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Have you heard of the term prohibited property? A lot of property is listed as prohibited property. If you are not very clear about what it means, we are here to share the details with you. We will give you a clear picture of what the term means, the properties that are covered under it and other related details too.

What Is A Prohibited Property?

In India, the land is treated as a state subject. This means that the state government has the authority to make rules and regulations pertaining to land ownership and even the process of transferring titles as well.

This is why they also list the property as prohibited properties. Prohibited properties refer to the land parcels that will remain the property of the State even though they can be given to the public on a leasehold basis.

The properties that fall under the prohibited list will be governed by Section 22 A of the Indian Registration Act, of 1908. The Telangana government received a lot of criticism of late because they ended up putting a lot of properties under the prohibited property category.

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As per reports, as much as 20 lakh acres of patta land has been placed under the prohibited property. This has led to a lot of discontent among the landowners.

Selling The Prohibited Properties

One of the key things that have been a point of discussion as far as prohibited property is concerned is whether you can sell such property.

Sadly, the owner is not free to sell a property that is listed as prohibited as the registration is banned. The state has the ownership of all prohibited properties within its jurisdiction. So, the owners don’t have the power to indulge in the selling of such lands. Prohibited properties cannot be transferred, registered, or sold unless the states decide to do so.

How To Check The List Of Prohibited Properties?

If you are wondering how can you check the full list of properties that have been put on the prohibited list, here is what you need to do.

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  • Head to the Dharani portal and visit the link for prohibited property
  • Then you need to enter the name of the district, village, Mandal along with the captcha
  • You then need to hit fetch and you will be able to get the complete detail of the list of prohibited properties on that area that is held by the state


What do you mean by prohibited properties?

Prohibited lands are the parcels that belong to the government. The owners don’t have the right to sell them off to anyone because they can’t be registered

What do you mean by prohibited properties in Telangana?

This refers to the list of prohibited property that is owned by the Telangana government. The government received a lot of criticism as they have been holding a massive amount of land under this category.

Can you check the list of prohibited properties?

You can always check the list of prohibited properties by entering the details of the village and district. Always make sure to be acquainted with the Property Act 1882 when dealing with properties.