fixture profile will be ready
  • Test the strip and then fit the end caps to finish off the process

Key Things To Avoid

Before we divulge into the top design types, we want you to know some of the key things that you need to avoid when you are using profile lights in your room.

  • First of all, you need to take a profile sample and then precisely cut it to check if it can be installed properly
  • You need to know that profiles should only be placed in the false ceiling. You cannot just about place it anywhere in the room
  • If you want to integrate it in the drywall, don’t get it done any way you desire. You have to trim the drywall to accommodate the installation in the right manner
  • Make sure that you put the strip lights in place. Don’t be ignorant of them or else it might end up hampering the impression overall
  • Never put the strip lights without putting an adhesive compound or else it may break the overall flow and design. It might also not be sturdy otherwise
  • Don’t use any screws when installing the profile light. The SDS screws are the best choice as it makes sure that the surface will stay free of obstruction in such cases
  • Do not keep profiles just about anywhere. They can get damaged easily. So, it is important to put them safely on the site. If not taken good care of, they can be bent and damaged easily

Profile Light Ceiling Design Ideas

Here are some of the different design ideas that you can choose from. This style of light is getting increasingly popular and therefore it is important that you pay heed to the type of design you want to choose. You should make sure to explore the options and then pick what seems to suit you best.

1. The aluminium profile light in the kitchen

A lot of people like to have better lights in the kitchen as it allows them to see the gas stoves, the table appliances, and the equipment in clear detail. This is why you can also choose to implement such a style.

It has become very popular and is super versatile. This is why you will also find such designs in corporate offices, malls, service centres, and even airport reception desks. Not only does it serve the need to illuminate the place well, but it also ensures that you will be able to jazz up the space and make it a lot more inviting.

2. The kitchen cabinet

The cabinets are the place in the kitchen where you are going to stock most of your supplies including the dishes. So, obviously, you need the place to be aesthetically pleasing and well-illuminated at the same time. So, the sane thing to do is to find the best kitchen cabinet profile light styles that you can implement.

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Simply choosing to have an aluminium profile light for the ceiling that will throw light all over the cabinet is a great idea. It is minimal, elegant, and super cosy at the same time. It is sure to make for a great design option.

3. The club lamps and lights

If you are one of those who like their home to be a little extra and ooze the right gorgeousness, you can choose to club and mix different forms of lights. There is no denying the fact that hanging lights are counted among one of the fanciest forms of lights.

You will be able to find a flurry of options as far as hanging lights are concerned. They are traditional yet very modern in their style. One of the trending designs at the moment is to integrate a profile light ceiling design in tubes along with the hanging lamp. The dual combination is sure to make the place well-lit and at the same time, it is going to revamp the overall ambience of your room.

You can also choose to have coves that come with LED strings. This will help you illuminate the room in a much better way.

4. The cove light profile design

If you have a cove-style ceiling, you can choose to infuse the right profile light in them. The best solution is the LED strip lights. You can choose to hide the string lights above the crown moulding. This helps in truly elevating the atmosphere and can give you a great artificial ceiling light effect. The best thing is the overall illumination and pleasant glow it lends. You can also choose to have coloured lights in the cove and this will give a coloured effect to the room.

5. The tube designs 

If your bedroom seems to have bad light, you can choose to integrate a tube design into it. This will allow you to revamp the light effects in the room and make it a whole lot better.

The tube-style luminaries are hot and trending at the moment. You will find that the best thing about them is that you can easily hide them in the room and they can camouflage very well.

You will find a lot of design options in this particular design as well. So, you need to decide the theme of the room, the type of false ceiling you have in the room, and the type of profile structure you want. When your key aim is to ensure that no one can actually see the other design, you should choose tube design as it is mostly inconspicuous to the eyes.

6. Living room profile lights

When you have a living room, it is very important to design it right. You need to choose the best style of lights and profile lights are a great way to amp up your space.

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If you are looking to add the right character to the room and give it a highly dramatic look, one of the best things to do is to integrate the best profile lights. These artificial ceiling lights when placed right can change the look and feel of your living room.

For these people who are not looking to put in a lot of money in their living room and still want to make it look dramatically magnificent, you can choose to add the best living room lights to it.

7. Recessed ceiling tube style

Some people choose to have a recessed ceiling style. Even in such a style of ceiling, you can easily integrate tube-style luminaries on the interior. This will not only add to the light effects of the room, but at the same time, it will also help in enhancing the look of the ceiling by several notches.

8. Panel ceiling

If you have a panel style of false ceiling, you can opt for this contemporary style of design. This will allow you to have profile lights on top of the ceiling. When you do so, it will allow you to cast the right image in the room and also illuminate it in a befitting manner.

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The best thing is that when you choose the colour tone well, it will help you in elevating the light effects in the room in a significant manner.

So, these are some of the different design options at hand. Of course, you have to make sure that you are keeping each of these aspects in mind and then choose the best style and design that you want to incorporate. You can also choose false ceiling light designs accordingly too.


What do you mean by profile light?

Profile light makes use of aluminium channels LED strip lights and the best power supply. All of these are integrated into a unified architectural concept and give a modern lighting effect.

Are profile lights in vogue?

Yes, profile lights are in vogue and you can find them used actively in both residential and commercial spaces.